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6-24-19 NEWS

Hasta La Vista Chrome! It's time to say goodbye. We are finished. The world's most popular web browser is also officially the world's most proli...
Data Policy Transcript Instagram

Data Policy Transcript Instagram

Copy of emails to and from instagram regarding privacy policy and camera question March 29,2019 and March 31 Hi, Thanks for your question about the...
google and camera ties

Broccoli, Bridesmaids, and Brassiere: Your iPhone Knows What You’re Taking Pictures Of

On October 30th, a young woman stumbled upon an obscure iPhone hack and posted about it on Twitter. When you type ‘Brassiere’ into the iPhoto searc...
in home AI

The New Homepod Is More Of A "Homie" When It Comes To Privacy

HomePod - An Awesome Speaker That Lets Siri Dim Lights Using Apple's HomePod with Apple's HomeKit, your lovely voice to will soon be able to contr...
predictive keyboards

The Predicament With Predictive Keyboards

Predictive Keyboards Keyboard prediction means your texts are analyzed over time to create a customized, local "dictionary" of words/phrases/emojis...
google vault

Why You Need To Know About Google Vault, As Told By Our Employees' Reactions

Your Digital Privacy at work may be compromised! Google Vault: It's a wide open look at how everything we type onto the Gmail sever or Facebook or ...

Block Creepers From Creeping With Creepblockers

If you saw Snowden or listened to Obama or even Trump, you know this all too well!  It's way-way crazy that this has to be a cybersecurity worry, b...
Do Not Snap

There's A Badge That Blurs Out Your Bad Hair Days Forever

We all have that one friend that insists on publishing the worst photo of us, even though they know better. Or have that snap-happy friend who is a...
politics privacy polity

Snowden Tells All About The Future of Politic's New Privacy Policy

BIG NEWS: Edward Snowden speaks immediately after the 2016 election results. He was mic’ed into a theatre on 11/10/16 in Moscow to talk about Trump...
snapchat cyberbullying

Invading Someone's Privacy is Cyberbullying

  As you probably know by now, Dani Mathers is the former Los Angeles-based radio DJ personality and Playmate who photographed a nude senior citiz...
smart home protection

IoT Appliance Hacking: Yeah, It's Real.

  Appliance Hacking: it’s real and it happened on Friday (10/26/16). We get it--smart home devices make sense in certain cases. For instance, it's...
covering webcam

Listen Carefully, Teens: Invest in THESE

Hackers target adolescents webcams and personal image libraries to sell their privacy for a couple bucks, making them into virtual slaves and black...

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