The Tech Wellness Blue Light Blocking Bundle
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The Tech Wellness Blue Light Blocking Bundle
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What is Blue Light? Save On The New Tech Wellness Blue Light Blocking Bundle! Three Glasses To Cover All Kinds Of Blue Light

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What is Blue Light? By now, you've probably heard that all the different digital screens in our lives can be robbing us of sleep, causing eye strain and so much more.

But have you heard about blocking natural blue light?

(Check out our Ultimate Blue Light Screen Guide for all the details) But, you might not know that it's best to have different kind of lenses for all the conditions we find ourselves in. Even the blue light we get from just walking around outside can cause us to furl our pretty foreheads!  And that my friends, is NOT good.

That's why we're now offering The Tech Wellness Blue Light Blocking Bundle,  with three of our best selling blue light glasses.

Because they're wraparound, these glasses block much more blue light than traditional frames.  Most fashion frames block 50% or less of the blue light. These glasses block pretty much all of it.Here's more on the frames and how to use the bundle:

1. Traditional Orange.  These glasses are our go to for day time screen use.  Just slip them on in the afternoon of a big day in front of your computer and feel your eyes go "ahhhhh!"  The orange lenses block 86% of blue light in your environment.

2. Espresso.  These darker lenses block 96% of blue and we find them best for watching TV at night in front of bright set or using your smartphone outside.  They may feel a bit dark right at first, but your eyes adjust almost immediately. 

3. Sun Block.  We call these the "red" glasses and they have quickly become our team's favorite.  They are dark orange with some red thrown in.  If you're outside and there's any kind of haze or cloudy, overcast conditions, these babies will light up your life!  They bring color back to your world and they will give you instant relief on those super bright days. It's like putting on happy glasses.  The Sun Blocks shield you from 96% of blue light and 100% of UV-A & B.  NOTE: Because of limited supply, these are only available in the Blue Light Bundle right now.

When you choose The Tech Wellness Blue Light Blocking Bundle, you save over 20% compared to buying each one separately.  Give yourself or someone you love the gift of much better sleep and much happier eyes!