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gaming addiction dangers

Gaming Addiction. The Serious Truth and Signs. How to Know And How to Get Help

 The World Health Organization says Gaming Addiction is a condition, recognizing it in its International Classification of Diseases with this game ...
Smartphone and Sex Look At Me Not Your Phone

Do Smartphones & Intimacy Make A Happy Couple?

THE DEETS Today, CBS this Morning reported that people between the ages of 18-30 are having less sex; and by less sex we mean--20% of Americans-- a...
Internet addiction

Are You Addicted? Smartphone Addiction, Internet Addiction Test from Expert Dr. Kimberly Young

From Smartphone Addiction to Screen Addiction.  Our Expert presents: THE TEST. Internet Addiction.  Smartphone Addiction.  Game Addiction. . Google...
limit EMF in your life

60 Minutes Brain Hacking: Retrain Your Brain Prevent Human Downgrading and Smart Phone Addiction

Smartphones: The Newest Drug If you or someone you know or love just can’t put that phone down — there’s a good reason. 60 Minutes journalist Ander...
Should I get my kid a cellphone?

Kids and Cellphones: When Should My Child Get A Phone? Parents Guide

Is Your Child Ready for a Cellphone?   From Cyber issues to Social Media FOMO to plain old distraction, there are many things to think about when y...
WiFi EMF Detox

Daily Digital Detox: Here's How and Great Reason Why You Should Try IT!

1. Less Depressed: A study by the National Institute of Mental Health has found a strong and significant association between heavy internet use and...

More Tech Wellness Topics