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Our Best Laptop Camera and Phone Camera Cover & Microphone Blocker. Stylish Creep Blocker

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Webcam Cover Value Pack Because Hacking, Cyber-stalking, and Cyber-blackmail are real security issues! Protect your privacy with Creepblocker, the best camera cover for laptops and cellphones and bonus:  microphone blocker.

Specially designed sizes to block Apple Air Microphone and Macbook Microphone.  Plus a Guide to Finding Your Microphone on your laptops, so you know where to put the microphone blockers.

The Big 60-pack  of Webcam and Microphone covers offers many choices with style and attitude. Cover Camera on computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones! Sizes to Cover iPhone x Camera and allow Face ID functionality. Muffle microphones on laptops only. Smartphones have so many microphones, the screen even absorbs sound.

Each pack has dozens of shapes, sizes, and messages for every device and every personality!  Re-usable and clean.

Scroll down to learn more about the importance of webcam covers. We've got a video showing how they work, too.

Designed In California. Proudly Made in the USA.

Why it matters

Ditch the Scotch tape and bandages! Creepblockers provide supreme safeguarding for your webcam and microphone, while designed with enough thickness to do the job and still look aesthetically pleasing. They’re made from a unique material that won’t leave residue on your phone, computer, or tablet and can be re-used many times. These can muffle clear sounds that can be recognized when your phone is idle. Be extra detail oriented when it comes to microphones since they are a little trickier to find and there are multiple. Read more about Creepblocker effectiveness.
Our Best Laptop Camera and Phone Camera Cover & Microphone Blocker. Stylish Creep Blocker

A little more info

Protect yourself with statement stickers or fun symbols, or simple color blocks—we pretty much got any kind. It looks less ridiculous with a make-shift cover than one of our Creepblockers so you look like a pro/know what you’re doing. Even Zachary Quinto and Mark Zuckerberg theirs! Once you receive your order, we send you a link that helps you find the locations of your mic’s, camera’s, and placement tips. Make a statement: privacy is cool. Invest in the best webcam cover and microphone blocker with Creep Blockers.
Our Best Laptop Camera and Phone Camera Cover & Microphone Blocker. Stylish Creep Blocker

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