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My Health Journey Begins With A Tragic Car Accident And Ends With A Movement To Be Mindful With Technology

I recently did a Thriving  With Technology podcast with Marilee Nelson founder of Branch Basics.  During our chat she told me the incredible story of her journey with unknown and known serious diagnosis that led her to crate her toxin free cleaning products.  I was wowed.  She asked me if I would detail my story- I did and she's encouraged me to include it on our site. 

Here's my story

When I was 17- I was hit by a drunk driver coming the wrong way on the freeway.  I was with a boy I was dating who worked with me at our town's most elegant restaurant. He was SO excited to be driving his brand new car and we were on our way to another town to a dinner at the restaurants sister location.  It was a special night.  We both saw the car coming at us and he tried to miss it- I didn't know at the time- but he was killed instantly. 
I remember so much but lost consciousness in the ambulance waking up day(s) later to "Does she really have 2,000 stitches in her face Doris?"  My sisters best friend was asking my mom. My sister, a Candy-striper, came home from college and spent her entire spring break in the hospital with me.  I was really really blessed to have the mom I had, the family I had and the doctor and surgeons I had. And really, I don't remember the hospital stay as being filled with any horror except for the day they finally told me about Oscar.
The story has so many odd and ironic twists.  Oscar had just told me and the other chef a few days before that he was so incredibly happy with his life that if he died tomorrow he would be happy. 
The week before I had just taken pictures for the School Annual- being voted "Best Looking" and that night my face went through the windshield- my lips were torn off, my eyelids hung on by just a millimeter and my nose was pulverized and the glass went everywhere. 
Believe it or not, after 7 reconstructive surgeries, when I was in my 40's , a plastic surgeon would still find 3 pieces of glass in my face- under my cheek, cutting at my nerves. That 14 hour surgery left me with amnesia for three long days- thinking I had just had my accident-
Back to the accident aftermath. There was A LOT of morphine.  Thank goodness. So much so that when I got out of the hospital I would go back for "booster shots" every day and then every other day for weeks. I had visions in the hospital and saw my future husband and the fact that I would host a TV show--3 months after the accident I was telling friends who came to see me with tears rolling down their faces not to worry about me- I was going to have a show and a really cute husband- and my mom told me that night that I should keep those messages from God to myself :)
My parents and family were really incredible.  They did not want my life to stop. I completed senior year at home and then they took my dad took me on a college tour in the station wagon as I lied down the entire 5 days because I could not sit or stand without crutches until October- the accident was in March.  Isn't that crazy that they did that and then I actually went to college ON crutches, just months after the devastation?  They made me believe that not only should, but I could do it.  And I did.
I was so lucky my RA(Resident Assistant) was the Mayor of Isla Vista (yeah, it was an unincorporated little city that actually had a college aged mayor an city council back in the day) and that hippie town was perfect for healing as I went to UCSB.
He made sure I discovered the Co-op and introduced me to all natural whole foods and the organic Tigers Balm and aromatic oils. I became a vegetarian. When I could walk I spent hours on the the beach, I biked to classes and I didn't know then- but I was exactly where I should have been to give my body all the right things.
I'm glad I didn't know back then that the scars from the injuries would linger. I was really optimistic. I did meet that boy-his name is Halister and we got married early on we're still in love today.  And I did get a job hosting a nightly TV show two years later. I was so very blessed and I think it was because I was really grateful to be alive- really excited, happy and oddly confident. I felt almost fearless.  I always tell people that fear is worse than any exposure or bad food or toxin.  Fear can make you sicker faster than anything and keep you from getting well.
Seeing my imperfect face on TV motivated me to get collagen shots and then  crazy and consistent UTI's led to 2 straight years of daily antibiotics!  Of course I had exploratory scans and a surgery on my bladder- but it wasn't the problem and they couldn't find anything until I was such a mess and it was then that scar tissue from internal bleeding from the accident was finally discovered and removed.
Earlier, I had been diagnosed with  Lupus, MS and Chrons  from a one week work up hospital stay at Scripps. Those results sent me into a tailspin of fear and anxiety. Hal and I learned way back then that some people (like me) do much better not knowing the details of the disease they have been diagnosed with.  It just scared me so.  From that point forward, Hal would always do all the research on anything that happened in terms of health and then flag it for me IF he saw me manifesting a symptom.  

Turning To Natural and Alternative Healing

Of course I was given a drug regime for the Lupus and Chrons, but I remember they didn't make me feel better.  One of my physicians had me see a masterful counselor and practioner of Transcendental Meditation and biofeedback, James Menton.  He also had MS and urged me to see  nutritionist and hair analyst pioneer Dr. Larry Wilson and Dr. Paul Eck. My case was so weird Dr. Eck had me over to his Analytical Research Labs to do follow ups on the minerals and the ratios of minerals that were found in my body.  I went through their supplement regime for many years toward healing.  At the same time I was led to   jinshin jytsu and my healing journey was on a solid path.   Mary Burmeister the founder of jsj was awesome as I told her about my illness.  She said "Oh, I don't treat labels, you can have them if you want them, but I'm not interested in them.  I treat your body's energy flows." It really helped put the fear in perspective. I still receive jin shin today from two long time practitioners.
I felt really so much better by the time I was 29 and had my first daughter at 30.   I tried just about every alternative healing modality there was- Reiki, colonics, aromatherapy, intuits, etc.  I also just remembered I saw this German Doctor who worked on the Indian reservation doing homeopathics and infusions in the 80's.

Why Do I Have Electromagnetic Sensitivity?

I definitely got so much better- but lingering effects of surgeries and what I needed to recover from the devastating accident stuck around. When I was 31 Hal got me my first cellphone and I realized immediately that it didn't feel good.  
I had electromagnetic sensitivity, but I didn't know it then, I just knew holding the cellphone was something that was very uncomfortable.
Just last year my  daughter Jastyne said "Hey mom, you know how you say that you felt the energy from the cellphone the first time you put one in your hand?,  Well, it's true- I just saw the video of you opening your gift and you actually shake and flinch when it turns on and pull it away from your head!"  
I didn't completely understand my EMF sensitivity for a long time.  I thought I had a sixth sense.- but I found Dr. George Carlo's book in 2005 and reached out to him in 2007 and he helped me understand what was happening with the EHS and after reviewing my history, we both realized that it came from my immuno issues, which came from the antibiotic over use, the bovine collagen shots and the effects of the extensive opiates used for pain in my hospital stays.

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I didn't enjoy using wireless devices so I didn't use them much.  I was able to watch and the rest of the world became obsessed with the technology, while I never felt comfortable even carrying one.  That gave me insight into the other tech "toxins" of blue light, privacy stealers and FOMO, distraction etc.  
Under the guidance of George Carlo, Stephen Scott and building biologists and great functional medicine doctors I learned how to deal with the invisible the energy that clearly effects my body's energy. 
I'm here to share science-backed accurate information about the man made EMF, Privacy, Mental Health and Safety issues that come with our devices. My goal is simply to create awareness so that you can make informed and mindful decisions to thrive with our amazing technology.
Be Well!

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