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What Does EMF Mean? What Is EMF Protection? The Complete EMF GUIDE


Welcome to the Tech Wellness EMF Guide!
Our Definitive, Continually Updated Source for Information and Practical Solutions
[Last Update:  June, 2024]

Here's What You'll Find In This Guide

    What are EMF'S?
        Concerns Around EMF
          EMF Protection 
            A Special Note From August & Expert Sources That We Trust


                  What Is EMF?

                  If you found this article, chances are you're wondering, "What's an EMF?"

                  "EMFs" stands for Electromagnetic Fields and are electric and magnetic fields that are invisible (but very real) energy that comes from (or “radiates” from) sources of natural and man-made electricity.

                  Wireless energy, RF radiation, cell phone energy, EMR, Radio Frequency - There's a whole lot of ways it's described, but all the above are referring to the same thing: Electromagnetic Energy Fields or EMF. 

                  Naturally Occurring EMFs vs. Manmade EMFs

                  Have you heard, "EMF isn't dangerous! EMF is everywhere, what's the big deal?"

                  There's truth to those statements.  Naturally occurring EMF is everywhere - in visible light, the sun, lightning, even the earth's core. There are natural magnetic fields that come from the earth's core. People who like to kick off their shoes and "ground" are trying to connect to this type of "energy." And there are thunderstorms that produce the electric fields that are sometimes so strong in the atmosphere that they can truly make the hair on the nape of your neck stand up.

                  The unnatural EMF mentioned below has been created by man.

                  We're now exposed to it with everyday items like electric blankets, power lines, wiring, appliances, computers, everything wireless including Bluetooth, Airpods, WiFi, cell towers, smart meters, smartphones - any wireless item you have.

                  Our focus at Tech Wellness is a particular type of EMF: the man-made variety that's emitted by microwaves and wireless devices. Basically, if it has an electrical component, it will have EMF coming from it.

                  If you've heard that EMF isn't healthy and you just wanted to know the definition, yes you can stop here. 

                  But you should also know that all EMF is strongest at the source.  The transmitter, the antenna in your phone, the electrical outlet, the switch on the blowdryer- any point source will expose you to the greatest amount of EMF.  The good news is as you back away, you're exposed to less and less of it. 

                  And on that less-is-more note, the least amount of time you get exposed, the better.  Like sun exposure and sun damage, the effects are cumulative.

                  Yep, we're pretty much doing this to ourselves. There are literally thousands of peer-reviewed studies in over three decades that have proven there is a biological impact from these ICRW's. The most credible scientists (those who aren't being paid by the cellular industry) don't even question this! Keep reading to learn more about the different types of EMF!

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                  POLARIZATION: The Key Difference Between Man Made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields

                  Stay with me now. Science class ends soon. Not all EMF radiation is the same.  If you really want more understanding on the issue, check out: Polarization. This is an excellent explanation on the question of why most man-made EMFs can be so much more dangerous than the natural EMFs in our lovely environment.

                  Electricity: Where Magnetic and Electric Fields Are Born

                  What is EMF definitionThe chart above gives you visual of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
                  On the far left the waves are long and travel the furthest distances . The waves at start with whats called ELF or Extremely Low Frequency and are measured in units called milligauss. Up the spectrum  Electric Fields measured in volts/meter and working up the spectrum are Radio frequencies and include, radio, microwave and millimeter waves. 

                  That term "frequency" indicates how rapidly the field changes direction. It oscillates backwards and forwards and this spinning is measured in hertz (which is cycles per second). 

                  This oscillation is the key difference between man-made artificial EMF and the natural EMF in our environment. Natural EMF doesn't oscillate at all. 

                  This frequency varies from country to country which is why you take a set of electrical adapters when you travel.

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                  Ionizing Radiation Vs. Non-ionizing Radiation

                  You might have also heard the terms ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Radio frequencies, whether natural or man-made, are broken down into non-ionizing and ionizing waves.  Ionizing being the ones that are strong enough to split an atom (those would be your Xrays and Gamma Rays).  Non-ionizing would be the EMF from cellphones, microwaves, cell towers, WiFi, Bluetooth and any item that can send or receive any of those lovely signals. This EMF has been increasing exponentially in our environment via an increase in antenna in our wireless devices.

                  Ionizing Radiation

                  These waves are High Frequency which means they are located higher in the spectrum. This kind of field is a combo of electric and magnetic fields coupled together as electromagnetic or radio waves.

                  We all learned as kids about the dangers of "radiation"—particularly the ionizing stuff at the far right of the spectrum. You'll notice the following 3 areas on the spectrum (see chart above): Ultraviolet, X-ray and nuclear energy. Yes, dangerous stuff!  UV light can cause skin cancer. Too many X-rays cause all kinds of bad things from cancer to death (just ask Marie Curie). And exposure to nuclear radiation can be downright catastrophic! Ionizing radiation has enough energy to knock electrons out of atoms!

                  Non-Ionizing Radiation

                  The left end of the spectrum has all the non-ionizing radiation that we're now realizing can also affect our health and well-being too. While many people will say that they are harmless, hundreds of peer-reviewed studies over the past couple of decades will disagree. I'll dive into those soon.

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                  The Different Kinds of EMF

                  Not all EMF is created equal. I've witnessed a lot of confusion around the different types of EMF - so let me break it down for you. 

                  What are Magnetic Fields?

                  • Frequency: Extremely Low Frequency Waves
                  • Found in wired and wireless electronics
                  • Magnetic fields are just about everywhere in our world in varying strengths. In fact, our very own human brain waves have very similar frequencies to the micro-pulsations of the earth's natural magnetic field which emanates from the Earth's core.
                  • As far as man-made magnetic fields go, they occur anytime electricity is used. The flow or the current of man-made electricity produces a magnetic field and the more power, the more magnetic field that's produced.
                  • They emanate from properly wired electronic items and when wiring isn't installed the way it should be. Many clients get a gauss meter from me and contact me when they see super high levels, often from the electrical box.  The super high fields can often be addressed by properly wiring the circuit box. 
                  • Magnetic fields emanate from most electrical items. From fans, blow dryers, the blender and the stove.  In fact I've seen super high magnetic fields coming from an induction stove and alarmingly high levels from my smart phone(ugggg!)   I've detected them on the screens of all digital devices and even the dryer, the dishwasher, and other appliances around our home. We know that high powered tension lines emit pretty high levels of magnetic fields. 
                  • This EMF has been associated with an increased risk of childhood leukemia and miscarriages. The magnetic fields can't be easily blocked or screened and they tend to be a problem for many people with EHS or EMF sensitivity.  
                  • The meters used specifically for magnetic energy are Gauss meters. The measurement is in Milligauss. 

