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cellphone shield and anti radiation cases

EMF Protection Products Do Cellphone Shields and Cases Work? Defender Shield vs Safe Sleeve Vest and More

Anti-radiation or radiation blocking or phone shield cases. Do they Work? SafeSleeve, DefenderShield, Vest, Alara, Pong, Reach and ShieldMe  and o...
Best electromagnetic radiation meter
SuperPower! See and Hear Invisible EMF Radiation. Protect Your Home With This Wireless Energy Detector
A beautiful environment with no hidden toxins-means better sleep, less anxiety and a healthier you. That's why we love this handy, but powerful personal RF Radiation Detector and are offering it at a special price for a limited...Read More »
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prevent digital dementia
Bye Bye Brain Fog. Unplug and Recharge With Our Mindfulness Kits. Our Favorite Digital Dementia Fix
Brain fog, difficulty concentrating and mental fatigue.  These beautiful Mindfulness Kits help you build a healthier relationship with technology. Unplug, focus and recharge and create.  When you do, it's so much easier to see and maintain the balance with technology...Read More »
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ocushield vs eyejust screen protector review best blue light
Do Blue Light Screen Protectors Work? Well, Yes. Choose From the Best 2 Shields for Cellphone and Laptops
Considering a Blue Light Screen Protector or Filter? These are two of the best-and we've tried several. Both have anti-blue light screen filtering using a special coating to filter up to 39% of the most harmful blue light. Plus protect...Read More »
blue light blocking glasses computer glasses
Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Sleep and Melatonin! These Coffee Lenses Block 96% of Harmful Screen Light
Looking for the best natural sleep? Then you'll want to block as much digital light from all Screens after 6:00 pm as possible. We just discovered these anti blue light glasses do it!- They block 96% of Blue Light in...Read More »
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Stop Dirty Electricity! Exposed: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself - Includes Dangers of 5G & Smart Devices
Stop Dirty Electricity! Exposed: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself - Includes Dangers of 5G & Smart Devices
What's and EMF?  Want to Know Everything about this particular Tech Toxin? Curious about Electrosmog, EMF radiation, Magnetic and Electric EMF? Then you want this Book.  We like it because it's written by the man that teaches course for our...Read More »
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Real Life Over Likes Muscle Tank Navy Blue confident white graphic higher ribbed neckline and the deep sides sewn with a raw edge. Perfect for layering. Made of an incredibly soft and breathable stretch poly/cotton blend
A Girl's Got Priorities: REAL LIFE OVER LIKES Says it All and Gives to Sit With Us!
Live your best life. Our vintage navy muscle tank with a confident white graphic says you've got your priorities. We love the higher ribbed neckline and the deep sides sewn with a raw edge. Perfect for layering. A Tech Wellness Tribe...Read More »
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blue light blocking computer glasses
Black Rims That Turn Heads & Block Blue Light With Shipping Included of Course
A classic shape, style, while providing insane health benefits. These glasses function as professional, sleek while blocking blue light from your devices. The lens is actually a deeper darker color than is shown here and the frame is a deep...Read More »
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ear bud tips
A Lovely Earbud Replacement Tip Multi-Pack. Get Memory Foam and Silicon Together!
Looking for other earbuds for your in-ear headsets?  This nifty little replacement package comes with 3 pairs of silicone earbuds and 3 pairs made of spongy memory foam.  Our fabulous Anti-Radiation Tauki Headsets come with two sizes that work...Read More »
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blue light blocking computer glasses
KO Those Computer Blues & Get IT Done With These Glasses
For wearing when indulging in any device time after 6:00 pm. Axial blue light blocking glasses are crafted with traditional frame lines, featuring  patented i-AMP lens technology. August's husband uses them and confesses he won't look a the computer screen...Read More »
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blue light blockers
Beat the Blues with these Computer Glasses FREE SHIPPING
The Infinite designed by Publish; A pair of shades that are completely ambiguous to blue-light-blocking shades. They're low key, sophisticated, and light-weight. This model is a classic design with high-quality materials for ultra comfort and durability.  Read More »
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Low EMF Radiation WiFi Router. Wonderful News For You, Your Family AND Your Neighbors
Low EMF Radiation WiFi Router. Wonderful News For You, Your Family AND Your Neighbors
Reduce electromagnetic radiation in your home with a JRS Eco-wifi router. This is the low EMF radiation WiFi we use at our office!  We tested it and we absolutely love it.  You can see the photo shows the regular WiFi...Read More »
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Style For Sweet Sleep & A Healthy Body - Tech Wellness
Blue Light Blocking Style For Sweet Sleep & A Healthy Body--with Free Delivery Darling
Wearing these during afternoon and evening screen time can help with hunger and create a better night's sleep. We love the way these Gunnar glasses make us look and feel. With amber lenses and upgraded frame materials with...Read More »
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Gamers! Feel Brighter & Sleep Better--These Ship Free to Your Door
Gamers! Feel Brighter & Sleep Better--These Ship Free to Your Door
These glasses mean business; engineered with patented i-AMP lens technology to eliminate eye strain, blocks 65% blue light and 100% UV light while enhancing vision. There’s no computer you can’t face when it comes these. Top...Read More »
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cute cross body cellphone case
Lovely Crossbody / Wrist Chain Phone Case- For A Safe Distance From Your Cellphone!
These lovely cellphone cross body cases are priced right and offer EMF protection by giving your distance from your cellphone. Honestly, distance is the only emf protection endorsed by the California Department of Health.  August has...Read More »
rose gold anti radiation emf headphone
Our Best Anti Radiation Headphones • Scientists Say This EMF Protection Works To Keep Your Phone Safe
Pretty and EMF Free! This awesome EMF protection starts with Anti-Radiation shielded wires, then continues to a hollow, clear airtube and completes with super-comfy earbuds. These Headphones offer peace of mind. "I've tried a few different brands and these...Read More »
Be Well - Muscle Tank - Blush
Small Reminders Go A Long Way. Summer's Best On Sale!
Lightweight and soft to the touch. The Tech Wellness Tribe is obsessed with this Tee! Inspired by the ocean breeze and Southern California sunshine, an effortless piece that layers perfectly over a bralette or sports bra. It's diverse--over a bikini,...Read More »
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crayon stylus kids safe colorful
So Cute! Fun Stylus for Kids With EMF Protection! Buy 3 Get One FREE
Our Best Priced awesome Kids crayon Stylus is a super fun way to protect your little ones from potentially harmful magnetic energy emitted from the screens of smartphones and laptops. Kid Alert! -Magnetic Energy is an EMF that has been...Read More »
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Free Games WiFi Free Without WiFi on internet

Best 25 FREE No WiFi Games For Kids and Toddler to Teens Play Without WiFi!

2019 Top No WiFi Games: 25 List: Best Games and Apps For Toddlers Through Teens We review Games and Apps For Back To School Fun and Learning! We've...