Tired of Being Tired?

Maybe it's time to try something different:
no drugs, no hypnosis, no counting sheep.
Wake up refreshed without an alarm clock.
Join us for the 14 DayCircadian Rhythm Reset!


  • Wake Up Without An Alarm Clock

    By the end of the reset, most people find themselves waking up without an alarm clock and discovering the right amount of sleep for their body.
  • Discover Your Sleep Gate

    The magical 15 minute "sleep gate" is when you can get to sleep naturally and easily. Every person's is indivual-the Reset will help you pinpoint yours 
  • 7 Science-Backed Modules

    You'll get evidence-based daily sleep strategies with 7 Best Sleep videos. Each one with researched keys to resetting your sleep schedule.
  • Secrets To A Serene Sleep Space

    All the keys you need to make your bedroom the optimal sleep space; where you sleep is vitally important to HOW you sleep.
  • Circadian Enhancing Strategies

    When to Eat, Move and Work To Help Synchronize your Master Clock for restful, rejuevenating sleep.
  • And So Much Support

    You'll be able to print out the YOUR BEST SLEEP journal to track your daily progress.  You'll also get chat support from like-minded people who are resetting right along with you.
  • Dreamy Meditation to Inspire Sleep. $15 Value.

    Bonus: Access to iSleep, the powerful relaxation session by Tony Wrighton author of Relax in a Minute. 
  • 15% Off Our BEST SLEEP Collection

    We've put together a special group of products/solutions that will make your reset so very sweet.  You'll get a coupon code for your discount when you sign up.

"The reset was a blessing because it came at the right time, when I was very depressed and the entire routine has been able to lift my mood."

Dawna P. 
Completed the Reset

"I used to set 10 alarms and then snooze my way through most of them. But now I get up immediately."

--Whitley P.  
Completed The Reset
YOUR BEST SLEEP:  14 Day Circadian Rhythm Reset

"I always felt like certain things were out of wack; I was awake when I wasn't supposed to be. Now I feel a lot more focused, energized and like I got good rest."

Amanda C. 
Completed the Reset

"I've been pleasantly surprised at how much energy I can have in the morning when I sleep well and at a good time for my body. 

Brittany  S. -- Completed the Reset
Hi There!

Thanks so much for stopping by-
You probably found this page because you're having trouble sleeping--and it's wearing you out! You're looking for a way to feel rested and refreshed again.   

I totally get it.  These days, more than ever, most of us are just exhausted almost all of the time.  For Americans, being tired is like a badge of courage.   But more and more it's clear this is not a healthy way to live. The CDC says about 100 million people are sleep deprived.  And that's not right.

I built this system with the help of a renowned scientist a few years back, because basically, I was sleeping horribly. I knew there had to be a way to get rest without resorting to pills or counting sheep.  

So I did it--the protocol just took 2 weeks--and it is not exagerating to say it changed my life.

That's why I'm sharing the Day Circadian Rest: Discover Your Sleep Gate  from Tech Wellness  Our bodies were designed to wake and sleep with the natural rhythm of our physical world.  Our Master Clocks have become confused by our always-on,  geared to go life styles and our glowing screens that beckon to us hundreds of times a day.  Stimulating late nights and jam packed early mornings mean sleep isn't a priority which in turn can lead to mental and physical issues. Some resort to sedatives that can lead to feeling even groggier and use stimulants in the morning just to keep up.

 But the great news is that you can turn it around in just 14 short days! 

Follow the simple but important steps each day and we'll get you back in sync with the natural and health enhancing rhythm that enhances your sleep and relaxation. -No drugs , no hypnosis, no counting sheep.  Change the way you sleep and change your life.  

Be Well,


August Talks About Your "Sleep Gate:"


How big of a commitment is this reset?

  • In order for you to be successful in this reset, you need to commit to following the protocol for 14 days. That includes having enough flexibility in your schedule for you to get outside in the sun (NOT inside next to a window!) for an hour before 10am.  Beyond that it's just following along with the course outline and watching the really excellent video content.

How do I get the blue light blocking glasses that are included with the reset?

  • Once you sign up, you'll be sent a form to fill in the address where you'd like them sent. We'll get them to you as quickly as we can via USPS standard shipping. NOTE:  The free shipping on glasses is available to USA addresses only.  If you're shipping internationally, we will be happy to send you an invoice for shipping and you'll still get your free glasses. 

Does this really work? What's the guarantee?

  • Yes! We have seen incredible results for those who really commit to the steps for all 14 days. We guarantee you'll sleep better IF you complete All the Steps of the Reset Program for 14 Consecutive Days.  Our money back guarantee applies to the course costs (not glasses)and is valid through October 21, 2022 -the details are included in the Terms and Conditions on the Sign Up page.

Can I do the reset if I have kids?

  • Absolutely!  We've designed the reset to fit into any lifestyle and provide a lot of ideas to implement the steps regardless of what stage of life you're in.  However, if you find that this particular season is a bit too full, you can start the reset anytime that is best for you during the next year.

August Brice


August will be leading your journey to YOUR BEST SLEEP.  She learned almost 20 years ago that she has Electromagnetic Sensitivity Syndrome.  She can feel when WiFi is on in her house.  It's difficult for her to hold her cell phone.  Her investigative journey into this syndrome, which at the time was virtually unknown, led her to understand the connection between all our digital tools and toys and our physical well being... including the importance of proper restorative sleep.  

Working with an internationally known research scientist, August was able to reset her Circadian Rhythm.  She put together an easy seven part system that allows her to know when her body needs to sleep, how long she should sleep to feel her best and how to wake up without an alarm at the same time every day.  She was amazed at how easy it was to follow the Seven Sleep Steps and how quickly she got better rest.

August is excited to help get you on the path to YOUR BEST SLEEP.  

How You'll Feel After Discovering Your Sleep Gate: