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15 Tips for Healthy Living With Wireless Energy

15 Tips for Healthy Living With Wireless Energy

Mindfully interacting with the technology that surrounds us and operating under the Precautionary Principle is what we advocate at Tech Wellness....
May You and Your Wi-Fi Live Healthy and Happily, Ever After.

Is WiFi Safe? WiFi Router Safe Distance

Is There a Safe WiFi Exposure Level?

For me, the less the better. Being electromagnetic sensitive (EHS) I feel best when peak levels in my environment are below 1. Micro-Watts per square centimeter. What does that mean? What is WiFi energy exactly?  Its the same energy that comes from . . .

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15 Simple and Mindful Ways to Hack Wireless Energy for Wellness

15 Easy Ways to Live Well with Wireless Our fun, fabulous wireless devices are bringing wireless EMF right along with them. And that wireless energ...
is wifi safe?

Is WiFi Safe?

Is your WiFi dangerous?
EMF RF Radiation Guidelines for Wellness

EMF Radiation. The Symptoms. The Protection. A Wellness Guide to Wireless

You can't see it, touch it or smell it.  But chances are there's man-made wireless energy floating in your space right now.  But Many People Say Th...