best wifi remote switch control
best wifi remote switch control

Is WiFi Safe? It Is If You Switch it Off With This: The Best WiFi Control

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The Best Little Radiation Quick Fix- we know it's not safe to sit next to the WiFi router and it's not safe to sleep near WiFi.  So, it follows it's not a great idea to get too close to your Wifi even when you want to turn it off.  This switch is your WiFi- safe answer. EMF Experts world wide know we sleep better and feel better in a wireless free environment.
Make it easy to switch the WiFi off when you're not using it now.  WiFi Free means not only less "connected" time, but also less EMF radiation time.  This handy upgraded WiFi Kill switch let's you power off easily with no need to get close to the nasty wireless energy.  Try using it every night for better sleep for you and your family. We chose this switch as our Best:
  • High quality at a great price. Uses a quick burst of infrared that can go 100 feet. You stay safely distanced from WiFi.No Bluetooth energy for safety
  • Eliminates wasteful standby power and reduces energy use; save on your electric bills
  • 1 switch and 1 outlet
  • Easy set-up. A joy to use!


    Westek transmission
    Frequency 50-60 Hz; 240-Watt tungsten load
    120-Volt  no batteries needed.
    Considered Infrared

    Power input: 120V/60Hz
    Power output: 1200W/10A (max)
    Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz
    Remote transmitter battery: DC 12V(23A) 1pc
    Power consumption: 0.6w

    Package Contents
    1 x Etekcity Outlet Receiver
    1 x Remote Control Transmitter
    1 x 12V Battery 1 x User Manual

    Why it matters

    The wall mounted transmitter uses a 50-60 Hz frequency )just a quick emf burst and much safer then getting close to the WIFI! ) and is designed to look like a standard light switch that is perfect for electrical items you don't want to get too close to or even out-of-reach outdoor lights. Check out our handy and very informative, EMF Wellness Guide for more info.
    Is WiFi Safe? It Is If You Switch it Off With This: The Best WiFi Control

    A little more info

    An easy solution to keep you away from the WiFi and the WiFi off anytime you're not using it. That way you're closer to a healthier, happier energy free environment! Check out our Safe WiFi Distance Blog.
    Is WiFi Safe? It Is If You Switch it Off With This: The Best WiFi Control

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