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Black Rims That Turn Heads & Block Blue Light

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A classic shape, style, while providing insane health benefits. These glasses function as professional, sleek while blocking blue light from your devices. Made ultra comfortable and durable, they'll last you through your long days. 

Rock these shades a few hours before bed (or all day, why not?) to recharge melatonin for better sleep and better mood. Wake up refreshed and on the right side of the bed! 

Why It Matters

It’s even confirmed: The National Sleep Foundation Recommends powering down all devices 2 hours before bed OR try wearing these blue-blocking orange glasses when it gets dark. Personally, I love them. They’re backed by science. Studies have proven efficacy of wearing them. One from 2014 shows that teenagers who wore orange tinted glasses a few hours before sleep felt significantly sleepier when they wore the glasses. Check out the Knowledge Base  for details with research, but first grab a pair of our basic, inexpensive orange glasses for everyone you love and begin better tech wellness today.
Black Rims That Turn Heads & Block Blue Light

A Little More Info

Furthermore, studies have shown that using blue light blocking Orange Glasses when looking at phones, computers, and tablets at night, blocks unwanted blue light, letting our beautiful bodies work the way they should. Looking for more style whilst blocking the bad blue light? Try these
Black Rims That Turn Heads & Block Blue Light

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