                  What Are Electric Fields?

                  • Frequency: Low Frequency Waves
                  • Comes from wiring and found in cords (cords can transfer these fields to devices.)
                  • Natural electric fields are produced by lightning in our atmosphere. 
                  • Voltage or power,  produces man-made electric fields. Imagine voltage as the pressure behind the flow of electricity.  I've heard Building Biologists compare voltage to the pressure of water in hose.  Meaning just because the water isn't turned "on" there's still water sitting in the hose. Now visualize that same comparison with the electric fields that are sitting there in the cords in your wiring of every item you own. Even though nothing is plugged into the outlets and the lamps, or fans, or clocks, or blenders are turned off. There are electric fields in the wiring and electric fields in the cords. The good news is that they can be unplugged or  shielded. In fact, all the wiring in my home is shielded, with 0 AC electrical fields and Tech Wellness carries shielded power cords and power strips.
                  • The meters that are used to measure and detect electrical fields are body voltage meters and electrical meters.  The measurement is AC Volts or Volts per Meter (V/m)


                    What Are Radio Frequency (RF) Fields?

                        • Frequency: High Frequency RF, Microwave and Millimeter
                        • Found in all wireless antennae, WiFi, Bluetooth, cell signal devices, etc.
                        • Just like magnetic fields are just about everywhere, so are radio frequencies.  Visible light from the sun is a radio frequency and so is ultraviolet light.
                        • Radio frequency electromagnetic fields are also called electromagnetic radiation (or EMR). EMR has been classified as possibly carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. Man-made Radio Frequency or RF Fields come from all wireless devices. Radio Waves are modulated to carry information, specifically digital information in the case radios, laptops, tablets, nest or ring systems, wireless cameras and TV's, Smartphones and smartwatches just to name a few. 
                        • The Frequency's that power all manner of wireless devices are called Radio Frequencies. 
                          • On the Spectrum they go 1 to 300 GHz.
                          • The lower bands power Radio and TV
                          • The mid bands, WiFi, cellphones
                          • The higher bands, microwave and sattelite
                          • The highest bands which start at 20 and go to 300 are referred to the broad band the short waves are called millimeter waves
                        • Unlike naturally occurring EMF, these fields carry data or information(like a movie, youtube video, a website, a photo or even a text message) they are polarized and have more adverse biological reactions in our bodies. Research links this wireless EMF to negative health effects.
                        • RF is measured by wavelength and frequency. Wavelength is the distance covered by one complete cycle of the electromagnetic wave. Frequency is the number of electromagnetic waves in one second, also known as a Hertz or Hz. The meters we use to detect RF are Radio Frequency meters. The measurement is in Hertz, MHz (megahertz) or GHz (gigahertz) in Micro-watts per square centimeter or Volts per square meter  The Safe and Sound Pro for example has a range between 200 MHz and 8GHz. The Broadband Meter has a range between 20 and 40 GHZ.

                    What Is Dirty Electricity?

                        • Frequency: Low Frequency/High Frequency Combo
                        • Found in power outlets and other electrical items.
                        • Also known as "Electro-smog" or HFVT or High Frequency Voltage Transients.
                        • Think of the transients as spikes in energy or a surge of power of the electrical lines of your home or building.  Our standard electrical wires that are meant to carry 60 HZ are often now carrying higher frequencies on these same wires and that's what's causing the spikes or surges.
                        • Those extra frequencies can come from LED's or WiFi or smart meters or other wiring issue- but they result in dirty electricity or EMI or electromagnetic interference and like the other types of EMF can cause people to have adverse health effects.
                        • We want to make sure the wiring in our homes, offices, and schools don't have dirty electricity and if they do, there are suppressors or filters that can be used to minimize this dangerous EMF.

                    The Tri-Field Meter Can Detect and Measure Every Kind Of EMF  

                    You can't see it, smell it, or for most people, feel it. But everyday, because of our love of digital devices, there's more and more of it.

                    Electromagnetic fields are not something that most people really want to hear about and EMF is not a simple subject. Sometimes we hear words like "depression", "anxiety", and perhaps the worst, "cancer" is associated with EMF exposure. Personally, loving family as I do and being super excited about the idea of my children having children someday, I'm super concerned about RF effects on fertility. Studies show that exposure to wireless energy can decrease the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility and viability. Guys: cell phone in front pocket = Big No-No!

                    Yes, I know we're talking about very scary associations. However, please be assured, fear mongering or promoting fear in any way is just not what we're about.  In fact, we believe there are easy and effective things you can do to decrease exposure levels. We're not suggesting totally trashing all your wireless technology-just yet.

                    Let's begin by being mindful. Looking for brief EMF basics? Go Here

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                    The Concerns of EMF Exposure 

                    There's no doubt - RF or EMF radiation has biological effects. In fact, There are hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that confirm this - and they are growing by the day. (The research section of our site links to many of them.)

                    A prominent Swedish scientist announced that we are now exposed to 1 Quintillion (that's 18 zeros) times more radio frequency (RF energy) than we were 10 years ago - and that increase is absolutely affecting our bodies. 

                    Just like with any other toxin (smoking, chemicals, pesticides, etc.) not every body reacts the same to EMF exposure. However, here are some of the associations that have been confirmed by research:

                        • Cancer and tumors
                        • Infertility and sperm health
                        • Insomnia and melatonin production
                        • Decrease in heart health
                        • ADHD & Autism 
                        • Decreased hormone levels 
                        • The list goes on.... 

                    Keep reading to dive into the research and find links to studies.

                    In fact, JUST ONE study looking at the EMF from Smart Meters found that people were experiencing the following symptoms from increased EMF exposure. 

