Be In-the-Know On Your Radiation Intake-Just like a Pro EMF Analysis
Be In-the-Know On Your Radiation Intake-Just like a Pro EMF Analysis

Be In-the-Know On Your Radiation Intake-Just like a Pro EMF Analysis

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 Our 2019 Professional Meter Best

Looking for ease and accuracy as you search out hidden EMF radiation?  This professional RF radiation meter is may be just what you're looking for.
We are pleased to announce the release of the professional version. brand new Safe and Sound Pro RF Meter. This meter is like no other meter currently available in the price range.  With LED zone readings and a numeric read out, this meter has it all.

Accurate. Calibrated. Detect Extremely Low Levels Of Radiation

This replaces our TES 593 meter because we've found it to be more accurate and precise in finding and detecting extremely low levels of wireless EMF.
This Radiation detector arrives and stays perfectly calibrated with continuous use.
The Safe and Sound Pro RF Meter is a compact, simple to use meter for Radio Frequency / Microwave Radiation (200 MHz to 12Ghz). The meter has been tested and certified by The Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems (CIARS) Lab at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. 

Listen to Invisible EMF Radiation Waves.

We really find the Peak Hold feature helpful as we compare EMF measurements from various wireless items and at various distances 
And like the home version, this amazing meter also has a sound signature analysis which helps identify which RF Sources you are being exposed to.

Detect and Measure From 200 MHZ to 1.2 GHZ

  • Some of the more common sources the meter can detect:
    • Cell towers
    • Cell phones and smartphones emissions
    • Cordless home phones
    • Smart Door Bells and Cameras
    • Alexa and Google Home
    • Printers
    • Appliances
    • Wireless speakers
    • Wireless routers (both 2.4 and 5 GHz) or WAP
    • Bluetooth devices
    • Smart meter emissions
    • Baby monitors
    • Wireless in Your car
    • laptops and computers on WiFi and/or using Cell data
    • Airport radar
    • Microwave oven-for leaks and normal use
    • Wired headphones, wireless headphones or Air tube
    Scroll down to learn more about radio frequency energy or EMF radiation and watch a video. 
     Tech Specs:
    • True response detection range: (650 MHz to 10 GHz) +/- 6dB, effective 200 MHz to 12 GHz
    • Accuracy +/- 6dB  - Performance tested in 3rd party RF testing lab
    • Sound signature analysis to assist with source identification - 3 selectable volume levels + Sound On/Off
    • Low EMF emissions, designed for the Electriclly Hypersensitive person in mind
    • Premium OLED Display for a real time display that is easy to read in any type of light
    • Uses state of the art measurment technology and is sensitive below 0.5 µW/m²
    • Will measure 5G cellular if between (200MHz - 12GHz)
    • Measures power densities up to 2,000,000 µW/m²
    • Peak Hold
    • Bar graph of RF intensity
    • USB Power Jack for continuous monitoring
    • High quality adjustable Volume Control, as well as 2.5mm headphone jack
    • Battery remaining display
    • Battery operated (2 x AA) - >15 hour battery life with speaker on
    • Small, durable and compact handheld design - 65mm X 90mm X 21mm (2.5" X 3.5" X 0.8") - Fits in most pockets!
    • Engineered in Canada - Manufactured in Canada and the USA

    Why it matters

    We use it to determine if we're too close to a Wi-Fi router, cellphone tower or Smart-meter. We can see if a device like a heater thermostat or baby monitor is Bluetooth enabled and we demonstrate to you and all the people we love. To understand more of what this wireless energy or electro-smog or EMF is all about, read our  EMF Wellness Guide
    Be In-the-Know On Your Radiation Intake-Just like a Pro EMF Analysis

    A little more info

    You won’t be settling for less with this handy tool. It monitors frequency radiation in the 10 MHz to 8 GHz range for: laptops, smartphones, mobile phone base station antenna radiation, baby monitors, blue tooth, RF power measurement for transmitters, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection/installation, wireless communication applications (CW, TDMA, GSM, DECT) and microwave oven leakage tests. The Acoustimeter provides LED light and LCD text displaying peak, peak hold, and average levels of radio frequency electromagnetic fields, covering the spectrum from TETRA all the way up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz Wi-Fi and WiMax frequencies. It has a digital readout which is sensitive 0.02 V/m - 6.00 V/m and a sound output enabling you to hear the signal modulation. These features make the instrument the most useful one available to even those with severe electro sensitivity. A less sophisticated, less expensive meter by EMFields is here.

    Important: This is a CALIBRATED meter.  I only sell this meter when it's calibrated by a certified electrical engineer as I had one that wasn't and found I was not getting accurate measurements)

    Be In-the-Know On Your Radiation Intake-Just like a Pro EMF Analysis

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