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sit with us

Sit With Us

It may seem that often at TW, we’re trying to tell you what NOT to do when it comes to tech. Embrace, but cautiously. Trust, but verify. But as we’...
Screens For Babies And Kids 2019: What All The Experts Say Now--The Only Article You Need To Read :)

Screens For Babies And Kids 2019: What All The Experts Say Now--The Only Article You Need To Read :)

The World Health Organization has new Guidelines For Kids and Screens. Here's What The WHO is saying: some kids under the age of 5- should not be...
safest baby monitor

Oh, Baby! An Easy and Safe Baby Monitor With No RF Radiation!

After measuring several of the popular baby monitors (all wireless), we started searching for a “wired” solution – and it turns out they’re pretty hard to find! 

Now we have a cheaper BETTER DIY solution! We show you how to take a wireless camera and make it a Zero EMF emission Camera and we take your computer, phone or tablet and turn them into the Zero EMF radiation Monitors!

wired baby monitor

Oh, Baby! We Review Snuza Baby Movement Monitors!

Do You Use a Snuza Baby Monitor? Read On! This Snuza is designed to snap onto baby's diaper to monitor baby's tummy as they breathe in and out. O...
benefits of putting phone away during meals

Less Face-to-Screen, More Eyes on the Fries

McDonald's Wants You To "Lock Up" Your Phones! A McDonald’s location in Singapore is testing a new concept called, “Phone off. Fun on.” This partic...
In A German Accent, Repeat After Me: "Back Away From the Wi-Fi, Kids"

In A German Accent, Repeat After Me: "Back Away From the WiFi, Kids"

WiFi Router Location Warning From Internet Cable, Broadband, and Mobile Giant Deutsche Telekom For all us U.S. Citizens, this would be like Comc...
safe driving

Hands on the Wheel > Scroll Your Feed

But I Need My Phone! The State of Oregon wants you to put your hands on the wheel while driving and your cell phone down. No talking, no texting. N...
healthy microwaving

A Healthy Approach To Microwaving

Did you know... ...That it's important to make your microwave usage as safe as possible?. Now, I know that some of you reading this probably feel ...
ECOS Is Your Next Product Obsession

ECOS Is Your Next Product Obsession

Tech Wellness DO: Avoid EMF's and avoid toxins.  We talk about the potential danger of getting too much exposure to potentially damaging electromag...
AI toys

IoT & Toys Containing Private Voice Recordings (Can We Say, Creepy?)

Internet of Things is becoming more problematic When it comes to the Internet of Things or IoT (especially with toys), it seems people will never l...
Should I get my kid a cellphone?

Kids and Cellphones: When Should My Child Get A Phone? Parents Guide

Is Your Child Ready for a Cellphone?   From Cyber issues to Social Media FOMO to plain old distraction, there are many things to think about when y...
toy privacy concerns

Mattel New "Big Bro" SmartToy's Privacy Conerns

Coming this summer 2017: An Echo for kids called Aristotle, made by Mattel. Call it a children's smart assistant or monitor or even an electro-nann...

More Tech Wellness Topics