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Wrist Chain Phone Case- A Golden Touch on Phone Safety

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We LOVE this Gold iphone case!  With it's wirst chain option-It’s a lovely Tech Wellness fact: the further you are from your phone, the less electromagnetic energy you’re exposed to. the straps keep smart girls with smartphones safer and stronger by keeping their phone extra inches away.

Honestly, distanceis the only emf protection endorsed by the California Department of Health.  August has a great video below that shows how and why cellphone anti-radiation cases may actually create more EMF energy by making your phone work harder. 

 Also comes with an optional wristlet chain, but we include TWO so you can have the crossbody extra long, or dangling further off your wrist by connecting two of the chains together.   Keep the phone out of your hands and far from your female organs--and brain.  Metallic gold over a lovely taupe/gold base, this case also features RFID lining, protecting your identity from hackers. Comes with pouch and credit card slots.

Radiation exposure drops dramatically when the cellphone is 8 to 10 inches away and disappears completely when your phone is off or in airplane mode.

Scroll down to learn more about electromagnetic energy and watch a great video. 

Compatible with: iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPhone 7 / 7 Plus.

Why It's A Favorite

Carry by the straps or dangle from the extra long chain for a distance from EMF—if and when the phone is powered on. Hanging from the wrist is the best idea. But if you must crossbody, this one has a long strap with the chain addition. The wrist chain measures 19 inches, while the long strap is well over 2 FEET—It keeping the radiation from the phone down past your thigh, away from your precious internal organs.
Wrist Chain Phone Case- A Golden Touch on Phone Safety

A Little More Info

From the company that made ONE OF OPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS Cell Phone case. If Oprah loves it, and it keeps you safe, what’s not to love? My personal tip: when I’m outside on speaker phone, you’ll see me holding by the flap so I don’t need to hold the chain or touch the phone.
Wrist Chain Phone Case- A Golden Touch on Phone Safety

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