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BREAKING NEWS!!! Anxiety, The Sleep Hormone and Your Cellphone. Don't Let That Phone Mess With Your Stress Boo.

As if there wasn't enough to be uptight and worried about . . . research shows your cellphone can stress you out.

That's probably no surprise right? 

But we're not just talking about FOMO - the fear of missing out that scrolling your social feeds can bring on - studies are showing that the EMF RADIATION alone can cause stress to your beautiful body.

I got the chance to personally communicate with Kevser Delen the lead researcher on this RF and melatonin study done in Turkey, and she said that it wasn't just the effects on melatonin that she noticed, she also saw anxiety when the cellphones were on. 

"In our study the distance between the rats and the antennae was about 20 cm. We suggest our exposure could be analogous with human exposure. We observed significant biological changes as written in the manuscript. I also observed that rats had anxietic behaviours when RFR (radiofrequency radiation) on."

The study reveals that exposure to cellphone radiation from a 2600Mhz signal-which is a popular carrier signal on the LTE band btw, decreased melatonin.  They also found decrease in tri-peptide glutathione and the important enzyme SOD. And alarmingly the scientists noted that there was increased cell death in the brain as well as structural deformation-- which means warping, bending, twisting structural components! 

I just asked Kevser Delen, lead researcher, for her personal take-aways from the study:

"Reducing the exposure time is one of the most important recommendations. Also, using headphones while talking with mobile phones could be protective. Furthermore, antioxidant agent usage may be helpful.

There have been other studies too on cellphones and stress. 

Poor little rats. They don't have a choice when it comes to being exposed to radiation or the ringing or vibrating of cellphones.  All three together can really be stressful.  Here's what another study tells us:
"In conclusion, the results of the present study indicates that 4 weeks exposure to electromagnetic radiation, vibration, ringtone or both produced a significant effect on anxiety-like behavior and oxidative stress in young wistar rats."
Many people in the Tech Wellness community- including me, notice the feelings of anxiety when we're in a zone with high EMF exposure and wireless energy.

Simple things to do today to reduce Cellphone stress.

  • Distance is Your Best Buddie When It Comes To EMF Radiation

Step away from the phone.  A good 12 inches decreases your exposure significantly.  Get 3' feet away to be even safer.
cellphone radiation and anxiety
  • Don't put your phone in your pocket, bra or socks-or your hand for that matter

We also don't recommend doing so with an "anti-radiation" phone case or shield.  They can cause the RF radiation around the phone- and next to your body to increase because of the metallic fabric.

cellphone shields and anti radiation case review
  • Use a Wired Headset To Keep The RF Radiation Away From Your Brain

Even better, use an airtube headset to avoid all radiation- and use one with a long cable for distance from your phone.

air tube headphones no emf
  • Coloring Has Been Proven To Increase Mindfulness and Decrease Anxiety                   

  If you need to re-charge your creativity, let your brain relax with some nature exploration, manual writing or color in a our Brain Boosting or Mindfulness coloring book!  We love these creative resources because research on the practice of coloring showed increased mindfulness and less stress


  • Take Photos and Record Videos Using Airplane Mode

Pictures like the one below are taken while in airplane mode. In fact all of  the videos I post on Instagram are recorded while my phone's on airplane mode and posted while I'm Hard-wired to the internet!  So Fun and Easy! There's no EMF radiation and no distractions when you use airplane mode.  Try it.
airplane mode
  • De-Stress Your Smartphone

 If you’re distracted by notifications, turn them off. Try unplugging certain times of the day and begin to feel the relief from distraction and anxiety. A phone free dinner, a no-phone zone in your home, maybe even saying goodbye to certain apps or games all together. I love looking down at my phone and seeing one of these inspirational screen savers! Download here, 


screen savers for stress relief

If you want to learn more about how to decrease the anxiety caused by phone usage, check out the session I did for the Never Alone Global Mental Health Summit here

You Can Detect, See And Find Wireless EMF Radiation

Perhaps the best recommendation we can make when it comes to avoiding the EMF radiation from your phone and all your wireless devices is to SEE that EMF.  Pick up an RF meter and you too will be able to identify and detect the EMF fields in your environment.
most accurate certified emf meter

When it comes to tech-toxins and you're wellbeing we've got so much to share.  Please sign up for our email list, we promise to only send out really great information and solutions to help you and your family thrive with technology! 

Be Well!  August

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