                        • insomnia and sleep issues
                        • headaches and head pain
                        • tinnitus or ringing in the ears
                        • lethargy and extreme tiredness
                        • memory, a fog, cognitive issues
                        • burning, tingling, numbness
                        • dizziness
                        • cardiac symptoms and heart palpitations
                        • arthritis
                        • joint pain
                        • onset of Electromagnetic Sensitivity or ES or EHS
                        • pressure, heat
                        • anxiety, irritability
                        • problems with eyes or eyesight
                        • chest pain
                        • rashes, eczema, skin issues
                        • muscle spasms
                        • digestive or bowel problems
                        • cramps and twitches
                        • neuropathy
                        • nose bleeds
                        • ear problems, worsening hearing
                        • depression
                        • loss of motivation
                        • endocrine problems and thyroid problems
                        • increased rate of infections or colds
                        • allergies, food sensitivity
                        • sinus problems
                        • lump in throat or throat problems
                        • weight loss or loss of appetite
                        • swollen face
                        • bladder infections, strains
                        • flu-like symptoms
                        • dehydration
                        • weight gain
                        • inability to talk
                        • loss of motor skills
                        • loss of feeling from the waist down

                    I know, crazy! These are symptoms of people exposed to smart meter EMF which is the same EMF radiation that comes from all wireless devices. I came across this report by Ronald Powell, Ph.D and reached out to him. He was kind enough to share his up-to-date research,Symptoms After Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation.” We have the report recap as well as the percentage of people who reported the amazing, critical, and varied symptoms listed above.

                    Dr. Powell is a retired career U.S. Government scientist. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard. During the government career, he worked for the President, the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. When it comes to EMF Radiation effects, he’s an incredible wealth of information, as well as someone we trust and honor for his EMF education work.

                    Some people even have Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity! 

                    I'm actually one of them. I'm Electro-sensitive (or ES) or EHS and because I've managed my exposure to EMF through the years and I do work to support my body, I stay pretty symptom-free.

                    Unfortunately, some people experience symptoms far worse than me. Their symptoms are disabling, and the worst part about it is that they can’t get away from EMFs in this world. They may be able to mitigate their exposure in their own home, but things like public WiFi and Smart Meters can make them very sick. They become virtual refugees and have to retreat into isolated settings. More and more people are reporting EMF sensitivity. It's estimated that roughly 4% of the population is EMF Hypersensitive.

                    The World Health Organization says Electromagnetic Sensitivity is characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms. Most commonly reported are skin reactions: tingling, redness, burning sensations. The other major symptoms regularly reported are fatigue, lack of concentration, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and heart palpitations. Other sufferers report gastrointestinal disturbances. Many EMF experts suspect that EMF hypersensitivity appears when there's an acute dose of EMF or from being consistently exposed to a combination of all types of EMF. I think this is true. It's what I've seen.

                    Though not an EHS study specifically, Dr. Ronald Powell's study of exposure to smart meter EMF radiation referenced above shows symptoms ranging from tingling and dizziness to sleep problems and anxiety

                    The US Finds  "Clear Evidence" That Cellphones Cause Cancer In Male Rats

                    You won't hear about this pivotal research project this from our Surgeon General, the President- not even a spokesperson from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences will share the startling results of this multi year tax funded study.

                    But in 2018 after spending over 35 million dollars, this United States Government funded National Toxicology Program found that when rats were exposed to cellphone radiation, off and on for 9 hours a day, there was "clear evidence,"as the report below points out, that the exposure caused cancer. of carcinogenicity in male rats from exposure to cell phone radiation in

                    The National Toxicology Program Study  is what SafeEMR said was "what is arguably the strongest toxicology study ever conducted on this environmental toxin."  Which means, I think, that we should all be taking notice.

                    As I mentioned,  everyone should be aware that there is growing evidence about how exposure to wireless EMF radiation is causing more than just symptoms.  If this is enough to have you saying "I need to know how to reduce some of that wireless energy around me!" then please scroll down directly to the bottom of this article for 15 practical steps to reduce your EMF exposure. But if you're skeptical and want more information, research and background I invite you to read on.

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                    My EMF Journey

                    I want to be transparent about my personal experiences, the experiences of people I've met through my travels, and the growing body of research on the subject of EMFs and health. I believe I've been sensitive to EMFs for most of my adult life. I can truly feel the radiation when I interact with a source. The symptoms of exposure for me look like this:

                    I feel heat, zaps of energy, and the feeling of a vibration when I hold a cellphone or tablet. I get a foggy feeling with a blunt headache if I'm within 15 to 20 feet of a WiFi signal. Sometimes this feeling comes over me within minutes, sometimes the symptom manifests after an hour or so. I wake up when the WiFi is on in my home. I can't sleep in airplane that has WIFI. 

                    I take very good care of my health, eating right, daily exercise, energy work, supplements, meditation, grounding, and I live in a home that has very little man-made electromagnetic energy. The wires of my home are shielded. My family cooperates with my sensitivity and they make sure the WiFi is off when I'm home and they don't use their cellphones around me. I consider my mild sensitivity a gift of sorts as it allows me to "feel" the EMFs that normally can't be seen, heard, or felt. It's why I ordered my first meter and started exploring this subject over 25 years ago.

                    It's why I wouldn't let my kids ever put their cellphones to their ears, carry them in their pockets or have them in their bedrooms. It's why there's no WiFi on at my home. I've known that the energy from EMFs affects the energy of my body, and therefore I believed it could have the potential to affect everyone's health.  Over a decade ago, I reached out to Dr. George Carlo, the man who headed the huge $27 MM research project for the cell phone industry in the '90's. I've looked to Dr. Carlo ever since as a trusted advisor on the science of RF Radiation. Now, more and more research is pointing to health effects from various EMF exposures.

                    I'm no scientist, but I delved into the science as part of my journey of understanding my own situation, my electromagnetic hypersensitivity and my desire to do something about it both for me and for others. The explanations in here are the best efforts of a layperson just like you. Be assured, I've done the research.  I have asked scientists to review what I have written, and aside from some scientific nuances that I still don't quite understand, they have given me the go-ahead to share this with you.


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                    Why Does EMF Affect Us? Our Bodies Are Electric and Magnetic

                    Remember, our bodies are electrical in nature. We're made up of atoms, which are made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons. There's a great video showing how our bodies use chemical sources to make electricity. Here's how Julia Layton explains the electricity in our bodies on How Stuff Works:

                    "Everything we do is controlled and enabled by electrical signals running through our bodies. As we learned in intro physics, everything is made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have a positive charge, neutrons have a neutral charge, and electrons have a negative charge. When these charges are out of balance, an atom becomes either positively or negatively charged. The switch between one type of charge and the other allows electrons to flow from one atom to another. This flow of electrons, or a negative charge, is what we call electricity. Since our bodies are huge masses of atoms, we can generate electricity."

                    Additionally, scientists have discovered our bodies contain the magnetic material magnetite. It turns out that high concentrations of magnetite have been discovered in the human head and brain. Magnetite is a mineral that is especially susceptible to magnetic attraction. What is even more fascinating? A scientist from Cal Tech recently confirmed that the very magnetic material in our heads allows us to respond to external fields. Currently, they are doing tests to see if and how humans may detect and use the earth's magnetic field. An article from Science Magazine notes that they're doing tests in a metal Faraday cage so that there's no EMF noise that could confound the experiment.

