Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Wellness

What is Tech Wellness™?

Tech Wellness is being empowered to live in mindful balance with technology for a healthier body, a calm present mind, flourishing relationships and safety and privacy in the digital age.

We find ourselves in the middle of the biggest technology boom ever, and there are important implications to all of lives and as things like 5G, AI, smartphones and data-driven day to to life impact us all.  The Tech Wellness mission to understand and educate  around these issues. The purpose of the blog, our videos, podcasts and products is to share our stories of discovery and offer solutions to dealing with some of the toxicity involving our tech driven lives.

Tech Wellness™ is a friendly place for people to seek advice on concerns regarding healthy living in the digital space and beyond. It is our intention that our website, newsletters and social media channels will work together and create an online community that is driven by creating awareness, and a safe space built on trust.

What are Tech Wellness Ways

Standards for living well with technology.  They are simple bite sized tips to incorporate into daily living and include healthy ways to create privacy, be physically healthier and more aware of technology's effects on our minds and spirits.  You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Who is August Brice?

August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness an information and solution-focused site launched in 2018, that empowers visitors to have a healthier, safer, more secure and balanced relationship with digital technology. 

August is an award-winning investigative journalist, who attended the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, winning an Emmy, Golden Mike and Gabriel award during her broadcast career. Brice brings that skill set and passion for searching out the truth to the hundreds of articles and over 70 videos freely available on Tech Wellness.  Her own health journey, a sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation discovered 25 years ago, led her to research the subject extensively, and to partner with many of the top EMF experts in the world.  She focuses on the honesty and transparency of all the solutions found on the site, exploring technology’s effect on mind, body and spirit.  

August is a frequent guest on numerous mental wellbeing podcasts, and has been featured in Mashable, Thrive Global, Medium, Voyager, Spirituality & Health and Conscious Connections

Attending UC Santa Barbara in the 80's August discovered the local Co-Op and embraced a natural lifestyle that included organic and naturally sourced food, alternative healing and yoga. Ever since, her home has been filled with natural food without additives, cleaning products without chemicals, no pesticides ever, natural paint, natural fabrics, natural make-up, no sunscreens and once she realized what they were-- low to no Electromagnetic Fields.

What is an EMF? How is it different than RF?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. Basically, if it has an electric component, it will have an EMF.  There are natural and man-made EMF's. The earths magnetic field and thunderstorms are examples of the natural variety.  Common sources man-made Emf are power lines, wiring systems in a building, electrical panels, and appliances and all wireless devices.

RF stands for Radio Frequency and is one form of electromagnetic energy or EMF. RF non ionizing radiation is the EMF of the digital age.  RFs are measured in hertz.  Common sources are radio and TV transmissions, cell towers, cell phones, wireless computers antenna's virtually all wireless devices.

All EMF are strongest at the source and dissipate with distance. All EMF travel in waves, some are high frequency and some are low frequency. Science and research have determined that EMF's have a biological effect. Learn more by in our robust EMF guide. 

What is the quality of Tech Wellness products and how do they support my values?

Each product featured on Tech Wellness is carefully chosen to enhance your overall wellness from a fitness, technological, spiritual, or mindful standpoint. From detox baths and EMF prevention products to EMF detection devices and blue-blocking glasses, to webcam covers have a 30 day guarantee.  Tech Wellness gives back to organizations using tech for good.  Tech Wellness has supported All It Takes, Sit With Us and John W Brick Mental Health Foundation

Do you ship Tech Wellness products internationally?

 Yes! No matter where you live, we want you to have access to products that empower you to live balanced with technology. However, please be aware that you are responsible for any tariffs and duties placed on your order by customs officials. Some orders may be assigned additional shipping charges due to weight and size limitations. If you refuse delivery of the shipment, you are responsible for payment of all return shipping fees and any applicable fees, duties and taxes; in this case, all such return shipping fees and any applicable fees, duties and taxes will be billed to the method of payment you used. Shipping fees are not refundable for un-deliverable shipments or refused shipments.

What is Safertech™?

Safertech™ a provider of equipment, solutions and devices designed for safer living with digital technology The goals of Safertech™ are to find solutions for people who are EMF sensitive, mitigate EMF dangers for those who are not, and develop and provide tools for privacy protection for anyone online or connected.

Where should I direct my questions and comments?

Please email your questions or comments here. We would love to hear from you and appreciate any feedback.