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Mindful Living In a Digital World

This is a guide to living healthy and well in our digital world.

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2019 best cellphone stand for desk
Our Best Cellphone Stand. Adjustable and so Pretty. Rose Gold or Black
So Good!  We set out to find the best phone stand because we love the idea of keeping the phone--and its EMF Radiation away from our hands and our beautiful, healthy body. Elegant and Solid. This highly adjustable cellphone stand...Read More »
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ocushield vs eyejust screen protector review best blue light
Do Blue Light Screen Protectors Work? Well, Yes. Choose From the Best 2 Shields for Cellphone and Laptops
Considering a Blue Light Screen Protector or Filter? These are two of the best-and we've tried several. Both have anti-blue light screen filtering using a special coating to filter up to 39% of the most harmful blue light. Plus protect...Read More »
cute cross body cellphone case
Lovely Crossbody / Wrist Chain Phone Case- For A Safe Distance From Your Cellphone!
These lovely cellphone cross body cases are priced right and offer EMF protection by giving your distance from your cellphone. Honestly, distance is the only emf protection endorsed by the California Department of Health.  August has...Read More »

Kids and Cellphones: When Should My Child Get A Phone? Parents Guide

Our Best Stylus Pen So The Cellphone is a Safe Distance From Fingers
Our Best Stylus Pen So The Cellphone is a Safe Distance From Fingers
People ask us all the time What's the Best Stylus for iPhone.  Here it is! This pretty Stylus Pen provides you a nice distance between your device and you- the less EMF radiation you're exposed to the better.  Wireless energy...Read More »
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prevent digital dementia
Bye Bye Brain Fog. Unplug and Recharge With Our Mindfulness Kits. Our Favorite Digital Dementia Fix
Brain fog, difficulty concentrating and mental fatigue.  These beautiful Mindfulness Kits help you build a healthier relationship with technology. Unplug, focus and recharge and create.  When you do, it's so much easier to see and maintain the balance with technology...Read More »
Regular price $30.00
Spark Balance and Wellness. 50 Ways To Meditate and Be Mindful
Spark Balance and Wellness. 50 Ways To Meditate and Be Mindful
We LOVE everything about this finely crafted Mindfulness Gift.  50 inspirational ideas to keep you full of gratitude and joy.   Reflect on what matters, balance, finding new perspectives  and all the good in your life.  Take one each...Read More »
Regular price $14.95