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A Small But Mighty Warning Device: The Accousticom and What The Meter Levels Mean Radiation Tech Wellness
A Small But Mighty Warning Device: The Acousticom and What The Meter Levels Mean
Detecting Wireless RF EMF is a breeze with the Accousticom 2 At Tech Wellness, we believe wireless energy interferes with our body’s energy. Knowing where the energy comes from is the cornerstone of a daily digital detox. ...Read More »
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Tried and True! TriField Meter EMF Detector for Electric EMF, Magnetic EMF and RF Radiation. Radiation Tech Wellness
Tri Field EMF Meter. My Top Pick for EMF Detection. Find All EMF: Electric, Magnetic EMF, Dirty Electricity and RF Radiation.
This is the NEW Tri-Field meter.  I used the original for years- 25 in fact.  This meter makes it easy to detect the invisible electromagnetic fields or EMF coming from wireless and wired technology in your environment.  And it soooo much...Read More »
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