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In A German Accent, Repeat After Me: "Back Away From the WiFi, Kids"

WiFi Router Location Warning From Internet Cable, Broadband, and Mobile Giant Deutsche Telekom

For all us U.S. Citizens, this would be like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, AT&T or in my case Cox, coming out and saying:

"Dear customer, be careful where you put your WiFi router--avoid the kid's bedrooms, avoid your bedroom, avoid putting the WiFi router near the living room or actually any common areas in your home. Keep as far away as you can because you want to keep your exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) as low as possible"

In the 2017 operating instructions of the Telekom router "Speedport Smart" in the chapter "Safety Instructions and Data Protection" on page 21 under the heading "radio signals" you find a warning against WiFi radiation:

"The integrated antennas of your Speedport router transmit and receive radio signals, e.g. for the provision of your wireless WiFi network. Avoid placing your Speedport router in immediate proximity to bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms (means also common rooms or lounges, df) in order to keep the exposure to electromagnetic fields as low as possible."

So, if that makes you think that perhaps there should be as little WiFi exposure as possible... try what we use: this hand switch to turn it OFF whenever possible.

 wifi remote power switch

Another GREAT idea, is to hard-wire your internet connection. Before WiFi, that's how it was done and it worked faster and was much more reliable...and a bonus: safer!

For reference, the Mobile Phone Company's Manual is below. Here's where we used Google Translate for the German to English translation:

 cell phone german translation

Check out Where to Locate Your WiFi Router for placement tips.
You may want to explore why there's a warning about electromagnetic radiation (EMF). And, here's a WiFi switch and a WiFi timer we love! The Timer allows you to "schedule" your WiFi usage. Pretty smart, huh?


To learn more about EMFs read The Tech Wellness Guide to EMF and Health.

Here's another example of how much RF-EMF comes from so many of our wireless devices, please watch Wireless EMF Measurement Videos on our YouTube page. They're quite revealing and there's so much to consider here as far as our health and safety.

What about WiFi in schools? What about WiFi in hospitals and public spaces?
According to the Environmental Health Trust " On January 29, 2015, the French National Assembly made history by passing a new national law to reduce exposures to wireless radiation electromagnetic fields."
If this topic is intriguing to you, you'll enjoy the new movie Generation Zapped, check it out here.
Lastly, please become familiar with the bill in California to put WiFi everywhere.
Be Well!  
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