LOW WiFi Radiation Wifi Router. ECO WiFi Lowers EMF Up To 90% -Great For You AND Your Neighbors Radiation Tech Wellness
LOW WiFi Radiation Wifi Router. ECO WiFi Lowers EMF Up To 90% -Great For You AND Your Neighbors Radiation Tech Wellness
Low EMF Home
Low EMF WiFi. Sends Out Radiation When WiFi Is Accessed  AND Reduces EMF by 90%!

Low EMF WiFi. Sends Out Radiation When WiFi Is Accessed AND Reduces EMF by 90%!

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Imagine A Low EMF Home.  These JRS Eco 100 D1/D2 on Asus' WiFi's have No EMF Radiation Emissions Until Your Device Connects To It.

It's Truly "Wireless On Demand." And reduces EMF emissions by 90%

FREE U.S. SHIPPING On Both JRS Eco 100 D1/D2 on Asus'.

At Tech Wellness, our best case solution to create a low home is to hard wire your devices and eliminate WiFi.  But This WiFi is the One To Have When You Need It

However, we know that isn’t always possible. That’s why we’re excited about this new ECO Router. Unlike traditional WiFis, this unit has been specially programmed to reduce your exposure to EMFs, (electromagnetic fields).

You can now dramatically reduce electromagnetic radiation in your home or office and still have WiFi when you need it!  It's the only router we've ever seen that shuts itself off when until you access the internet.  Amazing!

When we first heard about this WiFi router for our low EMF home. we wondered if it might be too good to be true.  But we've tested it--and it really works.

The photo shows the regular WiFi router and then the ECO-Router, which is the same ASUS router but with special software that sends out a very low signal until someone uses a device to connect to the router. The readings on our EMF meter are very clear.


The router switches the wireless signal back on immediately when you enable wifi on your device or open the list of available networks. Even when wireless is active, it give you up to 90% less Rf radiation. So GREAT!!

Here are the Technical Details:

Plug and Play: comes with the special firmware already installed.

The new programming switches the wireless signal back on immediately when you enable wifi on your device or open the list of available networks. Even when wireless is active, it has an up to 90% reduced pulse frequency.

D2 is built on the newer ASUS AC1900 3×3 dual-band router

  • Wireless scheduler.
  • D2 Has Detachable Antenna
  • D2 has WiFi On/Off Switch/
  • Fine adjustment of range with ten steps.
  • Dual band: additional channels at 5 GHz for higher speed and capacity.
  • USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports for sharing files or USB print server.
  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.
  • No loss of speed, stability or range compared to ordinary wireless routers: D1 AC 1750 with 400 Mbps+
  • D2 AC 1900 with 400 Mbps+ real measured speed (
  • 2 years warranty.

    Compatible with Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner, Verizon, and all other providers (provider independent). Connects with your existing modem to reduce EMF. Power adapter 100-240V 50/60Hz included. Plug adapter included free of charge for US, Canada, Australia/NZ and UK orders.

    Here's something amazing:  We found that even with the WiFi on and being accessed, the power level was lower than it was with an identical  ASUS Wifi without the special software- Watch the video below.

    I love this WIFI because not only because are your family or employees exposed to less WiFi radiation, but also neighbors or nearby offices get less of our "second hand radiation" or ambient and background EMF.  It's EMF Protection for all.

    That concept is really something we should all be thinking about. We should be more considerate of people living close by and NOT expose them to the WiFi radiation that we're using to power our personal devices.

    Full disclosure:  My home and my office are completely wired.  There are many Ethernet access points, all outfitted with various adapters so that if a laptop or cellphone needs to go online, it's easy with a simple and fast connection. 

    But from time to time our guests ask for WiFi for data. And that's when we pull this WiFi out of the closet.  But at least it's not an ordinary or high powered WiFi! 

    And of course our WiFi is completely powered off any time we don't want to be exposed to any WiFi radiation with our fabulous and fun WiFi Kill switch.Did you know that an ordinary wifi router broadcasts a clearly measurable EMF beacon signals 24 hours a day, 10 times every second?  Why be exposed to that Tech Toxin if you don't need to be?  The ECO Router is an excellent solution until you get rid of WiFi altogether and switch to a wire internet router!