                    I've been doing EMF measurement videos on cell phones and mobile phones since 2000 because I wanted to show people the "energy waves" that can't be seen, felt or touched. In many of the videos, I talk about my belief that the energy coming from a smartphone or a Bluetooth speaker negatively affects the energy of my body or that I feel this energy isn't interacting with my body's energy in a good way.

                    Since we're electrical in nature and we now know our brains respond to the fields of energy—we can make the connection between how man-made EMFs might possibly be messing with our bodies by interfering with our natural bio-electromagnetic functions.

                    Dr Carlo explains that it's because the waves of energy carry information on them - that's all the words, pictures, videos, the data that wireless waves carry from antenna to device or device to device. Because the radio waves are coupled with the data or information on them, they become polarized, which is why we see the biological effects we see in the research.  Information Carrying Radio Waves are often referred to as EMF. Actually they are a type of EMF, but you'll see us refer to them specifically as Information Carrying Radio Waves  ICRW when we talk about the biological effects. 

                    Because radio frequency or RF energy power has multiplied exponentially in the last 35 years, it is used in more areas of our life every single day. Our main focus at Tech Wellness is reducing your exposure from wireless ICRW sources.

                    We advocate what’s referred to as the Precautionary Principle. Basically, this means that because there’s research saying the energy that powers our cellphones – RF radiation– could be causing health concerns including tumors and cancer, then we ought to take care when using our cell phones and all devices that emit RF-and use them mindfully.

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                    And More Precaution Is More Important for Our Kids

                    I know in this day and age it's almost impossible to fully protect our kids from EMF. (We talk about how to know when your child should have a cellphone or smartphone of their own in our Parent's Guide To Giving Your Kids A Phone) However, as parents we need to be extra cautious with our children because their little bodies are even more greatly affected by EMFs than us adults. 

                    The illustration below is from the MID-90's (yes, parents have been concerned about wireless radiation for a loooong time) It's a picture of how kids brains absorb more radiation then adults because of their thinner, developing skulls.  This was done by Professor Gandhi who was actually working for Motorola and the Department of Defense at the time, and according to Devra Davis lost his funding after he published this 2 dimensional modeling. 

                    childrens brains and emf wireless energy absorption

                    Children's  little bodies are different then ours.  Their skulls are thinner and the fact that their body systems are rapidly developing makes them more vulnerable to microwave exposures. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust reminds us that this information is scientifically accepted.  She also lead research confirming that because children’s skulls are thinner and tissues of a child’s head, including the bone marrow and the eye, absorb significantly more energy than those in an adult head. The illustration below demonstrates the greater exposure absorption for a smaller head. It's done with 3D modeling used for the Environmental Health Trust.

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                    EMF Radiation Research:  There's Plenty of Evidence to Consider

                    Important research - beginning with the Telecom industry's own study 3 decades ago - to 1,000's of peer reviewed studies since, show a link between cellphone energy and negative health effects. Let's now take a few minutes to dive into just a handful of them. Are you ready?

                    Consider a  2021 report from a very qualified source: Christopher Portier.  He’s the former director of the National Center for Environmental Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and now the Director of the National Center for Environmental Health Agency for Toxic substances and Disease Registry.

                    His report concluded that there’s a “high probability”  that cellphone  EMF causes brain cancer -specifically gliomas and acoustic neuromas. 


                    Cellphones, Melatonin, Sleep and More.

                    Another 2021 study reveals that exposure to cellphone radiation from a 2600 Mhz signal (which is a popular carrier signal on the LTE band btw) decreased melatonin.  Alarmingly, the scientists noted that there was increased cell death in the brain as well as structural deformation which means warping, bending, and twisting structural components! 

                    I just asked Kevser Delen, lead researcher, for her personal take-aways from the study:

                    "Reducing the exposure time is one of the most important recommendations. Also, using headphones while talking with mobile phones could be protective. Furthermore, antioxidant agent usage may be helpful."
                    I was curious about how far the rats were from the cellphone radiation plume.

                    "In our study the distance between the rats and the antennae was about 20 cm. We suggest our exposure could be analogous with human exposure. We observed significant biological changes as written in the manuscript. I also observed that rats had anxietic behaviours when RFR (radio frequency radiation) on."
                    Many people in the Tech Wellness community (including me) notice the feelings of anxiety when they're in a zone with high EMF exposure. Even Apple and other cellphone manufacturers tell us in the fine print that we should be 5 to 10 cm from our devices.  Personally, I recommend a minimum 8-12 in and our Airtube headsets that allow you to be a full 3 ft from your device.

                    Phone use linked to brain tumors, acoustic neuroma, and damage to human blood

                    As I mentioned earlier, I started looking into the “energy effect” over 25 years ago, simply trying to identify what I was feeling. At about the same time, major research on the topic was underway. To date, the Wireless Technology Research or WTR remains the most seminal work on the topic of adverse health effects and cell phone use. The WTR was founded in 1993 by CTIA, and back then the acronym stood for US Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, but now this trade organization just goes by CTIA and represents the U.S wireless communications industry.

                    Dr. George Carlo headed this research project which resulted in the findings of genetic damage to human blood, increased risk of brain neuroepithelial tumors in those who use cell phones on the side of the head where their tumors were found, as well as increased risk of acoustic neuroma with increasing minutes of phone use. When Dr. Carlo announced his findings with letters of warning to the major telecom's including AT&T, he was dismissed from his position and disparaged. He admits in his book "Cellphones: Invisible Hazards of the Wireless Age" that he did sell to consumers for $19.95 copies of the "Information Package" that he also presented with the letter. That gave Thomas Wheeler an opening to discredit him and he was fired 2 weeks later.

                    I personally have found Dr. Carlo to be incredibly wise and helpful on EMF radiation and the biological effects. The findings of his research were most recently edified in 2018 by our government's own National Toxicology Program where links were found to cellphone radiation:

                        • Increased incidences of glioma, a rare, aggressive and highly malignant brain cancer
                        • Increased incidence of schwannoma (a rare tumor of the nerve sheath) of the heart
                        • Increases of these cancers were found in both sexes of rats, but reached statistical significance only in males
                        • Increased incidences of rare, proliferative changes in glial cells of the brain and in Schwann cells in the hears of bot sexes of rats while not a single unexposed control animal developed these precancerous changes.
                        • DNA damage was induced with both modulations of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in both rats and mice (in the frontal lobe plus other tissues). 

