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install wired cable for internet in home
Turn Off WiFI! Our Easy Hardwire Internet Kit, To Install hard wire connections to phone, computer and all devices!
Everything you need to Wire Up your home and turn off that WiFi !  Connect with wired ethernet cables for faster speed. You can Turn Off WiFi and connect directly to the internet!...Read More »
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best emf protection meter
SuperPower! See and Hear Invisible EMF Radiation. Protect Your Home With This Safe and Sound Wireless Energy Detector
A beautiful environment with no hidden toxins-means better sleep, less anxiety and a healthier you. That's why we love this handy, but powerful personal RF Radiation Detector and are offering it at a special price for a limited...Read More »
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Webcam Microphone Camera Covers Creepblockers
Our Best Webcam Cover & Microphone Blocker For Laptops. Cover Your Cellphone Camera with Creep Blockers Too
Oh My!  Someone watching or spying on you through your cellphone or computer is just plain Creepy! That's why we love CreepBlockers.  High quality, re-usable removable and residue free vinyl decals designed to protect your privacy with style and personality....Read More »
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orange oil anti bacterial hand wipe
Best Non Toxic Wipe To Clean Germs On Cellphones Tablets and Keyboards Naturally With Essential Oils
Clean the germs on your phone naturally!  We adore these aromatherapy all natural wipes. Especially with all the cold, flu and virus concerns, now more than ever, it's time to remove bacteria, fungi and germs from screens--and do it without...Read More »
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Kids and Cellphones: When Should My Child Get A Phone? Parents Guide

prevent digital dementia
Bye Bye Brain Fog. Unplug and Recharge With Our Mindfulness Kits. Our Favorite Digital Dementia Fix
Brain fog, difficulty concentrating and mental fatigue.  These beautiful Mindfulness Kits help you build a healthier relationship with technology. Unplug, focus and recharge and create.  When you do, it's so much easier to see and maintain the balance with technology...Read More »
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Spark Balance and Wellness. 50 Ways To Meditate and Be Mindful
Spark Balance and Wellness. 50 Ways To Meditate and Be Mindful
We LOVE everything about this finely crafted Mindfulness Gift.  50 inspirational ideas to keep you full of gratitude and joy.   Reflect on what matters, balance, finding new perspectives  and all the good in your life.  Take one each...Read More »
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