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analog alarm clock EMF free
analog alarm clock radiation free
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analog alarm clock EMF free

Keep The Bedroom EMF Radiation Free! Beautiful Modern Alarm Clock

For a lovely EMF free sleep in 3 easy Steps

  1. Power Off WiFi Without Touching the EMF Radiation
  2. Soak in a Dreamy Organic Detox Bath
  3. Get the dreamiest LUX Natural Fiber Sheets EVER

THEN Order this quiet, low light alarm clock.

A Tech Wellness Must!  Sleek. Modern. Silent.

Except of course when the lovely gentle beep sounds to wake you.  We really like this beautiful affordable battery powered alarm clock. 

No Radiation, no blue light. Very LOW Magnetic energy which dissipates at about 3 inches from clock. 

    It's starts the beep sound gently and then grows louder. 

    This pretty Analog Alarm Clock is Non Ticking and has Snooze and Light functionality.  The light can be turned down for a lovely and effective sleep cycle in complete darkness.

    Great Off the Grid Alarm clock. Turn off all digital devices and charge your smartphone in another room and enjoy the best radiation free and revitalizing sleep!   Please note.  About 10% of Amazon reviews report that after conitnual use, the clock begins to make a low but continual noise.  We are searching for an alternative!

    It is easy to set and available in ultra sleek black. Learn More About avoiding radiation Here

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