                    Other research around the world followed and then in 2011, the World Health Organization, specifically the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RF exposed as a Group 2B possible carcinogen. This was big news, in fact, I did a video recap of it back then to explain what that means:


                    Original Study on EMF 2006 Video techwellness

                    National Toxicology Program Finds Connection Between EMF and Cell Damage 

                    And most recently our own National Toxicology Program (NTP) concluded that its "largest and most complex" 30 million dollar study found a connection to cell damage and wireless EMF or Radio Frequency.

                    They noted incidences of tumors in the brains and hearts of male mice after exposure. In an interview with Dr. David McCormick from the Illinois Institute of  Technology where the study was performed, I appreciate where he flat out says, "Yes, that's correct," to the question of a WTHR reporter, "In your lab, you found cell phone radiation caused cancer?" Dr. McCormick followed with, "Yes, the results were surprising." The animals were exposed to 10 minutes on/off increments of RF energy for 9 hours a day.

                    Think about it...

                    That amount of RF energy in our lives is quite outrageous these days, between our Bluetooth keyboards on our computers and our wireless headsets, speakers, the WiFi and our cellphones—we're all easily exposed to 4.5 hours of RF radiation in a 9 hour period of time. Right? And a recent study linked a very low level, but acute (or constant) exposure to wireless EMF to cancer of the heart, lymphoma, and leukemia. Hmmmm. Not great news.

                    Respected Medical Associations are Speaking Out

                    It makes sense that organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics have expressed concern regarding radiation standards relating to wireless devices.

                    Many in the medical field believe that pregnant women and their unborn children, very young children, teenagers, men of a reproductive age, seniors, and anyone with a chronic health condition are those who are an especially high risk of harm from exposure.Electric fields can affect the electrical communication in your body, such as your brainwaves, or the ability of your neurons to fire and communicate. It can also impede inter­-cell communication anywhere in your body. Health problems in addition to our reported list of symptoms that can manifest as a result of this type of exposure include:

                        • Neurological and behavioral changes

                        • Altered cell growth

                        • Cell mutations

                        • Fibromyalgia

                        • Chronic fatigue

                        • Cancer

                    But the "Wireless Causes Cancer" belief still isn't ringing true for everyone...

                    Even with all the mounting research, the vast majority of the medical and regulatory groups do not confirm any direct correlation between any disease from heart disease to autoimmune diseases like cancer to wireless EMF's. In fact, the American Cancer Society comments on the body of probable connection studies this way:

                    "Finally, the measurement of cell phone use in most studies has been crude. Most have been case-control studies, which have relied on people’s memories about their past cell phone use. In these types of studies, it can be hard to interpret any possible link between cancer and an exposure. People with cancer are often looking for a possible reason for it, so they may sometimes (even subconsciously) recall their phone usage differently than people without cancer. With these limitations in mind, it is important that the possible risk of cell phone exposure continue to be researched using strong study methods, especially with regard to use by children and longer-term use."

                    Then it goes on to point out that agencies from the FDA to the FCC state that there are no conclusive links to health effects and cell phone EMFs. I would love for that to be true.

                    I think every day, scientists are getting closer to the answer.

                    Lots of Scientists Doing Lots of Research...

                    ...for a long time! The earliest research compilation I've found on the topic of RF or microwave energy, in particular, was done by Zorach Glasser.  He did a research report listing 122 Bio-effects linked to microwave/RF energy for the US Navy back in 1971.  He cited research from over 2200 studies.  Check out the PDF.  It's fascinating! It's awesome that so many research institutions are studying wireless EMF and their health effects!

                    International Scientists Cataloged 5 Pages of Biological Effects! 

                    Then, in 2012 the Bioiniative Report, which was written by a respected group of international scientists, cataloged 5 pages of biological effects that occur due to RF exposure.

                    Here are some recent scientific articles that find a link between your cell phone, WiFi or Bluetooth wireless device:

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                    How to Reduce Your EMF Exposure & Stop Tech From Making You Sick

                    You've probably gathered by now that the world of EMF exposure is complex and vast. That's why at Tech Wellness, we recommend a common sense approach to all EMFs. I know it can be scary, but I always encourage my community to not take a fear-based approach (fear can make us sick on its own!) but rather approach protection proactively and positively. There is so much we can do to protect ourselves and our family! Let's learn a bit more about how to do this. 

                    Put as much distance as you can from EMF sources in your world. Try to locate beds away from ordinary electrical outlets. Don't buy a home underneath high powered electrical wires. If you think you are electro-sensitive, we recommend EMF Consultants and EMF Experts for your home. They can find hidden EMF sources from electrical technology and more importantly, mitigate the EMF issues. To find someone someone near you, inquire here.

                    We'll start here - the wireless in YOUR world. We'll take a look around, arm you with information and demonstrations to make it easy, and offer 15 simple ways to get ahold of the RF radiation sources surrounding you and your family. A straightforward, better-safe-than-sorry approach.  

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                    EMF Protection Basics 

                    When It Comes to EMF, Distance Is Your Friend!

                    The way I like to visualize EMFs is similar to the smoke plume coming form the end of a cigarette.  It's dense right at tip--then you can watch as it "spreads out" in the air, getting lighter and lighter- but filling more and more space.  Finally it floats so far away, you might not even be able to detect it all.

                    This also applies to the sources of EMF  - whether your cell phone, laptop, WiFi router, or Echo - The farther away you are from the source, the less EMF you are being exposed to. Of course, how far you need to be from the source for safety all depends on how strong the EMF is. 

                    The first time I used the "Distance Is Your Friend" idea was on a video in 2008.  It's really caught on because it cements the concept of how EMF dissipates with distance so beautifully. There's actually a law in science that works to explain how much the EMF lessens as you get away from it.

                    That being said, try to be aware of the EMF sources closest to you

                    As technology evolves, more and more products are utilizing non-ionizing radio frequencies and emitting EMF radiation, especially when it comes to communication and more notably, convenience. First, we had microwave ovens, then came cell phones and now we have wireless communication spewing in, out, and around every smartphone, WiFi, smart meter, smart TV, smart ovens, smart so-many-things. Plus, a wide variety of Bluetooth and WiFi spouting toys and smart home gadgets from wearables to security cams and climate controllers. All these connected devices are called The Internet of Things (IoT).

                    The amount of EMF around us is overwhelming! But the good news is you have the power to control most of the sources that are affecting you the most! Locate and turn off the EMF sources in your space and make your home a low-EMF sanctuary! 

