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How to Stay Healthy and Happy at Home During Coronavirus

From the beginning, I have prided myself on staying away from fear-driven content and instead focusing on science-backed, truth-filled and empowering information to help you live the healthiest and most peace-filled life possible.

As we walk through this Coronavirus season together, this is more important than ever. That's why I've compiled some prevalent information from my most trusted sources to ensure you all are equipped to stay healthy and full of hope whatever comes our way.

In this post you can find the following:

  1. Our favorite solutions to keep you healthy (and sane!) while working from home
  2. How to build your immune system from one of our Tech Wellness Experts Dr. Leigh Erin
  3. Some of our favorite resources to help you continue on your journey of health and balance while quarantined/practicing social distancing 
  4. The CDC's research on how long Coronavirus can stay on surfaces  - including ways to kill it on your device and around your house.


Working From Home Wellness Tips 

Chances are you'll be using your phone and computer camera for video meetings more than ever. Make sure to cover that thing up when you're not using it with our reusable Creep Blockers.
See ya hackers!
Anticipating hours and hours of calls? Definitely don't put the phone up to your precious brain! Instead, block the
EMF radiation with these Tauki Airtube Headsets.
Ahh much better!
Maintain your beautiful posture and avoid magnetic radiation by setting up your phone in a handy phone stand. We recommend wiring it up to the internet and use a stylus while you're at it!
Working from home can be overwhelming. It's super important to take breaks, and re-align with your body and spirit. We love this Spark Balance Set that gives you 50 ways to be present and find focus. Pick a couple throughout your day!
All that time in front of your screens will cause eye strain and reduce melatonin production. Block that artificial blue light with orange glasses throughout your day but especially after sunset.
Sleep sweet!
It's tricky when your living space and work spaces merge. Try creating some healthy separation by turning off your wifi after your down working (or at the very least while you're asleep). Use our easy WiFi Kill Switch - your body and mind will thank you.


Immune Building During the Coronavirus 


We care about every part of your health! That's why we couldn't help but share these awesome tips on how to keep your immune system strong from Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, an integrative medicine doctor and trusted Tech Wellness Expert! Find out more about how to stay healthy by "treating the whole person" here.
  • The Immunity Kit. Vitamin C + Power Immune.Carefully sourced Vitamin C capsules from the Camu Camu plant and a proprietary blend of virus killers like Echinacea and Berberine. We made a travel kit for when you're on the move!
  • Brazil Nuts. Selenium can fight the Coronavirus. Studies show selenium deficiencies can increase the risk of developing viruses.
  • Sunlight. This past weekend, I sprawled out on the beach, basking in the energy rays of the sun. Sunlight can kill germs!
  • Relax. Chronic stress can manifest negatively in many diseases. Don't make things worse with panic. Less stress, less disease.

Our Favorite Resources to Help You and Your Family Thrive and Find Balance During the Coronavirus 

  • Bedroom Digital Detox: You're likely spending much more time at home than ever before. Make sure your most important room is your sanctuary by giving your bedroom a digital detox for better sex, better sleep and better health!

  • WiFi -Free Games for Kids: Looking for some extra entertainment for the little ones without the risk of increased EMF exposure? We compiled a list of 25 WiFi-Free (and FREE $$) games for kids from toddlers to teens. Just be sure to turn the device on airplane mode and as always, limit screen time! 
  • Grounding: Just because you're social distancing doesn't mean you can't take some time to get outside and do some grounding. Being barefoot outside, on conductive surfaces such as grass, sand, soil, and concrete has a ton of health benefits like reduced inflammation and pain relief.

  • 10 Tips to Prevent Digital Dementia and Brain Fog: Are you finding yourself on your devices much more than normal? We've created a list of 10 ways to prevent the very real brian fog caused by the overuse of tech. 

How long Coronavirus Stays on Surfaces and How to Kill It - Including your Devices!  

We recently posted a deep dive look at why your phone might just be the filthiest object you own...18x times dirtier than a men's public bathroom. Can you say YUCK!  Read the whole article here
The funny thing is,  87% of Americans clean their hands after using the toilet but  84.5% of Americans DON’T clean their phones…. 🤔 ⠀
Wash your phone like you wash your hands to avoid spreading germs!
Living as organic and natural as possible, I like to use Herban Essentials  natural essential oil wipes. They're yummy. They smell fabulous and fresh. Made from and aromatic, aromatherapeutic, germ killing essential oils, I feel even better about keeping my phone clean. I've been using them daily for years and my phone's fine.
While I am usually all natural all the time,  with the Coronavirus I'm making some exceptions and  going a step further with my devices and whole house cleaning.

Coronavirus on your phone! 

The Journal of Hospital Infections published a deep dive into specifically eliminating Coronavirus or H-Cov from different surfaces. They showed that the Coronavirus can last up to 9 days on various things depending on what they're made of from wood, to metal to plastic. 

Coronavirus was "persistent" or "active" as two new research studies noted for up to 9 days.   One that looked at it specifically on surfaces and the other that measured the virus in "aerosols" or basically how long it could last if it were airborne. 

The point is, this coronavirus can remain alive for a very long time and lower temperatures make it last longer as does more humidity. 

Here's the How Long Does It Last On . .  Chart:  Our phones are made of metal, aluminum and glass.

Smartphones and tablets and laptops ALL have glass screens. The research shows the Coronavirus or HCoV can last up to 5 days on that surface. The back of the phone can be metal, plastic or glass- The SARS-CoV can last up to 9 days on the plastic, 4 days on glass and 5 days on metal. This virus does not want to die.


They compiled 22 research studies that tested everything from iodine to hydrogen peroxide and benzalkonium chloride- which is found in many hand sanitizers, and put it all in one important document.


The CDC lists products that they register to work against the Cornavirus.

Really important, The CDC also has a section mandating the length of time needed for a cleaning agent to stay wet on a surface to kill the Cornavirus.

The CDC listing shows that some products, like some "phantom" product called Cousteau P- which can't be found anywhere- can work in just 30 seconds, while good old fashioned Clorox bleach need to stay on the surface for 5 minutes.


For folks like you and me, the practical answer is Clorox. Most of us have had it in our homes or have it now and we know how to use it safely.

DON'T USE BLEACH FULL STRENGTH! Even Clorox says this. The proper dilution is 1/2 cup of bleach per gallon of water. Also, the CDC says to make sure surfaces stay wet for FIVE MINUTES to insure effectiveness

Check out the full article for a deep dive on the CDC's research, effects the dirty phone can have on your beautiful skin, how my home is practicing sanitization during this time,  Apple's instructions on how to clean your phone, and more. 


I hope this article is helpful to you. Please let me know if you have other science backed ideas and above all else, I’m hoping that you will



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