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Facebook Revamped Settings: Poof! Gone is This Privacy Stealer

The facebook privacy setting that allowed the whole Cambridge Analytic uproar to happen is gone. The one that was hidden in plain sight for years where you really had to SEARCH to find it—has disappeared.

Poof! Just like that. Like it was never there. But it WAS there. And now, because Facebook is talking about how much they value your privacy (at least until they got caught violating your privacy). At Tech Wellness we think it’s important that you see the setting that Facebook is hoping you’ll forget all about: “Apps Others Use.” We’re breathing a sigh of relief that this crazy option isn’t an option anymore


app settings on iPhone


apps other use


The night the Cambridge Analytica story broke, August made a video showing this wacky little FB setting in action. So silly to think we all could have been sharing our friend's stuff and they could have been sharing ours all innocently.


First a friend logged in to an app( say, Spotify) or a site (say, Medium) and by doing so Facebook granted a range of information about that friend to the app.  And, here's the crazy part, it ALSO allowed that friend to unknowingly share YOUR information. 

It's WAS up to YOU to limit what gets shared. 

Keep in mind there are 1000's of Websites that now offer the "log on" or "connect with" Facebook feature.  You've probably seen it 100's of times.  And Apps refer to sales apps, quizzes or even Apps offered by companies you trust.

Facebook puts it like this:

"People(" that would be Unsuspecting Friends) "who can see your info can bring it with them"(that means inadvertently share your information) "when they use those apps."

You had to click   the "Apps Others Use" setting and toggle off anything you didn't want shared

Where was this Setting? Not In Privacy.  In the section called APPS. 

The good news it’s gone. But Alas, what’s next?

Facebook users who value their privacy are not out of the woods yet.

First, we still LOVE our KILLER GUIDE TO FACEBOOK PRIVACY  We still recommend not using the simple and easy "log on with” Facebook option. 

what medium receives

When you do, you’re granting the App and FB permissions to share certain information.

You can see what that information is by going to Account Settings > Apps

Step 1: 

help and settings

Step 2 :

general Facebook settings

Step 3:

app visibility

Look at your options with each and every app. You do have some control and we just have to be mindful to exercise it and use the deliciously Free Facebook service with care.

Remember, as with anything we do online, our privacy is absolutely not guaranteed. So until media companies and advertisers do a bit more in the self regulating arena, be mindful and aware. 😘

We take privacy seriously at Tech Wellness but we also appreciate fun ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Click here for our favorite privacy protectors for webcams and microphones! 

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