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Apple Says- don't hold that phone to your head--Actually don't hold that phone at all!

Apple, Samsung, Nokia Agree:    Don't touch that phone!

Apple’s own manuals recommend to keep the device at least 5 millimeters away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels.  5 millimeters away is about a quarter of an inch. This isn't just an Apple thing, all cellphone manufacturers are have the same "disclaimer" in their manuals

So what's a smart woman to do? As shown in our video, for texting or social posting, you may want to a stylus(non-wireless of course!) for your tablet or phone is to help reduce your overall radio frequency (RF) exposure.  See Why.

And Here's How to Carry Your Phone Without Touching It. For Samsung, Nokia and Apple :)


Want to know e v e r y t h i n g? Read our Wellness Guide to EMF, Electrosmog and RF Radiation

crossbody phone case to avoid EMFcellphone case to avoid EMF



There are also other benefits to using a stylus. 

  • The stylus pens are easy to handle, just like a normal ballpoint pen.
  • Touch tips have a smaller surface area than most fingers, which improves accuracy.  This is especially helpful if you have large fingers.
  • A stylus pen is always clean, and leaves no oily stains or smudges on the screen from using your fingers.
  • Helpful if you’re wearing gloves, you have long nails, or if you’re worried about germs.
  • They helps with visibility as they block less of your screen view.
  • Much better for handwriting, signing digital documents, or drawing.

In the video we reviewed the our Sparkle Stylus and our Quill Stylus

We all want to our family and friends to be safer, so please share this video and article.

Here’s to all of us staying Healthy and Happy in our wireless world.

 More information and related links in Research: Stylus


sparkle stylus

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