Own Your Time Online Like Never Before. These Tech Time Keepers Help With Focus, ADHD and Anxiety
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Own Your Time Online Like Never Before. These Tech Time Keepers Help With Focus, ADHD and Anxiety
Own Your Time Online Like Never Before. These Tech Time Keepers Help With Focus, ADHD and Anxiety

Own Your Time Online Like Never Before. These Tech Time Keepers Help With Focus, ADHD and Anxiety

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Our Analog Tech Timers are a magical solution to help you focus at work or when online at home.

In search of the best EMF-free timer to help manage screen time and stay on task? Choose The Big Tech Time Timekeeper or The Desktop Tech Time Keeper Timer.

These Time Clocks are super helpful for avoiding digital distraction and digital dementia.

The sleek and mod tiny Tech Mindful Time Keeper timer and the larger Big Time Tech Timer allow you  or your kids to clearly see how much time is remaining, which is a great way to stay focused and on task.

Visual timers help you see exactly how you’re spending your precious time whether scrolling social media or working on an important report or messaging.

My husband says he’s amazed at how much more he gets done with the Timer to keep him focused.  He visually watches the time 

  1. Start by setting a time for a particular task- like a visit to Instagram 
  2. Twist the timer and get busy
  3. A quick glance let’s you know how much time you have left - you can speed up or slow down accordingly.
  4. You’re never surprised  when time is up because the visual has made it easy to be continually aware of time passing.


Cure Continuous Scrolling

Master Time Online

Achieve Optimal Focus 

Stay Calm and Exercise Power over time

Especially helpful for those with anxiety attention differences or ADHD.

The crisp white of the timers are sharply contrasted by the visual red time block counting down the remaining time. 

For your desk, kitchen counter, home office or classroom  our tech timers come in two versions: a colorful 60-minute Tiny Tech Timer in Blue, Red or Black or our BIG 7.5" round magnetic Big Time Tech Timer, with 60 minutes that wind down without the need of a battery!

These Timers help you increase your productivity. By physically, clearly seeing any portion of 60 minutes count down on  the visual timers.

Manage your time more efficiently and get more done in the allotted time. Just like us, kids are excited to to try these easy-to-use timer's. Monitor anything from their screen time to their homework practice. Most importantly, this timer will help you limit your screen time and spend more time interacting face to face- remember to: Be Here Now!

You know what's great to put a timer on?  Online Gaming or Social Media time.

Moms and Dads, you want the best for those little gamers of yours and so do we- did you know that the hand to-eye coordination that gaming develops only requires a total of 1 hour a week of gaming?   Dr. Ofir Turel, who researches media and how it effects our brains shares the details in this Podcast

Compact and Bright Desktop Tech Timers  are 3 inches tall and 3 inches wide. They make zero noise as the time ticks by and are great for a desk or counter. They use 2 AAA batteries that are included and last a very long time!

When the the time is up, a repeating old fashion alarm clock beeep beeep beeep sound plays 3 times or 60 times  to notify you or your kids that it's time to move on. You can choose the number of beeps and the volume.

QUIET AND EASY TO USE: Turn the knob of the 60 minute desktop countdown clock to the time you want, then it starts counting down. No need to press the number one by one like typical digital timers. No loud ticking provides a quiet environment for better focus time.

The Big Tech Timer has a magnet so it can stick on the fridge or any metal surface or pop the legs out and stand it up.  It's 7.5 inches round and never needs batteries.

SOFT BUT  CLEARLY AUDIBLE TICKING SOUND HELPS SOME PEOPLE STAY ON TASK: The ticking of a clock is a powerful sound. Symbolically and physically it relates to time and can clearly acknowledges it's passing. When you turn the dial, the Big Tech Timer begins ticking away. Many people find this sound soothing, like background noise.  For others, the ticking sound is motivating.

A study showed that the faster an audible clock ticks, the more participants were able to accomplish tasks faster. Shoko Yamane  reported "We found that the subjects’ performance was influenced by the speed at which the clock ticked: Particularly, individuals showed slower performance when exposed to a slow-ticking clock."

So, we timed the Big Tech Timer and found the ticking is super speedy. This Big Tech Timer ticks quickly on average about 3 times a second so the syncopation can really get you moving.

Bright, Effective and EMF Free

The bright color discs make it easy for children to understand the passage of time visually. Recommended for all parents and teachers, especially for special education and early elementary teachers.

The Big Tech Time Keeper

  • Easy to use -- Turn the dial clockwise to adjust the time. This Tech Time Timer is Best For Adults 
  • Two super magnetic backings, works great on a whiteboard for the classroom or the fridge as a kitchen timer. 
  • It can stand up anywhere with the foldable leg on the back
  • 1 year warranty

The Desktop Tech Timer:

  •  No EMF design

  • Batteries Included!
  • Choose the  alarm volume from low to loud and alarm duration from 3 seconds to 60 seconds.

  • Pop it in a purse or backpack.  Measures just 3 x 3 by 1.83 little inches. 

  • Nice and Lightweight

  • 1 year warranty



Customer Reviews

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Love my timer

I bought 2 timers - one for myself and one for my kids - and I'm absolutely loving it. It has really helped me stay on track with my daily tasks. Highly recommended.

Sm Black Timer

Curious - will you be getting any more of the small black timers?thanks

Simple and Effective

When I'm working at the computer, I try not do have my cell phone around, so this simple timer allows me to allocate time for tasks and stay on track. Highly recommended!