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ECOS Is Your Next Product Obsession

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Avoid EMF's and avoid toxins.  We talk about the potential danger of getting too much exposure to potentially damaging electromagnetic fields and electro-smog. Part of equipping your body to stand up to the onslaught of EMF's, which are basically everywhere, it to avoid other kinds of toxins that are hard on your immune system.  Pesticides, chemicals, dyes, perfumes, stress--stay clear of these as much as you can.

Bare is Better

We fill our lives with natural everything as much as we can at TechWellness. Natural foods, natural sunshine, and natural cleaning products. We had the opportunity to tour the plant of the number one natural laundry detergent in the world so I thought I'd share how natural is done.  From how ingredients are chosen to a behind the scenes look at packaging and recycling--all from the CEO herself, Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks.    
natural household products ecos cleaning product

What is ECOS?

ECOS is a family owned and operated the company, founded in 1967. Their mission is to provide earth-friendly cleaning products that are not only great to use, but all their ingredients are natural! Formulated with pure, thoughtful science and manufactured using Zero-Waste guidelines, ECOS is made in facilities powered by renewable energy. Created with mindful ingredients that are safer for people and the planet. The best part is that their products are not expensive! There is no need to over-spend just to live more "green." Right now is the time to try these amazing products--Costco is featuring the line for a limited time!  
household cleaning product
Their list of categories goes beyond just cleaning products. There's baby products, bathroom, household, kitchen, laundry, and even pet! They also have hypo-allergenic options as well. Check it out . . . If you'd like to find ECOS products near you, click here.

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