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Airplane Mode Sweatshirt #airplanemodechallenge tech wellness
airplane mode sweatshirt
Airplane Mode sweatshirt
Airplane Mode Sweatshirt #airplanemodechallenge tech wellness
Airplane Mode Sweatshirt #airplanemodechallenge tech wellness
Airplane Mode Super Soft Sweatshirt - Tech Wellness

Airplane Mode Super Soft Sweatshirt

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Airplane Mode Sweatshirt.  Yummy comfortable. This is your message to the world that it's time to turn off and relax into those lovely moments when you're technology free.  It's a great place to be in this vintage black super soft sweatshirt. Its long cozy sleeves and slouchy-neckline look irresistible off the shoulder.

One of our favorite pieces in our line of "soul-well" wear.  A perfect sweatshirt to bundle up in with your favorite sweats, post-workout Lulu's, or even snuggling while jet-setting. 

To get this relaxed look with the nice cozy sleeves, go up one size. Model normally wears a small, so if you want a super fitted sweatshirt, then wear your normal size.

We are proud to say our beautiful clothing is designed and printed in the USA


Super soft poly/cotton/rayon blend.

Our 5'8" model is rockin' the slouchy fit in a size Medium.

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