Our Mission at Tech Wellness is to bring awareness, balance and wellness to our relationship with technology, for a healthier, safer mind and body.

At Tech Wellness we believe that life is best lived in balance and our new reality makes that harder than ever.
BUT, it's not impossible. We'll help you find balance without having to abandon the technology that makes life easy, convenient and connected.

The Tech-effect Trifecta

Tech-effect on our bodies
through the energetic of technology: RF Radiation, EMF, wireless energy heat and blue light all take their toll.

Tech-effect on our minds and emotions
brought on by social, email, gaming, and over-connectedness is known to cause depression, device addiction and lack of joy.

Tech-effect on our privacy and security
can result in our personal information being shared or sold with a lack of privacy and safety.

Better sleep, fewer headaches. Less Anxiety

We loook to create a world where there is more privacy and security, less teenage depression and better physical and emotional health.

These are just some of the benfits that results from following the Tech Wellness Path. We'vecurated the research and have years of practical experience to help you and your loved ones live of health, resilience, mindfulness  confidences, and wellness.

More Privacy

More Wellness

More Peace of Mind

Tech Wellness and You


Your body is your temple. Here are solutions to keep it safe & healthy from RF energy, blue light EMF



Care for your mind. Here are ways to protect your inner-most power. Find peace of mind in a digital world.



Don't worry, youre safe here. Because your business ir your business. Make your world a little more secure.



Nothing is more important than those we love. Here's a collection of products to keep your family and kids healthy and well


Statement Wear

Unleash Your Power To Change The World. Here are our statement pieces



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My name is August Brice

 and I’m a Tech Wellness Advocate. That means my passion is making sure that you have the information you need to thrive in a world brimming with tech. I want you to know: I love tech. I really do. However, my relationship with my digital devices and tech gadgets is guided by mindfulness… it’s from that place, that I’ve created TechWellness.com

My Journey

I began this tech wellness journey over 25 years ago when I developed something called Electromagnetic Sensitivity. ES  led me to 25 years of research and discovery, unlocking the key to health and wellness, safety and security. The energy of a cellphone did not react well with my body, so I was able to watch as friends developed affection and dependence on their devices.  That led me pursue research on tech addiction and cyber-security issues with technology. The path culminated in a nice balanced ratio and respect for technology which we call the Tech Wellness Ways.

My Electro-Magnetic Sensitivity does not slow me down! I’m Co-CEO of HEILBrice, a successful advertising agency in Southern California that I founded with my husband. Before that, I was an award-winning broadcast journalist. Perhaps most importantly, I’m the mother of two beautiful young women in their twenties. My desire to see them healthy and thriving is what inspired me to dive into the world of research and solutions for all things wireless.