    Less EMF Radiation!. Even when wifi is active, the LOW EMF router still offers a 90% reduced beacon pulse frequency, compared to ordinary wifi routers.  The average pulse strength of this low radiation WiFi router's beacon signals are 10 times reduced because of the reduced pulse frequency. YAY!!!

    It's important to understand that the transmission power is inextricably linked to the routers range and that can't be changed. When you get the best low EMF router it's set at 30 milliwatts but that can e reduced further by the adjustment.  We'll show you how in the guide that comes with the WiFi.

    Also, most serious security companies say no to WiFi cameras --because of safety and reliability, so please consider wiring those up.

    This wonderful Router does cost a bit more than a regular Asus model and we think that is reasonable. 

    The software that makes the magic happen is individually pre-installed by engineers. 

    We're sold on this product because we've seen it work--it lowers radiation from a regular WiFi in your home and can provide everyone in your home with safer wireless signal.


    MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN D1 AND D2: D2 has a wifi on/off push button on the side, and detachable antennas. The D2 is an upright model, and the D1 is a tabletop model. D1 and D2 Wifi routers have a Full Eco standby mode with zero emission. BOTH models ihave a 90% reduced pulse frequency. Measured with (real speed) the D1 and D2 models offer 400+ Mb/s. To achieve the maximum speed that your Internet subscription supports, you need to choose the Eco router model that is at least as fast. These are real measured throughput speeds. You can find out your Internet speed on D1 and D2 models have 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) Ethernet ports. D1 and D2 models are dual band, which means they emit at two frequencies: 2.4 and 5 Gigahertz. This allows for higher throughput speeds. You may turn off the 5 GHz if you want to minimize radiation.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ford F.
    Wifi on Demand

    I purchased this unit last week. So far we have been very happy with it. Both of the wifi frequencies turn off when the device requesting it usage turns off. In other words if the using device is left on so does the wifi. As long as we remember to turn off everything when we are done it is a great solution. We still use the ethernet for the stationary computers and only turn on the wifi when we have to. It is a no brainer for one who wants to limit the radiation. Five stars.

    Teresa A.
    This little router DOES what it says it does!

    I'm thrilled with this router. It does indeed let me use it as a fast router WITHOUT wifi when I'm sitting right next to it and it's hard-lined into my computer. (I NEVER wifi, because I can feel it.) BUT, when my 4 grown sons are home and want internet, this router recognizes their devices and let's them on. (I live out in the country and direct internet / data is not available for them bars on their phones! Thank goodness for me... I live between cell towers in a small valley!) I just make sure that I am at least 35-40 feet away from the router because I measured the signal with my little Safe Living Technologies "Safe and Sound" meter (also available form the Tech Wellness)... and the signal only goes about that far, fading in strength of course, which I LOVE. It's range IS much more limited for SURE. I've been testing everything with that "Safe and Sound" meter... gives me a lot of assurance that it's working just as promoted. The router is right near all of their old rooms (now guest rooms) - with my master bedroom, kitchen and living room being at the other end of the house. Perfect. My little meter also confirms that the signal pulse is indeed only 1x per minute... because you can hear it on the meter with the sound turned "on." I feel better that my sons are a little safer, even though they are using lap tops and phones, and that I can stay SAFE. Honestly, it has been a bit contentious with them that I've had NO internet at all here at home for them... but, this little router has SOLVED that problem! I'm truly very thankful. When I heard about it, I had to give it a try. I'm so glad that I did. Yes, it's a bit extra money above what a normal router costs, but worth every penny in my book! A big thank you to the inventor and to August for bringing this to us!



    Jan R.

    You cared enough to rectify the problem. Sorry don't know how to upload photos. Thank you so much for your help and caring! You are wonderful!

    Thank you for your desire to live well with technology- We love it!

    Fast, Safe & Easy to setup!

    This Low Power WiFi is awesome! Super easy to setup, just as fast as the normal wifi router but with much less radiation. The firmware updates provided by the vendor are super easy to install and keep the router running safe & secure. Definitely recommend this router. When it works the same as a normal router, why wouldn't you want one with much less radiation!