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Is WiFi Safe? Here's the Safe Distance to Avoid WiFi EMF

WiFi Safety For You and Your Family with Six Easy Solutions To Make Your WiFi Safe

What Is WiFi Energy?

The wireless WiFi router energy, called Radio Frequency or RF radiation or non-ionizing radiation, is the same type of EMF that comes from cell phones and smart meters, laptops, baby monitors, tablets, and computers.

Does RF non-ionizing Radiation actually do anything? Isn't it harmless?

WiFi routers and the energy they use to function may not come to mind as a "danger.” But research counters that reputation; it shows if we care about our health, we will re-think our exposure to WiFi and the location of the WiFi in our homes and living spaces.

Wireless routers give off electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the low-gigahertz frequency, this level is considered potentially dangerous to people. And as we mentioned earlier, this non-ionizing radiation is emitted by cellphones, all manner of wireless, including WiFi.

Does WiFi really make people sick?

The answer is yes, it can.  Will it always make people sick? No. Dr. George Carlo explains that there is most definitely a biological response to what he refers to as Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW-energy fields from many wireless devices).  When you're exposed to ICRW  a process of adaptation and compensation occurs in your body.  He has a great program that can help people adapt. 

Do People Report Symptoms from WiFi?

Yes.  Here's a sample:

Here's a sample:

  • Insomnia and sleep issues
  • Headaches and head pain
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears
  • Lethargy and extreme tiredness
  • Memory, fog, cognitive issues
  • Burning, tingling, numbness

WiFi Radiation and Fertility: A New Study

A new study out of Hong Kong found WiFi exposure killed sperm.

The Japanese study, done between August and November on 51 men,  showed that prolonged exposure to the waves from Wi-Fi devices lowered male fertility.

Sperm samples were taken from them and split into three groups - one whose samples were not exposed to electromagnetic waves from a Wi-Fi router, one whose sperm were protected by a small shield that intercepted the waves, and one whose sperm were fully exposed to the waves.

Ms Nakata, who specialises in embryology and spermatology, said the sperm samples were placed near a pocket Wi-Fi router, in the way that a mobile phone would be carried in a man's trousers.

". . .There is mounting evidence that the effects of electromagnetic waves on sperm may be having a significant effect on human reproduction."

RESEARCHER KUMIKO NAKATA, from the Reproductive Medicine Research Centre at Yamashita Shonan Yume Clinic.

The sperm were exposed to electromagnetic waves from the Wi-Fi router for lengths of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, two hours, and 24 hours. Sperm motion was then tested.

While there was little difference in sperm motility rates among the different groups after exposures of 30 minutes and 60 minutes, the study found that the longer the exposure, the lower the sperm motility rate and the higher the death rate. So, once again, avoid WiFi radiation whenever you can.

EMF Radiation: Here's The Complete Guide for You and Your Family

If you think EMF Radiation is messing with the energy in your body, please visit our complete EMF Radiation, Wireless Energy and Electro-smog Guide.

It contains a detailed list of symptoms from people who report how they feel when exposed to wireless energy.

But meanwhile know for certain that research is confirming that exposure to ICRW or Information Carrying Radio Waves, also called   wireless energy, can do all kinds of things from compromising immunity and causing the body to react by forming tumors to creating symptoms like headaches, trouble sleeping, anxiety and ringing in the ears. Other common sources of this same type of "non-ionizing radiation" include: cell phones, baby monitors, and computers and Smart Meters. Studies of symptoms from exposure to RF microwave(yes this EMF energy goes by many titles!) include heart racing, tingling sensations, numbness, dizziness, and fatigue. 

EMF emissions sourced from the various types of wireless pose various potential health risks, ranging from fertility to vision problems to headaches, and severe cases such as cancer tumors. Dr. Carlos's book on the landmark study of wireless energy safety, Cell phones, the Invisible Hazards of the Wireless age, noted biological damage over 15 years ago.

Wifi Kill Switch

Does it matter where WiFi is located?

Yes it does as you'll see in our video. Distance is important when it comes to WiFi safety.  The distance a WiFi signal travels is dependent upon the signal strength of the router so power matters too.

The sight of those three curved bars may save us data charges, let us iMessage or connect effortlessly. Our lives are tremendously easier in a world fueled by technology, thanks to WiFi. However, easier doesn’t mean safer. So, how can we protect ourselves?

Ta-da! It can be done by putting space between you and your router. The distance a WiFi signal travels is dependent upon the signal strength of the router so power matters too.



Where's the Best Place to Put the WiFi?

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are invisible. You can’t see, touch, or feel them, but doesn’t mean they’re not there. As awareness about possible negative effects of wireless energy grows, curiosity simultaneously rises. More and more people ask me about how far they need to be and where the optimal placement is of their routers are for they’re health and safety.

As I demonstrate in the video, you can see that with this router, I am exposed to about 100 times more Radio Frequency (RF) energy when I’m next to the router versus standing 20 feet away. This measurement video, like the others in our Video Library, give you an example of the varying levels of energy coming from our WiFi Routers.  If I was using the same meter on say, your WiFi, the measurements could vary widely. 

The point is to demonstrate that there is RF Radiation being emitted and the meters allow you to see—and in some cases hear the energy. Pretty cool.

Radiation Dangers From WiFi dissipate with Distance and Make it Safer

Think of it this way: A mobile phone tower only 150 meters away emits similar levels of radiation as a WiFi router at a distance of 5 meters.(2) So, would you be comfortable sleeping just 500 feet away from a cell tower?  The safe distance as shown in our video, is a 15 to 20 feet.

