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Best 25 FREE No WiFi Games For Kids and Toddler to Teens Play Without WiFi!

Our 2021 Updated List!  Top No WiFi Games: 25 List: Best Games and Apps For Toddlers Through Teens

We've found the best WiFi-Free Games and Apps that don't require WiFi or internet and we've just updated our ratings and reviews for 2021! Fun, WiFi- free (and cost-free) IOS and Android links at the bottom of the page for every game. It's a win-win in the car, plane, hotel or home-sweet-home.

Just one important point about using apps and games with the WiFi turned off. Did you know radiation is strongest next to the WiFi router?  So here's a great way to turn it off without having to get too close. It's our favorite remote switch. We like it because it lets you create a nice distance away from the EMF WiFi energy. Great for you and and your kids, from toddlers through teens.

Wifi kill switch


For an even better free app experience, check out our Stylus. One FREE when you buy 3!

Tips For Using Free & WiFi Free Games Without Internet and Without Data 

  • Download free version of App online. and Open App AFTER disconnection to avoid advertising and in-app purchases.
  • Use a WiFi remote switch to turn off WiFi while avoiding direct EMF from your WiFi
  • Disallow all notifications and click out of all ads. Typically you do this once and the ads will not reappear.
  • Check Privacy and Notification settings and disallow Apps from using your microphone, location, camera and sending notifications. More Privacy Tips Here
  • Turn WiFi off and play in Airplane mode to avoid wireless EMF.
  • Use a stylus to avoid magnetic energy
  • Use orange glasses for digital glare and healthy sleep cycles.

Dr. Young, Digital Addiction Expert's Age Recommendations:

  • Kids Under 3: No Screens
  • Kids 3 to 6: One Hour or less and use device with your child
  • Kids 6 to 9 Up to 2 hours of supervised screen time
  • Kids 9 to 12 let them play up to 2 hours and best to set no-tech family times each day

    Our Top 25 List Of NO Wi-Fi and $ Free Apps and Games to play without WiFi or Data is HERE:  Ordered By Age, Youngest to Oldest:

    1. Highlights Shapes App                                                                                         

    New 2020 Best Games With No WiFi For Kids


    no wifi, no internet download Best 2020 Games For Kids


    Ages 3+   

    An enchanting 3+game. Brought to you by the Highlights magazine folks, the quality is beautiful. The game is slow and mesmerizing. The experience is quiet and zen like as bubbles give way to a little squirrel floating through a series of lovely scenes where you and your child will identify shapes and colors. Fill in the scene with a yellow rectangle or a set of purple circles and a new scene slowly opens.

    This app can help your child with their development of critical thinking and problem solving skills as they explore new enticing shapes, colors and color mixing.

    We think you can play this one straight through from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how quickly you complete the shape puzzles.

    Highlights has been around for decades and parents can trust this brand.  This app has the added security of an ad-free environment; we love that it's CARU (The Childrens Advertising Review Unit) and the FCC's COPPA( Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) Safe Harbor Certified.

    We have links to the versions for iPad and IPhone and Android phones below.

     TECH WELLNESS TIP  Protect Your Child From Magnetic EMF

    Best Crayon Stylus No EMF for Kids


    It's easy to protect your child with our tablet and smartphone Kids stylus -just 3.25 and ONE FREE when you buy 3!

    Download Here:

    iphone free games    free android download



      WiFi-free games are really the best bet anytime, but can be a LIFE-SAVER when you are traveling, whether by train, plane or car.

      The trick is to download the games (or podcasts, for Mom and Dad) when you have a clear, strong internet signal at home. Then, whether you're 30,000 feet in the air or driving to visit relatives in Tucson, you've got access to games that keep the whole fam busy without needing the internet.

      Games and Apps are Better when No WiFi is involved

      There’s tons of controversy about the benefits children get from using interactive gaming applications and the flip side--harmful effects to a child’s developing brain, possibly caused by exposure to violence in games or other undesirable virtual situations. More often than not, these concerns focus on how these smart device applications impact a child’s learning or mental health development.

      The Expert Says

       If you want your kids to develop better sensory-motor skills and better reading skills, screens for kids under 3 should be off limits. Dr. Kimberly Young, notes that kids develop better sensory-motor skills playing with real toys and better reading skills off line. Her great Screen Smart guide can help you be the best Tech parent out there. Dr. Young has been researching, teaching and treating Internet Addiction for over 30 years, so we think her ideas are super solid. And for kids of all ages, Dr. Young points out that in order to develop social communication skills and healthy family attachment, a tech disconnect is a must. We love that idea.

      Then there’s the EMF possibility

      At Tech Wellness, we are also concerned with physiological health: WiFi and cell signal wireless EMF exposure on little bodies. There are many studies that that show EMF radiation has biological effects. Without a doubt. 

      This is especially concerning when it comes to children and their developing bodies. The energy from devices penetrates deeper into their brains as a result.  In fact this study using models of brain tissue of children 5 to 8 years old, indicated that the maximum specific absorption rate (SAR) in one gram is about two times higher than in adult models.  Devra Davis sites several research studies and shows why children absorb more radiation than adults and the consequences of that exposure.

      The good news is that radiation coming from the WiFi drops off dramatically with distance. So, use your laptops, tablets and cellphone is Airplane mode. Tech Wellness recommends keeping a minimum of 15 to 20 feet of distance between you and you and the router for safety. 

      And--Turn off WiFi when you're not using it. That’s why we love our WiFi Switch You don’t need to get close to the wireless radiation from your router and it makes it easy to power off anytime. Many parents have shared that they find their children sleep better when the WiFi’s off.

      Hard Wire Home Install Internet For No Wifi


      A happy fact is that all EMF exposures drop with distance from the source. YAY! That goes for the wireless radiation and for the magnetic energy waves, which is present with most electronic devices.

      Like the idea of avoiding Wireless EMF?  Here are three easy ways:

      • WiFi off means no wireless energy is coming from the WiFi.
      • Airplane mode means no WiFi or cell signal is coming from the phone, tablet or computer.
      • Bluetooth off means no Bluetooth energy is coming from or to the computer, cell phone or tablet.
      • Installing Internet by using Ethernet cable connections means No More WiFi exposure whenever you want! 

      Our mission at Tech Wellness is to bring awareness, balance and wellness to your relationship with technology. We can create spaces that are healthier and safer for our families by being mindful of our devices and the potential tech-toxins of our modern world.

      While your kids are playing these WiFi free games, make sure you are using an Air Tube wired headset to keep yourself safe!

      Check out our complete Wellness Guide To Wireless

      As always, please let me know if you have any questions or ideas for  anything I can add to this solutions-based site to make it easier or more helpful.

      Be Well

      xo August

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      • Some great suggestions! I plan on loading a few for a longer road trip we have planned. A small reminder about a comment the author made for #14…..Lego Ninjago……not just boys love playing this game! My daughter will be thrilled when she finds out it’s on her tablet. ;)

      • Hi thank you very much for letting us download apps because some apps don’t do that so thank you very much


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