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What Is EMF Protection And Does It Work? The Truth About Shielded Clothing, Cases, Pouches and Chips

We're Asked ALL the time:

Which underwear, cap, case, crystal, harmonizer or laptop or phone defending or blocking shield does Tech Wellness recommend? 

Sorry To Say, Not One Of Them Offer The EMF Protection You Should Have.

Sadly, There's a super good reason we don't recommend EMF Clothing or any of these products that claim to give you EMF protection.

We've tried them.

We noticed that they often made us feel worse.  Then EMF meters and scientific research showed us why. In many cases, these devices either do nothing at all to the EMF or they actually make things worse.

We wish it wasn't so.  We'd much rather be telling you we found something that protects you from 99% of the electromagnetic radiation coming from your iPhone, your Android smartphone, your WiFi and your laptop.

If you depend on an EMF harmonizer,  Shungtie, an EMF Shielding case, a cap or hat or sweater or cloth with silver thread or a chip or shield to protect you from EMF, you could end up exposing yourself to more EMF than you would without them.

The absolute best EMF protection you can take advantage of is FREE! DISTANCE from the EMF. 

Practically speaking, don't carry a phone that's on in your hand, in your pocket or--please--in your bra.  Stay away from the WiFi, turn it off when you're not using it and please, when you get a new one, don't buy a powerful WiFi- you're just subjecting your home and family to more EMF. 

At the end of this article, we've got 10 really easy and healthy ideas that do work.

10 Reasons Why We Don't Sell Laptop Shields, Anti Radiation Cases, EMF Protection Chips, Gadgets or Shungite.

    • 1.  Anti Radiation Phone Cases  These Cases Are Available for All Types Of Devices.  Unfortunately, THEY DO NOT OFFER ADEQUATE EMF PROTECTION. I Can Not Recommend Any Of These Cases For My Family and My Friends.  In Fact iPhone EMF Shielding Cases, Android EMF Shielding Cases, All EMF Protection Cases, Give Users a False Sense of Security.  They Think They Are Protected--But They Are NOT.

    • I wish it wasn't true, but being honest, these can make the radiation worse by magnifying it on the edges of what the case is covering.  -Covering the Front Of The Case Does Not Protect Your From the Radiation coming from All Sides And TOP of the Phone. The video shows the readings and give you a good demonstration of how they work.
    • 2.  Laptop Shields Do Not Give Adequate EMF Protection To My Loved Ones.

    As with phone cases, the edge of the laptop shield is oozing EMF.  Add to that, in order for the shield to defend your from EMF energy or protect your lap, which is usually your legs- the radiation is often multiplied on the top of the shield. That means more radiation to your hands, tummy, chest and face.
    This video shows you how laptop shields can and do increase the radiation that your hands, arms, chest and face receive.
    A friend and EMF expert who is EMF sensitive like me, does recommend using a laptop shield! But this is HOW to use a shield according to Jeromy Johnson who talks about the HARApad on his website, EMFanalysis:


    "I put one above and below my laptop computer (I use an external keyboard and mouse). They can reduce some of the microwave radiation component (if you use WiFi), along with magnetic and electrical fields that your computer emits."

    Jeromy showed me a picture of this setup once.  He had the shielded computer a good 2 feet away as he used the wired keyboard.

    As I type this article now, I am completely hard wired.  I have a hardwired mouse and hardwired keyboard which connect to my computer which is joyfully connected to the internet via shielded Ethernet cables.  I AM HAPPY!

    connect computer hard wire to internet with ethernet
    • 3.  Research Shows Radiation Can Increase With EMF Protection Shielding   

    Extensive Research was recently completed by two of the leading electromagnetic radiation scientists in the world.  They provide recommendations for whole house shielding and caution all types of partial phone and device shielding.

    The video below shows how a Shielding Pouch doesn't offer more than 20% protection and in this demonstration, a 5G Phone Shield increases the EMF levels on the meter by over 20%.

