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emf meter
A Small But Mighty Warning Device - Tech Wellness
Acousticom Electrosmog Detector
best emf meter

A Small But Mighty Warning Device

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At Tech Wellness, we believe wireless energy interferes with our body’s energy. Knowing where the energy comes from is the cornerstone of a daily digital detox. This small, easy to use and very accurate RF (radio frequency) measurement tool is a great way to find EMF coming from wireless. We love EMF meters because they help us discover simple ways to improve our Daily Digital Detox. We recommend you use a test meter to measure the actual levels of RF energy in your home and personal space to determine sources. Afterward, locate the safest places for beds, desks, family “chill areas,” etc. 

Scroll down to learn more about EMF/RF energy and watch a great video. 

- A line of colored LEDS displaying Peak exposure levels in V/m
- Measurement range: 200 - 8 000 MHz ±6 dB (typical accuracy)
- Sensitivity (Peak Display): 0.01 - 6.00 volts per metre (V/m)
- Some intermediate points when two LEDs are both lit are also defined:
- The speaker may be switched on and off
- An alarm sounder at higher exposure levels (may be disabled)
- Power source: 1x PP3/MN1604 9 volt Alkaline or Rechargeable
- Power draw: 40 to 90 mA (depends on the sound volume)
- Battery life: Up to 10 hours continuous with normal alkaline battery
- Size (mm): 110 x 63 x 21 (LxWxD) - Weight: 140g

Why it matters?

One of the fastest growing exposures to RF fields is coming from our cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices. You may discover, even though your computer or router is connected with wires, you're allowing wireless permeate your home. Simply, switch off your Wi-Fi at night time. Easy as cake! We have LOTS to share on this topic, so do a simple RF/EMF search on our site. Be assured this information is guided by science, medical, and engineering experts with the latest, most accurate research. Enjoy our EMF Wellness Guide.
A Small But Mighty Warning Device

A little more info

The Acousticom 2 is one of the latest microwave detectors. It presents RF measurements as audio signals and with LEDs. You can also switch the sound off if you prefer to be less obvious when taking readings. Super easy to read results, but still uses the same advanced microwave detectors as more expensive models from the same manufacturer.  If you're looking for more detail and the ability to see higher readings, check out the TES and Accoustimeter. 
A Small But Mighty Warning Device

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