No Radiation Internet Ethernet Cable No EMF
Best Shielded internet ethernet cable
Best Shielded internet ethernet cable

No EMF Cable to Wire Devices to the Internet!

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Wire UP For Speed and Safety. This NO EMF shielded ethernet cable lets you skip WiFi and use your smartphone, computer or laptop directly connected to the internet!  It’s generous 25 feet is perfect for wiring your home and office computers, We love that there's No Radiation from your WiFi. And your devices load videos, shopping pages—everything online super fast! 

The beautiful gold tips mean it’s shielded to protect against electromagnetic and RF interference. Our video below shows how to set it up.  

This is STEP ONE to wiring up your devices. STEP TWO is finding the right adapter for your device Tech Wellness has the iPhone adapter below. And links to adapters for you computers and even Android phones, Macbook Pro and Chrome Books


Cat-7 Ethernet Cable offers performance of up to 600MHz and data speed up to 10Gbps per second. It also guarantees high-speed data transfer for server applications, cloud computing, and HD video streaming. We plugged this cable directly into the Internet access point in our home and measured to find no Electrical fields. But EMF can also come from your modem, router or switch—So, if you’re connecting to the internet via one of those, you may want to also use a grounding adapter to prevent all EMF.

Wire Up Your iPhone

WOW! This makes your iPhone Safer and Super Fast. Connect iPhone directly to the internet with this wired adapter and shielded cable. No WiFi radiation and no slow connections. Using iphone wired to the internet lets you Skype, FaceTime, send texts, watch videos—basically every phone function except for cellphone calling. We tried several for iphone get this adapter, but this one works best. Super fast, easy to use, compatible range and comes with a warranty!
No EMF Cable to Wire Devices to the Internet!

Plug and Play

It almost a plug and play kit, no need to install any software or driver, no external power needed. In our video below we will show you how this awesome adaptor works to keep our phones safe.
No EMF Cable to Wire Devices to the Internet!

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