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Is your iPhone or Galaxy giving off more than the FCC Approved Level of Radiation?

Is your iPhone or Galaxy giving off more than the FCC Approved Level of Radiation?

Our smartphones are so fun, enticing and enchanting theses days--it's easy to forget they are electronic machines.  I refer to mine as a Personal R...
Wireless energy

15 Tips for Healthy Living With Wireless Energy

Mindfully interacting with the technology that surrounds us and operating under the Precautionary Principle is what we advocate at Tech Wellness....
anti radiation emf headphones

2020! Our loveliest Air Tube Low EMf Headphones for The Best EMF Protection

Our Review: Airtube Low EMF technology. We Compare Tauki Air Tube to Bose and Apple Headphones Having a wellness focus, especially when it comes to...
generation zapped

Generation Zapped! Download and Watch Today!

Generation Zapped is Eye-Opening and Credible This well produced movie delves into the realities of our digital world – packed full with WiFi, smar...
WiFi Radiation

Is My WiFi Safe? What's A Safe Distance To Avoid EMF Radiation? Most Asked EMF Protection Questions

Is There a Safe WiFi Exposure Level?

For me, the less the better. Being electromagnetic sensitive (EHS) I feel best when peak levels in my environment are below 1. Micro-Watts per square centimeter. What does that mean? What is WiFi energy exactly?  Its the same energy that comes from . . .

EMF RF Radiation Guidelines for Wellness

EMF Radiation. The Symptoms. The Protection. A Wellness Guide to Wireless

You can't see it, touch it or smell it.  But chances are there's invisible radiation of the man-made variety- floating in your space right now.  N...
What is EMF and Wireless Energy

What is an EMF? RF Wireless Energy made EASY and the Precautionary Principle

So, What is it?  Electromagnetic Frequencies (also known as EMF) come in many forms:  Mainly 3 types: Electric fields Magnetic fields Non-ionizin...
How to get rid of the Smart Meter

Smart Meter: The EMF Radiation, The Definitive Guide to Symtoms, How To Opt Out- For Health and Happiness

Utilities around the country are installing smart meters as fast as they possibly can. There are well over sixty million of them out there already ...

More Tech Wellness Topics