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How do I measure EMF
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SuperPower! See and Hear Invisible EMF Radiation. Protect Your Home With This Wireless Energy Detector

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A beautiful environment with no hidden toxins-means better sleep, less anxiety and a healthier you.

That's why we love this handy, but powerful personal RF Radiation Detector and are offering it at a special price for a limited time. Unlike any other wireless radiation meter in its price range-we think this easy to read radiation detector is simply divine.

The Safe and Sound meter is divine because it makes detecting wireless EMF easy and to the point. It shows you with lights and audio that RF Radiation is:

Slight. Moderate. High or Extreme.  It's Easy To Know Your Wireless Radiation Level With This Simple, Professional Grade Meter

August used it to make sure her wired tablet and baby monitor were not giving off any invisible electromagnetic radio frequencies in the video below.  You can check the levels in your living spaces-the  bedroom or baby's room or even near the couch where your family is watching TV.

You'll see the read-out change as you move closer or further away from the wireless device and you'll know what needs to change in your home.

You'll hear the sounds of the various types of RF radiation being emitted--Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell signals-all have their own distinct sound which is handy when you're trying to determine where the signal is coming from.

What Does Our Best Personal Radiation Meter Measure?

It can pick up Radio Frequency, Microwave Radiation from any wireless device in your home:   Microwave Ovens, Laptops, Baby Monitors, Cellphone Towers, Tablets, BlueTooth Speakers. Smart Home devices, Printers, Video Game Consoles and of course WiFi.


Engineered and designed by RF electrical engineers, the fully calibrated meter is manufactured in Canada with a circuit board made in Silicon Valley.

So simple to read -- It uses color coded LED's which correlate to measurement ranges to assess the RF exposure in your environment.

And you don't just see the reading--you HEAR it too! This easy EMF meter/reader also has a sound signature analysis which helps identify which RF sources you are being exposed to.

We think every home should have one and we ship it FREE to the contiguous US.

How Much Radiation is Safe?

Well, the Environmental Health Trust points out, "science has not yet determined a safe level of wireless radiation."

That's why we recommend using a meter to help eliminate as much as you can in your home. We advocate what’s referred to as the Precautionary Principle.

If you think EMF Radiation is messing with the energy in your body, please visit our complete EMF Radiation, Wireless Energy and Electro-smog Guide.






Color coded LED's identify exposure levels corresponding to Building Biology Guidelines:

Green Flashing = <1 μW/m2

Green = 1 - 10 μW/m2

Yellow = 10 - 100 μW/m2

Orange = 100 - 1000 μW/m2

Red = 1000 - 10000 μW/m2

Red = Flashing >10 000 μW/m2

Why it matters

This is the easiest quickest way to make sure your baby family and you are in a truly safe RF radiation free space! That’s why we recommend it and we think the price is very fair for an accurate calibrated meter.
SuperPower! See and Hear Invisible EMF Radiation. Protect Your Home With This Wireless Energy  Detector

A little more info

No technical experience required, it's super easy to use and understand. Also, comes with this great case!
SuperPower! See and Hear Invisible EMF Radiation. Protect Your Home With This Wireless Energy  Detector

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