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best emf protection meter
SuperPower! See and Hear Invisible EMF Radiation. Protect Your Home With This Safe and Sound Wireless Energy Detector
A beautiful environment with no hidden toxins-means better sleep, less anxiety and a healthier you. That's why we love this handy, but powerful personal RF Radiation Detector and are offering it at a special price for a limited...Read More »
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Webcam Microphone Camera Covers Creepblockers
Our Best Webcam Cover & Microphone Blocker For Laptops. Cover Your Cellphone Camera with Creep Blockers Too
Oh My!  Someone watching or spying on you through your cellphone or computer is just plain Creepy! That's why we love CreepBlockers.  High quality, re-usable removable and residue free vinyl decals designed to protect your privacy with style and personality....Read More »
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2019 best cellphone stand for desk
Our Best Smartphone Stand. Adjustable and so Pretty. The Tech Stand in Rose Gold or Black
So Good!  We set out to find the best phone stand because we love the idea of keeping the phone--and its EMF Radiation away from our hands and our beautiful, healthy body. Live Hands-Free! Our Tech Wellness Tech Stand has...Read More »
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orange glasses block blue light
Wrap Aound Blue Blocking For Full Protection For Better Sleep & Calm Days
Protection from screen “glow” is a simple part of a daily digital detox for kids, teens, and adults alike. Blue Light can suppress melatonin production and alter circadian rhythms. These negative impacts can lead to anxiety, depression, and...Read More »
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internet addiction book
Internet Addiction: A Handbook and Guide to Evaluation and Treatment
Such an important book! The first empirically informed reference for defining, assessing, diagnosing, and treating problematic Internet use. This comprehensive and timely book from Dr. Kimberly Young, internet addiction visionary and expert, covers the the detail: Validated assessment tools...Read More »
most digital light blocking blue
Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Sleep and Melatonin! These Espresso Lenses Block 96% of Harmful Screen Light
Looking for the best natural sleep? Then you'll want to block as much digital light from all Screens after 6:00 pm as possible. We just discovered these anti blue light glasses do it!- They block 96% of Blue Light in...Read More »
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prevent digital dementia
Bye Bye Brain Fog. Unplug and Recharge With Our Mindfulness Kits. Our Favorite Digital Dementia Fix
Brain fog, difficulty concentrating and mental fatigue.  These beautiful Mindfulness Kits help you build a healthier relationship with technology. Unplug, focus and recharge and create.  When you do, it's so much easier to see and maintain the balance with technology...Read More »
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ocushield vs eyejust screen protector review best blue light
Do Blue Light Screen Protectors Work? Well, Yes. Choose From the Best Shields for Cellphone, Laptop, Nintendo and IPad
Considering a Blue Light Screen Protector or Filter? These are two of the best-and we've tried several. Both have anti-blue light screen filtering using a special coating to filter up to 39% of the most harmful blue light. Plus...Read More »
LOW WiFi Radiation Wifi Router. ECO WiFi Lowers EMF Up To 90% -Great For You AND Your Neighbors
LOW WiFi Radiation Wifi Router. ECO WiFi Lowers EMF Up To 90% -Great For You AND Your Neighbors
Reduce electromagnetic radiation in your home or office with a JRS Eco-wifi router. This is the low EMF radiation WiFi we use at our office! We've used it over 2 years now,  we tested it recommend it.  You can see...Read More »
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Style For Sweet Sleep & A Healthy Body - Tech Wellness
Blue Light Blocking Style For Sweet Sleep & A Healthy Body--with Free Delivery Darling
Wearing these during afternoon and evening screen time can help with hunger and create a better night's sleep. We love the way these Gunnar glasses make us look and feel. With amber lenses and upgraded frame materials with...Read More »
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A Charging Station To End Digital Distraction.  A Soft Protective Place For Phones To Charge Away From The Bedroom.
A Charging Station To End Digital Distraction. A Soft Protective Place For Phones To Charge Away From The Bedroom.
We love the joy of Device Free Dining and the bliss of not sleeping with the phone. Every home needs a place for cellphones and devices to charge and a place to store our precious technology.  The Bagby design is...Read More »