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Best Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphones • For Value and Comfort, The Best Headset For Honest EMF Protection
Best Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphones • For Value and Comfort, The Best Headset For Honest EMF Protection
Best Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphones • For Value and Comfort, The Best Headset For Honest EMF Protection

Best Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphones • For Value and Comfort, The Best Headset For Honest EMF Protection

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Pretty and EMF Free! Awesome EMF protection starts with Anti-Radiation shielded wires, then continues to a hollow, clear airtube and completes with super-comfy earbuds.

These Airtube earphones offer peace of mind.

"I've tried a few different brands and these are the best sounding and fit the best. Tried, tested and trusted by Tech Wellness, I recommend these to all my friends."

-Zita, Customer

We sell products that EMF experts and scientists confirm really do protect from you EMF.

You can be certain that you are protected from Radio Frequency Radiation and our magnet free design keeps you safe from magnetic EMF. With a 2.5cm hollow tube between the speakers and the ear buds, sound is transmitted through the air pocket only, this gives you a safe distance between your brain and any extraneous radiation emitted from the phone that could travel up the wiring. Sound is delivered to your ear with almost zero electromagnetic radiation.

We love solid EMF protection--but we really love these beautiful metallic headphones because they're so stylish--We get so many compliments whenever we wear them and people ask where we got them! Cough, cough, are we trendsetters? 

New and exclusive, our Rose Gold and and Gold Air tube earphones feature the Comfort Buds Design. They're made with ultra-sleek small in-ear speakers and ultra comfort earbuds.  Soft and well-fitting they provide EMF free sound for phone calls, conversation and listening.

Here's How Wired EMF Protection Works

It’s pretty simple, actually. That RF energy coming from the phone could travel up the wires of a headset. But with the hollow "air tube," that energy is stopped, dead in its tracks, where the wire meets the tube. The sound is great when it hits the metal free, really comfy silicone earbuds--once again not generating magnetic or RF radiation because these headsets are made to avoid all EMF and EMF effects. A quality investment in sound and protection, all in one!

Not All Air Tube Headsets Are Alike

Loving wellness as we do, we've understood and appreciated the extra protection that air tube wired earphones gave us from EMF. Up until now, every air-tube headset was flimsy, didn't give us good sound or a great microphone, and frankly was just plain, unattractive.

We love the Tauki headsets for 4 important reasons:

  • The new 2020 Exclusive Comfort Bud-Feels amazing in your ear
  • The super cool Rose Gold shielded wire
  • The extra long length of the wires=greater distance from EMF
  • No Magnets Applied to The Back Of The Airtube Earbuds (to keep them together) Means You're Safer Without The Additional Magnet Exposure

When testing this air tube headset, we found not only was the sound quality excellent, compared to the plastic headphones which come with the iPhone, but we also prefer the way these earbuds feel.

And they do sound fabulous!  Sound expert Bryan Neumeister, an audio engineer for 35 years and Audio Engineering Society Member and Lecturer reviewed the new Comfort Rose Gold and the Traditional Black headphones:

"The rose-gold earbuds have a great mid range frequency response. The black ones not as much as I ran a quick test on them.  Love the sound of the Rose Gold ones for ANY use. Very nice acoustics for conversation."
    • NEW ROSE GOLD OR GOLD COMFORT TIPS:  $44.99 designed with enhanced sound quality and a unique light-weight, speaker & earbud              
    • GOLD/WHITE EAR POD STYLE:  $44.99  earpiece shaped like apple-type wired headphone 
    • NEW FOR 2020 BLACK COMFORT TIPS:  $44.99                                                                                                                                                        
        • Patented, you're getting the best protection possible from a wired headphone.
        • No Additional magnets which emit dangerous magnetic EMF
        • Long 50" cord lets you maintain a safer distance from cellphone radiation
        • Button on Microphone pauses and plays music and answers calls.
        • Due to the nature of the air tubes, these headsets are fragile and require proper care. We have a 60 day replacement guarantee for manufacturer defects.  You also have the option to ADD our Tech Wellness Care insurance policy to replace broken headsets ONE TIME FOR up to one year from purchase. *Return broken headsets to Tech Wellness and we'll send you a new replacement headset. POLICY MUST BE  ADDED AT TIME OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE.

        For all the detail on why your may want to use Air Tube headsets and avoid EMF in your tech use- Our Wireless Health Guide has great information.

        Custom Add On's: Apple Lightening Adapter  Comfy Earbud Tips For Traditional Earbuds

        - Well made, strong and stylish - These Air Tube Hollow Tube headsets offer functionality and a cool look.
        - Full Compatibility: Uses international standard port (CTIA), high-quality 3.5mm plug is compatible with most 3.5mm audio devices. Needs lightning adapter for iPhone7 or newer.
        - Long 48 inch cord with built-in microphone
        - 3.5 mm 3 band plug (fits most devices!)
        - Stereo ear buds with extra rubber buds for optimal fit
        - WARRANTY - Risk free for 15 days guaranteed! Will replace or refund within 15 days of purchase!
        Please note, despite what the package says, our latest model does not include a volume adjustment button on the headset.

        The Apple Adaptor

        If you have an iPhone 5 or later, get this adapter that lets you connect our Tauki 3.5 mm audio plug to your Lightning devices.
        Best Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphones • For Value and Comfort, The Best Headset For Honest EMF Protection

        Airtube Technology

        Scroll down for a Product Review. Our EMF meters compare EMF from Apple and Bose Headsets. Also important-these earbuds do not have magnets that can expose you to dangerous Magnetic EMF. Tauki AirTube Technology acts as a buffer to stop any radiation or wireless energy from your cell phone from traveling up the wired headset wiring into the earpiece. Stay protected and stay healthy with these fabulous headsets.
        Best Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphones • For Value and Comfort, The Best Headset For Honest EMF Protection

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