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Oh, Baby! An Easy and Safe Baby Monitor With No RF Radiation!

Looking for the Best Baby Monitor?

At Tech Wellness we’re all about finding ways to limit EMF exposure – a task that’s become increasingly challenging in our “Wireless World”. We’ve had a lot of viewers writing in asking about baby monitors and if their little ones are being exposed to dangerous energy coming from these cameras.

Wireless . . . Everywhere

As you might imagine, the majority of baby monitors on the market are wireless; running off WiFi or Bluetooth. This is great because it makes them easy to set up and allows you to keep an eye on your child from just about anywhere. But if you’re concerned about your child’s EMF exposure, then wireless baby monitors probably aren’t your best bet.

We Think the Best Baby Monitor is a Wired Baby Monitor

We recommend adults stay far from their WiFi router, turn if off at night with a WiFi Switch and toggle phones to airplane mode while sleeping – yet unknowing parents will plop a wireless camera on their child’s crib without thinking twice about the energy these wireless devices emit. After measuring several of the popular baby monitors (all wireless), we started searching for a “wired” solution – and it turns out they’re pretty hard to find! But we finally found one – the Babymoov Zero EMF emission camera. At first glance we thought, “there’s no way this can really be EMF free...” – but as you’ll see in the video, it actually is!

The Wired Camera

How does this work, you ask? Well basically, the camera itself connects to a long USB cable which runs to a hub that plugs into a power outlet. Then the video signal is transmitted through the electricity lines to a hub in another room, which broadcasts the live video feed to your devices. So while it’s not truly “wired”, since the monitor / mobile app is wirelessly receiving the signal – at least the devices right next to the sleeping baby aren’t emitting dangerous energy. Take a Look at the Video Above to See the WIRED Baby Monitor in Action! If you're Using a Wired Baby Monitor, then cheers to you! You’re ahead of the game and have a baby sleeping in an “EMF Safe Zone”. Unfortunately Amazon reviews don't favor the Baby Moov--and we're currently testing an alternative Find out more about it and link to purchase it here.

Think a Wireless Baby Monitor is Best?

If you must use a wireless baby monitor, please read our articles for info on reducing exposure and watch our video measuring the RF Radiation from a wireless camera / monitor. You can also read all about the issues with Wireless Baby Monitors, including: privacy, dangerous energy and more below. Be Well, - August

We Tested For Sound and EMF This video shows you how it works as well as IF there's any RF Radiation exposure. If you want it--we have it here.  It works with an app that comes free with purchase and you can use your Smartphone or tablet as the "monitor".  They also make a monitor you can purchase separately that comes pre-loaded with the app.

We think this is a great alternative, but if you must use a wireless monitor, please see our tips for keeping the baby as safe as possible.  

Be Well, XO August

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