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Want a Fast iPhone Without WiFi? Here's our Solution.

Love my iPhone. 

So my sweet husband -- my gadget guru came home with something to make my iPhone fabulous. He's the kind of guy that's always in the know when it comes to the latest and greatest technology. We had Mac's in the 80's and he's on the wait list for the latest iPhone so- you get it.  We have a trade off though, he can get always get his tech toys as long as he promises to be mindful when he's using them.  He hears way too much from me about radiation and addiction and privacy when it comes to our devices--so it makes sense that he's starting to think the same way.

 Fastest iPhone

Hate EMF radiation. 

This mindset has led to him to also become passionate about keeping our home as EMF free as possible. He knows I'm always looking for ways to reduce our exposure so when he brought home this cool little cable and connector and said, "Babe, I'm going to make your phone: fast and there's not going to be a speck of radiation when you use it."  I got super intrigued.  It's AMAZING and I just couldn't wait to have him share his find with you.


LOVE Super Fast Internet Surfing

Yeah it's really true. Let me tell you that you have never seen a phone as fast as the one you're about to see in this video. do you do this? Step 1

Well, you start with the right cable. We've had this cable tested and it's available on the site. It is called a Shielded Cable and what makes it so great is that the gold around the tip makes it insulated the flatness of the wire makes it easier to hide or run along any surface.

Fastest iphone Ethernet Cable

However, there are lots of Cat-5, 6, 7 wire out there, most of them are bad because radiation travels down the wire and into your device. You don't want that. We've tested this wire and we know it works!

Step 2

The second thing we'd like to share is an Ethernet connection to a USB-C. Now USB-C is what you have on the end of your phone that allows you to connect to all your MacBook Pros and all your new laptops, especially if they are Apple. You can also get this with any other kind of Ethernet connection that goes into your computer, but the key point is to have one with an Ethernet connection on one side and whatever your computer uses on the other side.

Now let's talk about a few things that were really fascinating to us. How can we make our phone fast? You use an Ethernet connection.

We Found The Best!

Tech Wellness buys, tries and reviews all anti-radiation products to find the best for our customers.  Here it is! This Ethernet Adapter, works better than any we've found to turn your smartphone into a super smart, brilliant phone. Put your phone on airplane mode, then take our lovely wired adapter and plug in into your ethernet cable, then at the end of that is the lightning which plugs directly into your USB-C.

We offer this adapter for Macbook Pro, Android and Chrome Book:

And, this adapter for apple products like iPhones:

anti radiation smartphone

The reason this adapter costs $29.99 is the fact that every time you use this you have to pay a license fee to Apple so products that have the lightning adapter usually cost more because Apple is charging a license fee--FUN FACTS to know and tell--so there we go.

how to have the fastest iphone


In our video you'll see how we hooked it up and actually connected to the Internet with a Ethernet Adapter.

An iPhone With NO EMF!  A Fast iPhone Without Radiation!

You can watch the video to see that the iphone was streaming video with no wireless radiation!  Yay!  But an important caveat--IF you're plugging your cable into a modem or routers or  switch, they are often NOT properly grounded.  If that's the case, you may want to use a grounding adapter a long with the shielded cable. If you have an internet connection built into your walls, you really don't need to worry about this dirty electricity.

But back to the iPhone excellent new set up

What normally takes my phone forever to load now loads extremely fast. And, if you want a little extra protection try using a stylus because there's magnetic energy coming directly from our screens.

If you truly, truly want want to be ULTIMATELY PROTECTED from EMF, and if you want to really do it right- just follow me on I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that you are truly informed when it comes to the danger of EMF and RF radiation.  

So there you have it: how to make your smart phone brilliant and how to keep EMFs away from you! Are you perhaps new to the EMF concept and interested in knowing exactly why you need to think about the invisible energy emanating(all the time) from your devices?  This is great little guide.

And before you go, check out two other awesome ways to keep the EMF at bay: Our divine anti-radiation headphones. And our WiFi remote power switch


Be well.


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