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Smartphone and Sex Look At Me Not Your Phone

Valentines Day Bliss: Here's What To Do With That Smartphone

Intimacy. Romance. Connection. Today, CBS this Morning reported that people between the ages of 18-30 are having less sex; and by less sex we mean-...
gaming addiction dangers

Gaming Addiction. The Serious Truth and Signs. How to Know And How to Get Help

 The World Health Organization says Gaming Addiction is a condition, recognizing it in its International Classification of Diseases with this game ...
Internet addiction

Are You Addicted? Smartphone Addiction, Internet Addiction Test from Expert Dr. Kimberly Young

From Smartphone Addiction to Screen Addiction.  Our Expert presents: THE TEST. Internet Addiction.  Smartphone Addiction.  Game Addiction. . Google...
limit EMF in your life

60 Minutes Brain Hacking: Retrain Your Brain Prevent Human Downgrading and Smart Phone Addiction

Smartphones: The Newest Drug If you or someone you know or love just can’t put that phone down — there’s a good reason. 60 Minutes journalist Ander...
Should I get my kid a cellphone?

Kids and Cellphones: When Should My Child Get A Phone? Parents Guide

Is Your Child Ready for a Cellphone?   From Cyber issues to Social Media FOMO to plain old distraction, there are many things to think about when y...
WiFi EMF Detox

Daily Digital Detox: Here's How and Great Reason Why You Should Try IT!

1. Less Depressed: A study by the National Institute of Mental Health has found a strong and significant association between heavy internet use and...

More Tech Wellness Topics