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Focus on Productivity At Home or At Work. The WFH Tech Tool is Magic!

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It’s Our Favorite Tech Empowerment Tool!  The Productivity Solution For Working From Home or Helping the Kids With School Online

This Timer is a magical solution to help you focus at work or when online at home.

In search of a EMF-free timer to help monitor your and your families screen time? Look no further!

It's  super helpful for avoiding digital distraction and digital dementia.

This sleek and simple timer allows you to clearly see how much time you have remaining, cherishing every last second. The crisp white of the timer is sharply contrasted by the bright blue or red time counting down the remaining time. These must-have timers come in two versions: a 20-minute timer (blue) and a 60-minute timer (red). 

This timer will help you increase your productivity. By physically, clearly seeing 20 or 60 minutes on the timer, you are able to manage your time more efficiently and get more done in the allotted time. Kids will get excited with this easy-to-use timer. They can monitor anything from their screen time to their homework practice. Most importantly, this timer will help you limit your screen time and spend more time interacting face to face- remember to: Be Here Now!

You know what's great to put a timer on?  Online Gaming! Moms and Dads, you want the best for those little gamers of yours and so do we- did you know that the hand to-eye coordination that gaming develops only requires a total of 1 hour a week of gaming?   Dr. Ofir Turel, who researches media and how it effects our brains shares the details in this Podcast

*This bright sturdy plastic timer needs 1 AA battery that is not included. 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide. It stands up nicely on a desk or counter. When your time is up a repeating old fashion alarm clock sound plays for 4 seconds to notify you or your kids that time is up!

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