                    We have wealth of tips and tricks to mitigate and create distance between you and EMF exposure. Watch our videos. We tote a meter around to show what an EMF "looks" like and offer a solution to avoiding RF radiation we encounter. The next section has more practical tips but here are 5 interesting ones now: 

                    If Distance Is Your Friend, an EMF Meter Is Your Best Friend! Get a Meter to See and Hear the Invisible EMFs! 

                    EMF radiation meters are a great place to begin mindfulness. I recommend investing in one if you are beginning your journey to keep you and your family safe from EMF. If it's not in the budget, find a few friends or neighbors to go in on it with you and pass it around when you need to find hidden sources of EMF. 

                    This Little EMF Meter Does a Great Job - Sensitive and Accurate!
                    Best entry level EMF radiation detector meter

                    This EMF Meter Has All The Bells And Whistles.  Great For When You're Serious About EMF Protection!

                    Best pro EMF Meter radiation detector

                      How Do WE Measure or Detect EMF?

                      All electromagnetic fields are measured in terms of power density. Think about  power density as representing the energy over the surface area.  When you see me using a meter to detect the invisible  EMF being emitted from a wireless device,the meter is giving a read out of the level of the energy over a certain area--The power density levels will be strongest directly over the surface area of the antenna and then as the EMF energy is detected further and further and further away from the antenna, the strength of the energy dissipates as the energy "spreads out" and eventually lessens enough that  it can't be detected at all.

                      The Inverse Square Law Is a Lovely Scientific Fact

                      It's called the  inverse-square law and it states that a physical quantity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source.  What that means to you and me is this: If you double the distance from your device's wireless transmitter or antenna, you'll be exposed to 75% less radiation as the signal dissipates. Keep in mind, the opposite is true as well - exposure increases quickly with proximity.

                      How Much EMF Is Safe?

                      If you're sensitive, the less the better. If you're NOT sensitive, the less the better! The Biointiative Report recommended a safety level of .0003 microwatt/cm2. The  Institute of Building Biology has these guidelines for sleeping areas  You can see in our videos, the measurements from my test meters are much higher. I test everywhere I go and very rarely do I even find levels as low as .1. Most houses have 2 or 3 times that much when I set my meter to the max level and get ambient energy readings. When we measure the peak wave, or maximum peak, near the wireless energy source, the levels go much higher which is why the level I advise below is with the hope that people keep their distance from wireless devices.

                      What Can I Do About It?

                      Practically speaking avoidance and distance are the keys for the time being. The top 15 easy ways to creating less interaction with RF are in the tips above.  You can also become active in any of the many activists' groups. 

                      We hope you'll share our tips and this wireless energy guide and begin another person on the journey to Tech Wellness.

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                      The 15 Best Ways to Protect You and Your Family From Wireless EMF Radiation

                      There are easy and effective things you can do to enjoy wireless technology, yet still be mindful of your health and create a safer and environment.

                      1. Turn devices OFF or put them in Airplane Mode whenever you can.

                      Cell phones, tablets, laptops, and smartphones are sending or receiving wireless energy even when you're not using them.  Control the unnecessary RF radiation by simply powering off. Make sure Bluetooth and WiFi are disabled too.


                      2. Don't carry your cell phone in your hand or your pocket  (or your bra) when it's on. 

                      There's plume of RF radiation all around your device and it dissipates the further it gets from the device. Consider a purse or man-bag or a cell phone case with straps or a simple phone leash so you can either dangle it from your wrist or keep it long so it stays away from your tummy and hips--we don't want RF energy there!!

                      phone leash

                       If "Anti Radiation Phone Cases" actually worked, we would offer them at Tech Wellness.

                      EMF radiation protection that is guaranteed come only with a Faraday bag that completely blocks signal. Another good idea is to distance yourself from your device.  Like smoke from a cigarette, RF radiation dissipates as it gets further and further from the antenna.  Carry your phone away from you. 

                      best faraday for women

                      3. If you hold your phone to Facetime, Zoom, watch videos, or scroll social media - Try a phone stand instead.

                      Your body is safer when the wireless energy from your smartphone is at least 8 inches from you.  Try this - it's great for preventing Tech Neck as well. 


                      pbone stand 

                      4. Eliminate WiFi and use internet via a wired connection. 

                      Instead of a wireless mouse, use a wired mouse. Instead of a wireless keyboard, wse a wired keyboard. Hardwired connections eliminate RF energy from wireless energy. A bonus is that your internet is faster and more secure.  It's great because all this hard wiring allows you to turn blue-tooth and WiFi off.  Make sure you toggle off the Bluetooth setting and the WiFi settings on your laptop or device. The result: almost no RF radiation! Use this to assure no electro-smog which can occur with some cabling or check out our favorites all in one bundle in our Hard Wire Kit!


                      5. If you're home just can't exist without WiFi, turn it off whenever you can.

                      Especially at night! Any time the WiFi router is off, it's not sending a signal so there's no RF radiation. Turn it off using a low-tech remote switch so you don't have to come in close contact with the RF energy from the router. You can turn the router off anytime and turn it back on when you need it.

                      Wifi Kill Shut Off Switch

                      6. Keep your computer and cell phone out of all sleeping areas. 

                      Being clear of all EMF radiation makes for a lovely nights rest for you and your family.  Instead of awaking to the sounds of your smartphone, we found a lovely EMF free alternative.


                      7. Find the hidden sources of EMF and disable WiFi and Bluetooth

                      Here are a few places to look: 

                      • WiFi
                      • Printers
                      • Laptops
                      • Tablets
                      • Phones
                      • Apple Watch or fitness trackers
                      • Smart appliances
                      • Smart Meter 
                      • Bluetooth headphones
                      • Home security system 
                      • Baby monitor 
                      • Smart TVs


                      8. Remove your Smart Meter. 

                      It's actually a very powerful WiFi router that's consistently pulsing EMF's all day and all night. It could be the strongest EMF source in your home. Call your power company and ask them to switch it out to a non-wireless analog or digital meter. We did this and we noticed a big difference! If you can't remove it, try to cover it with this Smart Meter cover to block up to 98% of the RF.

                      9. Prioritize a safe baby monitor

                       Turn off the baby monitor anytime you're not using it AND make sure it's at least 15 feet from you and your baby. Try this no-EMF radiation baby monitor set-up.

