Who is August Brice?

August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness™ and Safertech™. She is also the CEO of HEILBrice, a successful advertising agency in Southern California that she founded with her husband, Hal. Before that, August was an award-winning broadcast journalist. Perhaps most importantly, August is the mother of two beautiful young women in their twenties. August’s desire to see her daughters healthy and thriving is what inspired her to dive into the world of research and solutions for all things wellness, from health and mindfulness to cyber security and tech safety.


What is Tech Wellness™?

The concept of Tech Wellness™ came out of the path of holistic wellness that founder and mentor August Brice has been pursuing most of her life. After a near-fatal car accident when she was just 17, August became determined to foster a life of whole-body health and well-being.

We find ourselves in the middle of the biggest technology boom ever, and there are important health implications impacting us all—especially August. She has made it her mission to understand and educate the public around these issues. The purpose of the blog is to share her stories of discovery and help others improve their health and well-being.

Tech Wellness™ is a friendly place for people to seek advice on concerns regarding healthy living in the digital space and beyond. It is our intention that our website, newsletters and social media channels will work together and create an online community that is driven by creating awareness, and a safe space built on trust.


What is Safertech™?

Safertech™ is a company dedicated to tech wellness education and advocacy. Safertech.com became a success providing access to information needed to live safer and healthier in a world brimming with tech. The goals of Safertech™ are to find solutions for people who are EMF hyper sensitive, prevent dangers for those who are not, and find privacy protection for anyone online or connected. 


What is an EMF? How is it different than RF?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. Everything on earth including technology has its own electromagnetic field. Common sources are power lines, wiring systems in a building, electrical panels, and appliances. EMFs are a measurable type of energy and some are harmful to our bodies. This is because humans were designed with specific EMF frequencies that can become altered or weak through exposure to other high levels of EMF frequencies. Walls do NOT block EMFs, so they can enter your homes and body and decrease the further you are from a source. Learn more by watching my videos and reading my blogs about how to detect EMFs and how to stay safe from EMFs.

RF stands for Radio Frequency and is one form of electromagnetic energy, with measurements representing electromagnetic waves. RFs are measured in hertz and many wireless devices operate in the RF spectrum. Common sources are radio and TV transmissions, cell towers, cell phones, wireless computers, and equipment.


What is the quality of Tech Wellness products and how do they support my values?

Each product featured on Tech Wellness is carefully chosen to enhance your overall wellness from a fitness, technological, spiritual, or mindful standpoint. From detox baths and re-usable bags to EMF detection devices and blue-blocking glasses, each of our products is stylish AND enhances your wellness in a unique and fun way. Many of our products give back to the community or better the environment through organic practices. Every product is 100% Tech Wellness approved for a happier, healthier life.


Where should I direct my questions and comments?

Please email your questions or comments here. We would love to hear from you and appreciate any feedback.