If we can put a safe distance between our WiFi routers with correct placement in our living space, we are less likely to have physical impacts from the non-ionizing radiation. Let’s make this a win-win. We get service and we’re looking after our health.

Studies show that radio frequency or RF radiation can pass through walls, and so it’s important to be mindful that we are not only exposed to the signal from our routers but from the wireless networks of neighbors and local businesses. 

Wireless EMF Energy vs. Body Energy

August has been doing EMF measurement videos on cell phones and mobile phones since 2000 because she wanted to show people the "energy waves" that can't be seen, felt or touched.

In many of the videos, she pointed out that the energy coming from a Smartphone or a Bluetooth speaker, negatively affected the energy of her body. She felt that the wireless energy wasn't interacting with her body's energy in a good way.

 TECH WELLNESS TIP  Find the safe levels in your environment for better sleep and healthier down time. This easy  meter allows your to "see" the invisible EMF energy(from all your smart-stuff and wireless devices) and determine if you want to make changes. The pro-meter Our favorite simple and easy to use RF radiation detector.  Read outs and Sound identify Slight, Moderate. High and Extreme levels.

easy RF EMF meter

So How Much Wireless Energy is Too Much?

Well let's start here: the Environmental Health Trust points out, "science has not yet determined a safe level of wireless radiation." Bummer. 

Our recommendation is to reduce your exposure from wireless sources. We advocate what’s referred to as the Precautionary Principle. Basically, this means that because there’s research, lots of it actually, saying the energy that powers our cellphones (RF radiation) could be causing health concerns like tumors and cancer. We ought to take care when using our cell phones and all devices that emit RF, using them mindfully.

The International Institute of Building Biology has Building Biology Standards for Electromagnetic Sensitive people and to what degree they should limit exposure to in rooms where they sleep. The levels we detected in our anti-radiation cellphone case review were MUCH higher. 

In a real-world setting, August, having ES herself, hopes people who are trying to control their exposures, will refer to the following chart: The lowest level August recommends EVER being exposed to--for even a brief time is less than 1 Volts per meter--which is actually the level of exposure you can get from most WiFi's when you're between 15 and 20 feet away.  And August level is for people who are not experiencing symptoms of sensitivity, live in real-world(WiFi's, cellphone connected) situations. 

safe levels of Wireless EMF chart

Is There a Safe WiFi Exposure Level?

Science has not established a safe level of WiFi exposure--but that exposure, for all of us is growing because we are all being exposed to more WiFi energy as a result of WiFi boosters, higher powered WiFi and more WiFi enabled Smart Products.

That's why we emphasize controlling your home environment with a move to fewer and less powerful WiFi and smart devices.  

For August, the less the better. Being electromagnetic sensitive (EHS) I feel best when peak levels in my environment are below 1. Micro-Watts per square centimeter.  If you watched the video you saw that the Wifi needed to be at least 20 feet away to achieve that.

If you're interested in the levels of WiFi radiation in your home-this is a simple and accurate radiation detector.

easy wifi radiation detector


Levels of WiFi RF Radiation Video Recap:

WiFi Off: Peak levels started at .090

WiFi On 20' away from the router .402

WiFi on 2' away from the router: over 10

 Electromagnetic energy and how it affects our body's energy is a complicated subject.  Please read  Wireless Radiation and Your Health An Easy Wellness Guide The average level of RF radiation energy in your home depends on how many devices, the type of devices, proximity to cell phone towers and of course if your devices are powered on. 

You Have The Power 6 Easy Solutions to WiFi Safety

  • Turn Devices Off. You can lower the levels by Powering OFF WiFi, Blue Tooth, printers, Smart Meters your cellphone and any wireless devices.

Power Off Wifi Radiation for Safety


  • Hard Wire the Internet The truth is that giving up WiFi is the best option. Though this may take some re-wiring and effort, you can protect you and your family at home by using Ethernet cables that hard-wire in. Bonus: they also provide faster and more reliable internet connection
  • Turn Off WiFi Before Bed: This is one of our favorites in our Tech Wellness Top 10 easy ways to make wireless safer: We call it our Wi-Fi Kill-switch so you don't have to get close the Router. It's as important as WiFi Router placement. The simple step of hitting the off switch can lead to a better night’s sleep. Or, try this timer that can shut or kill that nasty Wifi energy any time of day or night. When on, a WiFi signal may interfere with our brains during sleep, so by turning it off we reduce exposure and hopefully rest more deeply.
  • Set Devices to Airplane Mode: Yes, cell phones and tablets emit EMF when our receivers are turned on. Setting our devices to airplane mode reduces the exposure dramatically as these devices tend to remain close to our bodies. 
  • Fortify Your Body, Good Nutrition, Good Sleep, Healthy Habits and Adding Negative Ions could help: Exposure to WiFi can result in the build-up of positive ions that can have negative effects on our bodies. We can neutralize this by adding negative ions to our lifestyle, negative ions are highest after a thunderstorm and are present from the energy caused by the crashing waves on the beachbest quality air tube wired
  • Avoid other Wireless Energy  There's a contingent of folks who believe that EMF exposure's damage is cumulative. There's RF radiation coming from your cell phone and you can avoid a lot of it by using an Airtube Headset and carrying your phone using a case with a long strap that allows you to keep it out of your hands and to keep the EMF away from your body.

Be Well !!


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