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Shouldn't Your Phone Be Clean and Pretty too?

What we're about tell you is important for your health...but we wouldn't recommend reading this while eating lunch, that's for sure. We are just going to say it: One in six cell phones have fecal matter on them, according to a study by the London School of Hygiene.  Your smartphone is likely the filthiest object you own. The average smartphone has 18 times more potentially harmful bacteria on it than the toilet handle in a typical public men's restroom. Various studies have found E. coli, MRSA, Streptococcus, norovirus and many microbes living on your smartphone.

Why your phone is so germy

With the advent of touchscreen technology, we have our grubby little hands on our phones all day. We always seem to be gripping them for dear life, even when not in use. (You can be hands-free though now with our Tech Wellness solution crossbody cell phone case) Then we press the screens into our facial skin (oh no!) and breathe our germs through our nose, ears, and mouth. Then we store our phones in dark, moist places like our pockets and purses. The screen itself is really warm from electricity so microbes can live up to a week on your $700 petri dish.

cross body phone case

Flush and Run!

Last but not least... up to 81% of people admit to taking their phones into the bathroom. Several microbiologists told Buzzfeed last year that the flushing mechanism radiates germ-laden aerosol spray six feet in every direction, on every surface imaginable - door handles, counters, toilet paper roll containers, etc. The bathroom just isn't a good place to take your phone.

 Germs aren't good for your looks, either

Even if you aren't super-worried about getting the stomach flu via your dirty handset, think about your vanity. Now, there are very good health reasons regarding EMF energy to keep your cell phone away from your head and face. Choosing texting or speakerphone is optimal for other reasons though: You are pressing a germ-laden screen into your cheek and the heat from your phone causes your skin to perspire, squeezing out oil and sweat back onto your phone and causing acne. Women's Health Magazine even thinks this pressing action causes sagging skin on your face. The friction and rubbing activate oil glands, in any case.

Our Tech Wellness routine

At Tech Wellness, we are all about solutions. The first thing we recommend is wiping down your phone with a microfiber cloth every day with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol (if it's allowed for your device. )This goes for your office phone, too! Apple makes iPhone-approved wipes. But living as organic as possible, I like to use EO lavender hand sanitizer wipes. They're yummy.  They smell fabulous and fresh.  Made from gentle sugarcane ethanol and aromatic, organic botanicals -I feel even better about keeping my phone clean.  I've been using them daily for years and my phone's fine. It's pretty startling to see the dark color of grime that comes off.   Important, get around the sides and back too.  Typically, I clean my phone in the car--so I stash the wipes in the center console and then I go round the steering wheel with the wipe too and the door handles.  Germs, germs go.

sanitizing wipe

Cheers to a fresh, shiny clean phone and a super healthy winter! xo August


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