    • 4.  The National Center For Health Research Does Not Recommend EMF Protective Phone Shields

    Katherine Ip, from the National Health Research Center writes that there is no scientific proof that EMF shielding reduces exposure to electromagnetic radiation and recommends alternative that we talk about throughout this Tech Wellness site.
    • 5.  If You Need More Proof, Here You Go--The FCC Cautions Against EMF Protection Scams

    Both the  FTC and FCC  have warnings against what they call Cellphone Scams—and offer step by step cautions to avoid and reduce the amount of EMF exposure from your smartphone.

    “If you're looking for ways to limit your exposure to the electromagnetic emissions from your cell phone, know that, according to the FTC, there is no scientific proof that so-called shields significantly reduced exposure from these electromagnetic emissions. In fact, products that block only the earpiece—or another small portion of the phone—are totally ineffective because the entire phone emits electromagnetic waves. What's more, these shields may interfere with the phone's signal, cause it to draw even more power to communicate with the base station, and possibly emit more radiation.”

    • 6.  Independent research labs have published scientific research showing Shields Are NOT EFFECTIVE.

    Motorola Labs tested 9 different cellphone shielding products and found that they were not effective in reducing SAR radiation 
    • 7.  Anti radiation or shielding clothing and other EMF protection products offer protection that's VERY Limited. 

    Clothing with metallic fibers can keep direct radiation exposure off the area that it's covering-but it can also magnify that radiation to other parts of your body in what the new research calls Hot Spots. 
    Also, we really aren't sure about the health mechanism of EMF exposure. Just because one part of you is covered, what's happening to the rest of you?  Building Biologist Bill Cadwallader puts it this way: "Which body part isn't important to you?"

    Waveblock  EMF Protection Shielding Sticker Review

    And on that note- shields for things like Airpods can reduce some of the radiation, sometimes- like you'll see in this video.  However even with a EMF radiation reduction, the Airpod Antennas are still almost up against your head- so even if radiation is decreased and "redirected" the radiation plume is strongest right at the antenna and then needs about 8 inches to dissipate to a safer exposure.
    • 8.  A Shungite Rock or Chunk Placed In Your Home Offers As Much EMF Protection As A Piece Of Metal Cloth Sitting on a Coffee Table. (Which is NO Protection!)

    It pains us to see that Shungite is the number one term that comes up when you Google EMF Protection.  Shungite is cool and it is beautiful. It's a black stone that was discovered in Karelia Russia and that's why you may see people talk about only trusting Kareilian Shungite.  The trouble is that although  Shungite does have electrical conductive properties because it actually has carbon and (sometimes) fullerene content. As a matter of fact,  It has been confirmed to have shielding capabilities from 10-30GHz, as well as attenuating 50Hz electric fields (Mosin and Ignatov, 2013) 
    THE problem with using it as shielding is that you have to have a lot of it, not just a chunk of it sitting on a table. Shungite can have shielding capabilities IF it COVERED an entire wall- or created a large barrier between you and the wireless antenna or transmitter.  Shungite- and any crystal by the way, does Not Attract or diffuse EMF.
      • 9.  There's No Scientific Proof or Research That Discs for Phones or Necklaces or Shungite Can  Protect From Reduce Or Reduce Radiation

      In fact Items like Q-links, Scaler Energy Devices, Crystals, Shungite Necklaces  Stickers, Shields- EMF Protection Products That Claim To Harmonize Energy "Give the Illusion of Safety" according to Dr. Klinghardt. 

      In this video he Talks About A 5 Year Study of "Crystal Containing Devices" That Were Thought To Actually Help Clean Up The Dirty Electricity At First, Ended Up Dying Twice As Early As the Other Chickens That Were Not Protected. 

        He says these "EMF Protection" products are "selling wildly because people are making alot of money because they create an illusion of safety." 

        This is a clip from an interview with Dr. Mercola who wrote the book, EMF'D.  Dr. Klinghardt basically advises that it's better to "feel" the negative effects of EMF radiation instead of depending on products that could "mask" the energy with harmonizing energy that may make your feel better in the short run, but doesn't actually do anything to stop the detrimental effect of electromagnetic fields.  "Clearly, If people use devices to make them feel good while they’r in a devastating illness producing field, you will get highter cancer rates, you will die earlier than your friend who does not have these(electirical cleaning” devices and feel the discomfort . . ." is how Dr. Klinghardt puts it.