                      10. Try a stylus

                      To keep your hands and fingers from being exposed to wireless energy directly, use a stylus when texting or emailing from your device. Too much? Compose in airplane mode: then send when the device is on or enabled.

                      stylus what is it


                      11. Try to avoid using a phone or computer on a plane, in a car, or on a train.

                      The wireless radiation increases as the device searches for the signal. It can become quite high. Not good for you or anyone around you. You can watch this video demonstrating the magnification of RF radiation when WiFi is accessed in a plane.

                      12. Find out where they keep the WiFi router when you're choosing your flight seat.

                      Choose a seat as far from it as you can to distance yourself from wireless EMF.

                      13. A laptop is not for your lap! 

                      Even with no WiFi or Bluetooth connection, there are magnetic EMF's oozing from it. At the very least use a thick 12" pillow. Best is on the desk a good 2' from your tummy with a wired mouse and keyboard attached to the laptop. Check out a great folding desk option here!

                      where should your laptop be


                      14. Ditch the AirPods or wireless headphones for a wired option (AirTube Technology is preferred!) 

                      The tube of air acts as a buffer between the RF energy coming from the cell phone or smartphone and makes sure none of it gets to your head. Here's the one we use. It works beautifully, plus has a nice long wire for more distance from our device.

                      15. Be WiFi, cell phone, and Bluetooth aware

                      Not just in your home, but out and about as well. If you see the flashing lights of a WiFi router, know that you're being exposed to less as you move further away. Wifi router boxes or low power Wifi routers can help reduce some of the WiFi radiation in your home or office environment.

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                      What I DO NOT Recommend To Protect You From EMF Radiation

                      I know, the world of EMF Protection is confusing! And now more than ever there are a TON of "EMF Protection" companies trying to sell you their product - but what really works and what doesn't?

                      My EMF Journey began long ago.  I've seen all manner of chips, shields, stickers and fabrics along the way that claimed to mitigate EMF and purchased dozens of products to try.

                      There are materials that do in-fact block EMF- they block the natural EMF from the earth as well as the chaotic man-made EMF that leads to the negative health effects.  But most materials don't block all EMF and when all the wireless RF/EMF is blocked, it's impossible to get a signal to or from the device.

                      Harmonizers that claim to be EMF protection don't have compelling published peer-reviewed studies to prove their efficacy, though they may enhance the environment.

                      Both the harmonizer and EMF protection/shielding market's are growing. If you're looking to block EMF or shield your home or body from EMF you really must approach harmonizers and shielding with caution.

                      You'll find the details as well as recommendations for using shielding properly in our article, Does EMF Protection Work? There's also a research study that details the how partial shielding from clothing as well as cases can increase EMF with reflection and hot spots.

                      EMF Protection That Isn't Backed by Science:  

                      • Anti-Radiation Phone Cases or Device Cases - These can make the radiation worse by magnifying it on the edges of what the case is covering.  Covering the front of the case does not protect you from the radiation coming from all sides and TOP of the phone.
                      • Laptop Shields - As with phone cases, the edge of the laptop shield is oozing EMF.  Add to that, in order for the shield to protect your lap, which is usually your legs, the radiation is multiplied on the top of the shield. That means more radiation to your hands, tummy, chest, and face.
                      • Anti-Radiation or Shielding Clothing - Clothing with metallic fibers can keep direct radiation exposure off the area that it's covering-but it can also magnify that radiation to other parts of your body in what the new research calls Hot Spots.  Also, we really aren't sure about the health mechanism of EMF exposure. Just because one part of you is covered, what's happening to the rest of you?  Building Biologist Bill Cadwallader puts it this way: "Which body part isn't important to you?"
                      • Shungite - It pains us to see that Shungite is the number one term that comes up when you Google EMF Protection.  Shungite is cool and it is beautiful. It's a black stone that was discovered in Karelia Russia and that's why you may see people talk about only trusting Kareilian Shungite.  The trouble is that although  Shungite does have electrical conductive properties because it actually has carbon and (sometimes) fullerene content. As a matter of fact,  It has been confirmed to have shielding capabilities from 10-30GHz, as well as attenuating 50Hz electric fields (Mosin and Ignatov, 2013)  THE problem with using it as shielding is that you have to have a lot of it, not just a chunk of it sitting on a table. Shungite can have shielding capabilities IF it COVERED an entire wall or created a large barrier between you and the wireless antenna or transmitter. Shungite, and any crystal by the way, does NOT attract or diffuse EMF.
                      We also have not found discs for phones or necklaces for wireless energy proven to do anything.
                      So stay away from those. We don’t recommend “shielding” gadgets like a microwave cover, because they cannot possibly block all of the EMF.  And as far a shielding for your home or personal space, shielding properly is a tricky endeavor. We advise hiring an EMF professional who is an electrician or engineer to help mitigate home EMF exposure. Check our our listing of experts in our Consultants section of Tech Wellness. And, for just what it takes to become "certified" to be an EMF expert, we've got that information too.

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                      LATEST NEWS

                      Each month we update this EMF Guide and give you an update on the latest news and research about how EMF effects your health and wellness.


                      This is one of most important articles written about EMF in years. It comes from ProPublica: an independent, award-winning nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force. They dig deep into important issues, shining a light on abuses of power and betrayals of public trust — With over 100 journalists, ProPublica has collaborated with 60 minutes and others.

                      Read the ProPublica Article Here

                      You can also look at our Research page to link directly to research and studies about all aspects of being well with technology.  In this article, we'll start with the basics.



                      A Special Note from August - Who Do We Look Up To And Trust?

                      Sometimes it's hard to know what to believe online.  To be your trusted resource, we consult with some of the world's foremost experts on tech toxins like EMF.  Our understanding of man-made electromagnetic radio waves continues to evolve. I encourage you to rely on websites and resources that are informed by trusted scientists and doctors. Dr. George Carlo who led the seminal research study for the wireless industry (his book is featured in our store) and President of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Building Biologists, Larry Gust are the two foremost experts I look to.  I also recommend the work of Joel Moskowitz and his site: SafeEMRCindy Sage of the often quoted Bioinitiative Report and now Physicians for Safe Technology,  Dr. Olle Johansson  and The Environmental Health Trust   and Ellie Marks and The California Brain Tumor Association whose mission is to safeguard public health. These people, along with the late Martin Blank, are highly regarded experts when it comes to the science of electromagnetic radiation. You can find a nice compilation of EMF science and related policy developments at   

                      Looking for Certified EMF Education?  If you're serious, enroll in the Building Biology Institute. Prepare to spend 400-plus hours learning about all manner of environmental toxins and an additional 120 hours to reach the gold standard of EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

                      Check the background of the people involved in creating the information you're using to make decisions regarding EMF and your health and make sure they're the real deal.  There are some great authentic and accurate EMF sites, like It's run by Jeromy Johnson and we have similar backgrounds. There seems to be a lot of interest lately in the topic I've been concerned about for 25 years and though I'm very happy and relieved that so many are now taking this topic seriously--and I'm happy some EMF resources embed Safertech and Tech Wellness videos in their sites-- I'm concerned that you (if you're concerned about wireless radiation and your health) steer clear of "experts" who may be trying to promote items that really don't do what they claim to or entice you to visit their sites so they can sell ads based on high traffic or affiliate with unproven "emf protection". 

