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Our Best Cellphone Stand. Adjustable and so Pretty. Rose Gold or Black

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So Good!  We set out to find the best phone stand because we love the idea of keeping the phone--and its EMF Radiation away from our hands and our beautiful, healthy body.

Elegant and Solid. This highly adjustable cellphone stand is strong, sturdy, light weight and doing the trick nicely . We scroll, with our stylus of course, shop and sometimes we even relax and watch our Tech Wellness YoutTube channel- This handy stand makes it grand!

So lovely in Rose Gold and in Basic Black.

And we find our necks and shoulders are much more relaxed as we don't "hunch over" our phones as we text and scroll.  And bonus: we avoid tech-neck(oh my--it's real!) and this is honestly a great tech neck solution.

Works great as place to store your phone while it charges.  The back is designed to thread charging cable through the back.

  • Adjustable & High-quality this stand works with all smartphones- From iPhone 5 to 8 and all the Plus sizes. iPhone X and 11.  And all Android phones from Samsung Galaxy 6s to  Edge Plus S7
  • MULTI-ANGLE- So cool it adjusts from angled to completely flat so the options are endless.
  • Pretty and Strong aluminum metal metallic 
  • 5" tall and about 4.5 wide 
  • Use as a charging station or anywhere in your home, kitchen or desktop.


Why It Matters?

The stand is many of a mid-weigh aluminum and and the both the Black and Rose Gold have rubber grips on the bottom and on the base of the where the phone is cradled.
Our Best Cellphone Stand. Adjustable and so Pretty.  Rose Gold or Black

A Little More Info

 It’s adjustable too so you get a healthy angle that’s right for you.  We love that it helps prevent the very un-lovely tech neck by raising your device to a level that allows your head to be in a neutral position. Read More in the Blog: Tech Neck
Our Best Cellphone Stand. Adjustable and so Pretty.  Rose Gold or Black

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