        Also, someone I respect greatly in the EMF expert arena is  Jeromy Johnson of EMF Analysis.  He points out, " The (EMF Protection) products can also mask symptoms that would otherwise alert you that something is not right (Electrical sensitivity is actually a healthy response to a known toxin).
        So stay away from those. We  also don’t recommend “shielding” gadgets like a microwave cover, because they cannot possibly block all of the EMF.

        Home Shielding Done Right, Is The Right Idea for EMF Protection That Can Work To Keep Your Family Safer

        And as far a shielding for your home using shielded wire, shielding paint and the like- now that's a different story. In my home, all of our electrice wires are shielded. When you shield a large area- say an entire stretch of wall in your home, you have much less of a risk from what is emitting EMF on the other side of the wall because a greater area is shielded from the source of the EMF
        However, using shielding properly is a tricky endeavor. We advise hiring an EMF professional who is an Electrician or Engineer or Building Biologist to help mitigate home EMF exposure. Check our our listing of experts in our Consultants section of Tech Wellness.
        We hope you'll share our Tips and this Wireless energy guide and begin another person on the journey to Tech Wellness.

        9. EMF Shielding Protection Research Reveals Problems With Chips, Cases and Shielded Clothing

        Unfortunately, Shielding is very  problematic.  

        Even one of the creators of shielding caps, cases and blankets shares the message that the best EMF protection is Free. 

        Sometimes Shielding Pouches and "5G Blockers" or Pocket Shields Can Decrease Radiation Levels and Sometimes Increase Meter Reading Levels

        That's because Shielding casesclothing and anti-radiation products are not always effective and actually can increase radiation levels around the shielded area.  And any part of the wireless device(cellphones, WiFi, Tablets,etc) that's not completely covered is still EMITTING RF-Radiation.

        Most shielding fabric IS up to 99% effective- BUT that effectiveness applies ONLY to the area that is covered.  That 99% effective shielding fabric can deflect and make exposure higher and worse for you- all around the area that is being protected.

        D.J. Panagopoulos, and G.P. Chrousos, authors of a study on EMF shielding explain why shielding is actually a risk:

        "One cannot modify the radiation (frequency, waveform) once it has been emitted by a device. One can only attenuate it (reduce its intensity). Modification would only be possible by modifying the electronic circuits within the devices. Even if that were the case with these products, which is not, once the emitted signal is modified or attenuated, the device (mobile phone, etc.) would lose its ability to connect with the network and communicate. If one simply attenuates the signal without modifying it, which is possible, the mobile phone again will have difficulty in establishing connection with the base antennas and automatically will emit a stronger signal/radiation/EMF in order to be able to connect/communicate . . .  .This is why it is dangerous to put the mobile phone within any kind of metal box/ sheath/holster etc. in order to carry it on the clothes/body while it is turned on. Any such product will attenuate the incoming signal, . . thus it will attenuate the connectivity of the mobile phone. The less the connectivity is, the stronger the emission of the device becomes in order to be able to connect with the network."

        This New 2019 Scientific Research Report on Radiation and EMF Protection and Risks has just been published. The research study covers how and why EMF has biological effects and the many types of shields including chips, cases and home shielding.

        • 10   Cases, Chips, Necklaces and Harmonizers Have Been Around A Long TIME, 12 Years Ago, After Discovering Patients Had Aggravated Symtoms After Depending on "Protection" A Medical Alert Was Published:

        Dr. Carlo, wrote a  Medical Alert 12 years ago. He cautioned people with EMF sensitivity against relying upon widely-available EMR Protection Products to prevent the effects of EMF exposure. He noted that EMF sensitive individuals were reporting the opposite effect: people found their symptoms and/or sensitivity worsened. Specifically, severe “symptom relapses.” Dr. Carlo noted:

        “When symptoms are not addressed comprehensively– for example, using symptom amelioration without simultaneous elimination of exposure – cell membrane adverse reaction and damage continue to occur while the patient is assuming the cause of the problem has been eliminated. This lulls patients into a false sense of security, causing them to aggravate their exposures through the increased use of their wireless devices. When the damage reaches a critically harmful level, even the symptom amelioration can no longer be sustained by the damaged cells.”

