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Unplug & Escape at a Digital Detox Resort

Step away from the phone.

Two separate but related contingents are now considering and signing up for digital detox vacations:

POWER OFF There's the EMF-sensitive group of individuals pursuing an optimal environment for their physical health

DIGITAL SANITY SEEKERS The group that just wants to de-stress and disconnect from tech/responsibility overload.

If it's time for you to experience what could be a life-changing adventure into a world without technology we have found retreats that sound downright HEAVENLY. 

Look at these Stats America:

  • The average American spends more than half of their waking life staring at a screen.
  • 61% admit to being addicted to the Internet and their devices
  • 50% of people prefer to communicate digitally than in person
  • 67% of cellphone owners find themselves checking their device even when it’s not ringing or vibrating
  • The average employee checks 40 websites a day, switching activities 37 times an hour, changing tasks every two minutes.
  • 60% of people say traditional vacation does not relieve their stress
  • 33% of people admit to hiding from family and friends to check social media
  • Unplugging for just one day can give some users mental and physical withdraw symptoms

Yiiiiikes. (Insert wide-eyed emoji here). This is the kind of balance and mindfulness we preach here at TechWellness. When you look at it like that, how can just one weekend be enough?

"It’s time that the era of burnout, FOMO, multi-tasking, tech dependence, fatigue, ‘social media everything’ and information overload comes a close. This is a new chapter, an opportunity for us to redefine what our relationship with digital technology looks like, and in turn, how we experience life on this beautiful planet." says the team at  Digital Detox a leader in this kind of vacation. They lead retreats in North Carolina, Northern California, Upstate NY, and Texas. They claim many high-powered CEO's and Fortune-500 superstar converts.

Their activities include yoga, meditation, breath work, movement, writing, healthy meals and juicing, hikes, and art + writing workshops. They believe retreating from our devices can help reduce anxiety, stress, depression, tech dependency, fatigue, and information overload and improve interpersonal relationships (Four-day retreats start at $550-900).

They also host Camp Grounded, a summer camp for adults offering arts/crafts, yoga, typewriters, meditation, talent Show, campfires, archery, kickball, stargazing, hiking, sing-a-longs, face-painting, ˜Analog Photography, counselors and more. That sounds kinda incredible, doesn't it?! (Unplugging in the Redwoods for a four-day stay starts at $340 per person.)

A second retreat we found here in California is called Quiet Dome. This 12-acre retreat in NorCal's wooded, stream-laden Grass Valley is more of a low-key Airnb for the electromagnetically and chemically sensitive. The dome was built from its inception to be electromagnetically quiet.  The land is situated far from cell towers or WiFi.  Power to the house is filtered to remove harmful noise, and low EMF appliances, lighting, and wiring are used throughout.  The result is a "quiet feel" both inside the dome and hiking on the grounds - the same as experienced in virgin wilderness.

Another digital detox retreat program we found is called It's Time to Log Off.  They run retreats in Hawaii, England, and Spain for 2017.  This UK organization is really interesting. They run digital detox campaigns, host Teen Digital Detox weekends and educate the public about Tech Addiction.

The last one is at Deer Park Monastery. This 400-acre sanctuary rests peacefully in the chaparral mountains of southern California, surrounded and protected by oaks and the natural landscape. Deer Park is a place to quiet the mind, look deeply, and enjoy the wonders of life within and around us through the practices of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, deep relaxation meditation, and sharing togetherness. We invite all who wish to cultivate peace and happiness in their lives to plan a visit — for a day or for a retreat.

Here is the link to their website:


Remember, if you can't swing a total DIGITAL DETOX vacay--you can still reap the benefits of a partial DAILY DETOX, check out our Our Lovely Self Care Life Changer: The Digital Detox For Everyday

We hope someday find yourself at one of this incredible oasis's.

There are also ways give yourself a Digital Detox, EVERY DAY.  For instance, pen to paper with a Five Minute Journal, a silent pocket to hush your notifications and all radiation, or check out some books to cozy up on the couch with and feed your brain with.  

Be Well X 

Email hello@techwellness and we'll send you links to All the Digital Resorts

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  • This is a great resource for EMF sensitive people like me. I tried emailing you at hello@techwellness for links to digital resorts but the address is rejected.

    marla gardner
  • I suffer from emf and I have insomnia and been self medicating. I need help finding a place for a week to rest and get better

    Brian Nielson

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