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Lawrence J. Gust

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 Lawrence Gust, is an electrical engineer. He is a past Certified Mold Remediator through the Indoor Air Quality Association and he is certified by the International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology (IBE) as a Building Biologist. Mr. Gust has been teaching classes about the indoor environment for IBE since 1996. Mr. Gust is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor through the Safe Wireless Initiative. For 25 years Lawrence was a member of management at Dow Chemical and then at the Mobil Corporation. He worked in manufacturing, product development and total quality management.

IBE originated in Germany in the 1974 to research and publicize the factors that are responsible for creating healthy versus sick buildings. Certification as a Building Biologist requires 300 hours of study including 150 hours of hands on training by US and European experts. There are currently about 200 Building Biologists in the world.

Lawrence got his start in this field in 1987 when both he and his wife were made environmentally ill by their home and work environments. He has learned the hard way – through personal experience about creating an environment that supports health. Lawrence moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1993 and established Healthy Environments Unlimited to provide consulting services and products for creating healthier indoor environments. Lawrence relocated to the San Diego, California area in November 1997 and to Ventura, CA in 2006.

Today 95% of homes and 60% of offices have one or more environmental pollution problems. However, much can be done by each individual to create a health-supporting environment. Lawrence’s mission is to help people do this.

Lawrence’s expertise includes the areas of in indoor environmental inspection, measurement and interpretation of environmental parameters, safe building practices, air purification systems and water purification systems, and electromagnetic radiation countermeasures.

Since 1993 he has been consulting, teaching and speaking about the health effects of the indoor environment and what people can do to clean up their own environments.

More Tech Wellness Topics

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