        Now... Our Top 10 Tech Wellness Top EMF Protection Tips To Reduce EMF Radiation-that Actually Work!

            1. Maintain A Smart Distance From Your Smart Phone, Laptops and WiFi. 

          Why? Radiation exposure drops significantly as you move it away from your body. By orders of magnitude.  EMFwise has a really good page of charts showing the safest distance you can be from any wireless device.  The lengths are very conservative and the recommendations tell you the approximate distances required to reach the Salzburg Precautionary Limit of 2001 and 2002.  They point out that with the high levels of power density coming from our newest devices is requiring that we move further and further away because effects are being reported at lower and lower levels of exposure.  But if you want to be super-safety minded check out the page.

              2. Use Speaker Phone Instead Of Putting The Phone To Your Ear

            I love to put my phone in a stand, at least one foot away or hang it off my wrist using a strap. If it’s a sensitive matter or you just want to model good netiquette try a quality air tube headset

            3. Use A Faraday Bag To Completely Block Signal.

            For EMF Protection and Privacy. Every Faraday in our collection, including the August Cross Body,  completely block All RF signals And EMF radiation. Triple-lined Faraday material gives you impenetrable protection and complete privacy from 5G. Remember, when your smartphone is safe inside the Faraday pouch, YOU'RE OFF THE GRID.  No calls, or texts, or news updates--and NO EMF.  Our August Crossbody features a "Talk Pocket" up front.  If you need to make a call, just move the phone into the Talk Pocket sleeve, plug in your TAUKI air tube earphones and talk it out.


              4. When texting, use a stylus. 

              Set the phone on a solid surface, whip out one of these and everyone in Starbucks will be instantly intrigued and you'll will enjoy some distance between the EMF and your fingertips.  Many people are finding relief from "scrolling numbness"  Have you ever noticed that you're fingers start to feel numb or tingle after touching the screen for awhile?  That could be ther RF radiaton or Magnetic fields coming from the screen.  A stylus will help.

                5. Whenever possible, just switch to Airplane Mode on all your devices. 

                And reduce radiation by turning off WiFi and BlueTooth when you're not using them.  Do this on your laptop, tablet and computer.  Remember that all the different functions eliminate a type of EMF: Bluetooth low level radiation, cellphone signal radiaiton and WiFi radiaiton are all spewing electromagnetic radiation.

                  6.  Eliminate Radiation and EMF from your rejuevinating spaces. 

                  And seriously my friends, please don’t bring your phone to bed with you! A recent survey showed that 71% of people who own a smartphone, sleep with it! That’s embarrassing. Here’s something else very sad: 35% of respondents said their first thought in the morning is about their smartphone; 10% said it was for their significant other. Th Best practice is to leave your phone in another room and get an analog alarm clockIf you feel you MUST have it close by, at least switch to airplane mode before you turn in.

                    7.  Turn Your WiFi off at Night or whenever it's not in use. 

                    EMF Protection for your WiFi

                    The WiFi is likely the greatest source of radiation in your home, so don't go near it to turn it off, instead use a remote switch to make it easier and safer.

                      8.  Watch Your Bars And Signal Strength

                      The fewer signal bars your device is showing, the harder it is trying to connect with an antenna, WiFi, or base station. The EMF coming from your device can double in some cases. So be aware. If you’ve only got a bar or two, make sure you aren’t holding the phone and push it as far away as you can. You might also benefit from the EMF Protection No EMF WiFi Router

                      No EMF WIFi for EMF Protection

                        9.  Connect Your Wireless Devices Without WiFi By Hard Wiring To The Internet.

                        Easily With Our Wire Up Kit. Try Connecting Your Devices to The Internet.  You can hardwire with Shielded Ethernet cable and you'll find an adaptor for all your devices.  This hardwiring hack completely eliminates wireless EMF radiation.  

                          10. Remove Your Smart meter. 

                          It's really the best option for many reasons.  The full story here.  If you can't remove it, you can remove some of the radiation by covering it.


                          The Best EMF Protection is a EMF Meter!

                          The Best emf PRotection is a METER

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