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Be In-the-Know On Your Radiation Intake - Tech Wellness

Be In-the-Know On Your Radiation Intake

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Breathe and relax. Know that you and your family are experiencing an environment that’s low in RF radiation. Discover and monitor high-frequency wireless radiation with this sophisticated, quality RF (radio frequency) meter. A TechWellness Tribe favorite, we “see” the invisible energy from wireless devices. It’s easy to accomplish when you’re away from radio frequency radiation that might exist in your home. We typically pair it with the Detect Before Danger: A Mighty Meter so we can "see" and hear the radiation.

Scroll down to learn more about radio frequency energy and watch a video. 

For isotropic measurements of electromagnetic fields Non-directional (isotropic ) measurement with three-channel measurement probe High dynamic range due to three-channel digital results processing. Configurable alarm threshold and memory function High frequency (RF) electromagnetic wave field strength measurement. Mobil phone base station antenna radiation power density measurement Wireless communication applications (CW,TDMA,GSM,DECT) Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installation Spy camera, wireless bug finder.

•Sensor type:Electric field (E)
•Frequency range:10MHz to 8.0 GHz
•Directional characteristic:Isotropic,3-dimensional
•Measurement range (CW signal>50MHz):38mV/m to 11V/m
•Absolute error(@1V/m and 50MHz):± 1.0dB
•Frequency response (taking into account typ.CAL factor):± 1.0dB (50MHz to 1.9 GHz),±2.4dB(1.9GHz to 35GHz)
•Measurement method:Digital,triaxial measurement
•Directional characteristic:Isotropic, triaxial
•Measurement range selection:One continuous range
•Display resolution:0.1mV/m, 0.1 μA/m, 0.1 μW/m²,0.001 μW/cm²
•Setting time:Typically 1s ( 0 to 90% of meas. value)
•Display refresh rate:Typically 400mS
•Display type:LCD 4 digit
•Audible alarm:Buzzer
•Measurement units:mV/m,V/m , μA/m,mA/m,μW/m² ,mW/m², μW/cm²
•Measurement display value: Instantaneous measured value, maximum value or average value since power-on.

Why it matters

We use it to determine if we're too close to a Wi-Fi router, cellphone tower or Smart-meter. We can see if a device like a heater thermostat or baby monitor is Bluetooth enabled and we demonstrate to you and all the people we love. To understand more of what this wireless energy or electro-smog or EMF is all about, read our  EMF Wellness Guide
Be In-the-Know On Your Radiation Intake

A little more info

You won’t be settling for less with this handy tool. It monitors frequency radiation in the 10 MHz to 8 GHz range for: laptops, smartphones, mobile phone base station antenna radiation, baby monitors, blue tooth, RF power measurement for transmitters, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection/installation, wireless communication applications (CW, TDMA, GSM, DECT) and microwave oven leakage tests. The Acoustimeter provides LED light and LCD text displaying peak, peak hold, and average levels of radio frequency electromagnetic fields, covering the spectrum from TETRA all the way up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz Wi-Fi and WiMax frequencies. It has a digital readout which is sensitive 0.02 V/m - 6.00 V/m and a sound output enabling you to hear the signal modulation. These features make the instrument the most useful one available to even those with severe electro sensitivity. A less sophisticated, less expensive meter by EMFields is here.

Important: This is a CALIBRATED meter.  I only sell this meter when it's calibrated by a certified electrical engineer as I had one that wasn't and found I was not getting accurate measurements)

Be In-the-Know On Your Radiation Intake

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