                      It is a confusing and sometimes scary topic. I keep my earlier videos from 2007 on this site so you can see that my understanding has grown deeply.  Please know that I take great pride in not creating fear or misunderstanding in this space and it's my deep desire for you to be healthy and well and live life in balance and safety with technology.

                      I hope I was helpful in furthering your understanding of EMF radiation and the possible consequences of exposure. My desire is for you and your family to have the informed awareness that creates healthy change.

                      Be Well!



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                      Key Terms:

                      EMF Electromagnetic Fields: (EMF) is defined as: a field of force that consists of both electric and magnetic components, resulting from the motion of an electric charge and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy. Electric and magnetic fields radiate from sources of natural and man-made electricity. Also called Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR

                      EMF: commonly used to refer to the wireless energy that powers all manner of non-wired digital device antenna and transmitters

                      The Electromagnetic Spectrum: The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is the range of all types of EM radiation. It includes frequencies and respective wavelengths including ionizing and non ionizing radiation

                      Ionizing Radiation: electromagnetic waves on the high energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum including gamma or X rays: radiation that carrels sufficient energy to detach electrons from atoms or molecules thereby ionizing an atom or molecule. Known to cause cellular damage

                      Non-Ionizing Radiation: refers to any type of electromagnetic radiation that does not carry enough energy to ionize atoms or molecules but instead has only sufficient energy for, the movement of an electron to a higher energy state

                      Specific Absorption Rate (SAR): is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed per unit mass by a human body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field.It

                      Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS): also known as Electromagnetic Sensitivity (ES); also known as Electromagnetic Intolerance (EMI), is any sickness, acute or chronic, that is caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from common electrical and wireless sources such as cell towers, WiFi, cellphones, smart meters, power lines, appliances and bad home wiring. EHS is a condition affecting put to 10% of the population

                      Inverse-square law and it states that a physical quantity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source.  What that means to you and me is this: If you double the distance from your devices wireless transmitter or antenna, you'll be exposed to 75% less radiation as the signal dissipates. EMF dissapates with distance!

                      Keep in mind, the opposite is true as well, exposure increases quickly with proximity.

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                      Top Tech Wellness Products

                      1. Best Air Tube Headphones for EMF Protection in 2024 • Earbuds with Incredible Sound 2. 2024's Best WiFi Kill Switch. Turn Off WiFi With One Click. Get EMF Protection For Better Sleep and Calmer Days 3. We Guarantee This Ethernet Cable Is Faster and Safer Than Any Other Cable Out There. Wire Up With These Special CAT 8 Ethernet Cables and Get The Best EMF Protection Available--EMF FREE-NO RADIATION! 4. No EMF Alarm Clock. Keep The Bedroom EMF Radiation Free! Best Silent Analog Alarm Clock 5. Fast Grounded Lightning Ethernet Adapter. Use iPhone Online with NO Radio Frequency EMF 6. Sleep Prep Glasses. Wrap To Block More Blue Light! 2 Styles: Complete Block And Over Glasses Blockers 7. Super Power EMF Detector! All NEW Safe Sound III EMF Meter 8. EMF Protection Starter Pack 9. Faraday Bags. Quality• Affordable• Sleek Faraday Cellphone Case for Privacy + EMF Protection That Works! 10. 2024 Best•Cutest Blue Light Blockers. Daytime Glasses Reduce Glare On All Screens 11. Tri Field EMF Meter. Ships Free. Find All EMF: Electric, Magnetic EMF, Dirty Electricity and RF Radiation. 12. Hard Wire KIT! Turn Off WiFi, Install Wired Ethernet To Connect All Devices To The Internet--Phones laptops, tablets All EMF-Free! 13. Top EMF Reader. Professional EMF Radiation Meter Rated BEST By Experts• FREE SHIPPING! 14. Key Fob Faraday Protectors That Are Pretty and Practical In Colorful Nylon 15. A NEW and BETTER Blue Light Bundle: Three Glasses, Three Colors To Protect You From Blue Light Any Time! 16. De-Stress Dough. Relax And Play. Digital Detox Therapy in A Jar For Mind, Body and Soul 17. Screen Cleansing Wipes. Our Fav New Screen Wipes! Clean Glasses, Laptops, Phones and Tablets- 18. Private Consultation with Tech Wellness Founder August Brice 19. Mom's Pretty Pink Gift Set Holidy Set Women LOVE! 20. Screen Free Activity Bundle for Kids! Off-Line Fun for All Ages! 21. Disconnect Gift Set: De-Stress Dough, WiFi Switch, Coloring Set

                      More Tech Wellness Topics



                      • Hi Nik, Yes you can Hard Wire your phone. We have a hard wired kit with a step by step guide. When your phone is hard wired you cannot send a text, though sometimes you can receive them interestingly. I’m using my hardwired phone right now. I have bluetooth and WiFi and Cell signal disabled. I can visit any site and use any app. I use Signal to “text” and I use What’s App to text and both to make phone calls. I also you Google Voice. Google voice gives me a phone number and allows me to make and receive calls through the App. By the way, you can also add iPhone messages to your computer and “text” through your laptop, tablet or computer. Be Well! August

                      • I am on my phone, calls and texts, regularly throughout the day. We have poor cell reception so I tend to leave my phone in wifi only mode (cell and bluetooth off). Is there a way to hardwire my phone and still use the text and phone call features?

                        Nik Vassios
                      • yes, I have ES very bad. Incapaciting. I believe I aquired it thru using netflix on my cell phone. now what? It has killed my life and no one believes it including family and doctors. think I have mental problems.

                        m smith
                      • Hi August,
                        I really like your EHS web site and would be happy to link to it on our web site for ES-UK.

                        I met you in Sussex, UK at the Dr Carlo conference several years ago.

                        Hope to hear back from you.

                        Best regards

                        Sarah Dacre
                      • What about when you’re shopping for a home? E.g., how far should the home be from cell towers—or does it depend on the tower?

                        Thanks for the great information!


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