The Ultimate Privacy Protection.  The Ultimate EMF Protection. Patented Technology Keeps All EMF Radiation, All Wireless Signals From Getting In Or Out


The AUGUST Faraday Cross Body Leather Phone Case. Stylish EMF-Radiation Protection, RFID Credit Card Slots, Plus A Place For Your Essentials Tech Wellness
Cross Body Leather Phone Case With EMF Protection: Our Exclusive AUGUST Crossbody Faraday Bag--Stylish Radiation Protection, RFID Credit Card Slots, Plus A Place For Your Essentials
The August Faraday is new and improved, now with protection from 5G EMF radiation: The August Faraday Cross Body completely blocks All RF signals And EMF radiation. New triple-lined Faraday material gives you...Read More »
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Key Fob Faraday Protector Privacy Tech Wellness
Key Fob Faraday Protectors That Are Pretty and Practical In Fine Leather Or Colorful Nylon
Can you imagine that now your car can actually be broken into  simply by taking the electronic information from your keys? Wouldn't it be lovely if there was a simple way to prevent electronic key theft?These colorful, effective...Read More »
faraday that locks
Lockable Nylon Smartphone Faraday Blocks Electromagnetic Radiation and GPS 100%.
For Safety, Security and your Health.   This Faraday has patented technology and is made by Pac Safety.  This lock ready  Faraday is lined with metallic material and comes with a clear front pocket for ID,  a key fob, whatever you like....Read More »
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