Our Mission Is To Make It Easy

Our Mission at Tech Wellness is to empower you to live a more healthy, safe, secure and balanced relationship with digital technology.

No need to feel overwhelmed and confused about EMF, cybersecurity and how much screentime is really okay for you and your family.

No fear, just facts and easy solutions for living well with tech.

If you're like me and a clean, green , toxin free lifestyle is important to you, then we're aligned. 

There's organic in my fridge, natural cleaners under the sink and beautiful organic lotions, essential oils, makeup and sunscreen on my skin.

Embracing the concept of being mindful about the technology in my environment is just part of my healthy lifestyle and I'm so honored to be able to share my research, my experience and my solutions with you.

Our team is passionate about helping you live safer and healthier in this digital world-empowered to enjoy the tech that makes life easy, convenient and connected.

---August Brice

My name is August Brice

 and I’m a Tech Wellness Advocate. That means my passion is making sure that you have the information you need to thrive in a world brimming with tech. I want you to know: I love tech. I really do. However, my relationship with my digital devices and tech gadgets is guided by mindfulness… it’s from that place, that I’ve founded

I'm joined on this digital and tech wellness platform by  an amazing team of experts that care deeply about making our tech world well and good in the fields Public Health, Internet and Screen Addictions, Natural and Alternative Medicine, Cybersecurity and EMF Mitigation and Safety. Meet Dr. Carlo ,Dr. Young, Dr. Connealy, Larry Gust and Bryan Neumeister

My Journey

I began this tech wellness journey over 25 years ago when I developed something called Electromagnetic Sensitivity. ES  led me to 25 years of research and discovery, unlocking the key to health and wellness, safety and security. The energy of a cellphone did not react well with my body, so I was able to watch as friends developed affection and dependence on their devices.  That led me pursue research on tech addiction and cyber-security issues with technology. The path culminated in a nice balanced ratio and respect for technology which we call the Tech Wellness Ways.

There is a detailed story of my healing journey . My Electro-Magnetic Sensitivity does not slow me down!- In part because I lead a very healthy lifestyle. From the low VOC paint in my home, to my commitment to natural pest control, natural cleaners and low-EMF exposure, I've been able to remain productive. 

I ran a large agency with my partner and before that I was an award-winning broadcast journalist. Perhaps most importantly, I’m the mother of two beautiful young women in their twenties. My desire to see them healthy and thriving is what inspired me to dive into the world of research and solutions for all things wireless and digital.

We're Here To Help You Navigate Today's TECH TOXINS™


The information carrying radio waves that allow all of our digital devices to talk to each other.  Decades of peer reviewed research has proven that EMF’s do have a biological effect on us—and it’s cumulative. The more exposure, the bigger the effect.  You can’t see or smell EMF’s but you can control your exposure. That's why we say "Distance is your friend" when it comes to EMF's. Plus, we buy products that claim to protect you and we conduct our own demonstrations to see if they actually do.


Has this happened to you?  You’re just talking about a product or service—not looking online for it—and suddenly, miraculously, ads for that very thing start showing up everywhere.  How do “they” know?  Are “they” listening?  In a word, yes, “they” are listening.  Our personal information, where we go online and what we say or do while were there, can be archived, shared or sold--But it doesn't have to be. We can help you take control and stay up to date on the constantly changing steps you need to take to make sure your business STAYS your business.


  We need to be smart and mindful of something that you wouldn’t normally think about as a toxin—but if it happens to you it can feel incredibly toxic— it’s the loss of privacy.  Our personal information, where we go online and what we say or do while were there can be archived, shared or sold. Tech Wellness guides you through the best settings and best practices to navigate wisely.


If you’re spending too much time in front of your screens, you could be impacting the quality of your sleep and the quality of your life.  There’s no need for aching eyes and the dreaded “tech neck.”  You can learn the best times of day to be exposed to the right kind of light, so that your concentration and motivation are at their peaks.

At Tech Wellness, We Speak Truth To Technology.

We look to create a world where there is more privacy and security, less teenage depression and better physical and emotional health.

Our overriding mission is to be your trusted resource; to help you live in balance with the digital technology that we all love and use every day.

Be Well!

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