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clean devices

Shouldn't Your Phone Be Clean and Pretty too?

What we're about tell you is important for your health...but we wouldn't recommend reading this while eating lunch, that's for sure. We are just go...
national day of unplugging

5 Great Reasons to Unplug for The National Day of Unplugging OR ANY DAY!!!

Mark your calendars for the National Day of Unplugging March 6, 2020!  TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!  Unplugging is a lifestyle choice for me, but t...
sleep and mental health

New 2018 Study: Sleep and Your Mental Health + Wellbeing. A Magical Key.

The Largest Sleep Study Ever Shows That IF you want to sleep better--and avoid depression- Don't let that cellphone or any electronic device, disru...
planes and blue light

Blue Light on Airplanes-you can fix that . .

It's a thing!  A dark plane and you're ready to take a snooze and . . . and your seat screen is ON--how to turn it off and WHY you want to!!   xo A...
Wireless energy

15 Tips for Healthy Living With Wireless Energy

Mindfully interacting with the technology that surrounds us and operating under the Precautionary Principle is what we advocate at Tech Wellness....

More Tech Wellness Topics