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Updated for 2021! The Best EMF Protection = Cat 8 Hard Wired Cable for All Your Devices. It's The Fastest Connection Possible + No Wifi, No EMFs. AND It's EASY!

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Our Hard Wire Internet Kit Has Everything You Need! Plus a link to the step by step video guide

can i connect my phone without wifi
hard wire for internet

Finally a Simple, Easy To Understand, Step by Step Guide to Getting Faster Speeds and EMF Protection--Here's How To Wire Internet Cable In Your House

Our lives have changed so much in such a short period of time.  
Right now we are all struggling to see what the future looks like, what even tomorrow looks like. 

Connectivity is key to maintaining our lives and staying in touch with our work, with our friends and family.  At times like this, you need to do whatever it takes to get the best, safest and fastest internet speeds possible. 

And yes, you can have it all right now.  Faster speeds and no dangerous electromagnetic frequencies.  I’m going to share below how we have maximized both in our house.  I’ve spent a lot of time working with our experts over the years to get to these components right, so you can benefit from my experience.  

WHY Hardwire the Internet Instead Of Using Wireless WiFi?

  • The internet connection via hard-wire or Ethernet cable cords allows internet access to pass directly from your WiFi or an access point to your computer, phone, laptop or any  device.
  • WiFi uses a wireless connection powered with EMF radiation to send data between a router and one of your devices.
  • Hard-wired internet connections have the benefit of faster speeds, a more secure and consistent connection, as well as no EMF radiation.
  • Wireless connections allow you to move about and get signal anywhere, but the signal can be unstable and the EMF, abundant

My journey wasn’t always easy and in retrospect I feel I could’ve been smarter out of the gate. I had audio-video experts look at me sideways when I said I didn’t want the wireless speaker, TV or control panel. I read, I spoke to trusted experts, I bought all types of meters and I used them- all over the house. I had fabulous Building Biologists and the best electrical engineers explain dirty electricity, RF radiation and magnetic EMF and, more than anything, I felt the energy and I felt when it was right. 

And that’s why I want to share the easy details with you.

Try these ideas first and if you’re still experiencing EMF sensitivity symptoms or you want to make sure your home is EMF-free, then call a Building Biologist for a home assessment.

But, honestly, this wiring will take care of at least 75% of the problems in most homes and give your more safety and speed with you internet connection. YAY!

August's Ultimate No EMF Home Internet Hard Wiring System: 

I’m going to take you step by step through the set up. But first, here are the components we use:


  • Power Source. Let’s start with the juice.  Believe it or not, all electricity is not the same.  We worked with Building Biologist Shaun Kranish, who takes a high quality Belkin power strip, the kind you might find in a computer server farm.  He takes it apart, adds a special grounded cable to make sure the power coming out of the strip is clean, not dirty.  That’s important, especially if you or someone in your family has EHS or electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  You can learn more in our EHS Guide.  We have a limited quantity of these super duper power strips on hand and I think they’re really worth the investment.  

  • Ethernet Router.  The Router is really a splitter.  It takes one internet signal and allows you to run that signal to multiple devices.  We actually have three of these routers in our house right now.  They’re affordable and set up is just plugging them in.  These days,  I realize most people have WiFi in their homes.   We’re going to show you how to use the router to supply your internet signal to your computers, even your smartphones—as well as your WiFi, when you absolutely need it. Our goal is to always keep the WiFi OFF. See Below.

  • Grounding Electrical Ethernet Connector.  This is something else that our building biologist hand builds for us to help get that signal cleaner and faster.  Basically, you put it between the ethernet that comes out of the wall, and goes to your router to insure that there is no random dirty signal coming in to your system and your devices.  This piece is something that people who really want the best system possible are going to want.  We have a limited number of these custom made grounding electrical ethernet connectors available.                                                                          

  • Ethernet Cable.  We manufacture our own, Safertech Cat 8 Double Shielded CableThat means the connectors are gold plated for speed and safety.  They’re affordable and come in lengths in Round or Flat of 10' and 25' and 50' sizes!    My husband has been known to roll his portable desk out into the back yard on really nice days.  IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  For each wired device, you’ll need a cable long enough to get from the router to your device.  So in our illustration, you’ll actually need 5 or 6 cables.
  • Ethernet Dongles.  These little miracles will show how lightning fast your smartphone and tablet can be.  It takes the fastest ethernet signal you have and hardwires it right into your phone, your tablet, your laptop or your desktop.  So fast that videos load instantly--no more spinning ball!  At our house, we are lucky to get one bar of cellular service, so the dongles are a must have.  But believe me, you’ll love these things.  And we  have a dongle for every one of your devices.  Many people have told me they thought they were not going to like having to plug in their phones to go online, but the incredible gain in speed (and EMF protection) got them adjusted to it real fast.
  • WiFi Kill Switch.  We understand in some situations, WiFi is a necessity.  (Or at least that is what your husband and your kids tell you!)  So, UNTIL you can toss it out, be smart about it.  First and foremost, make sure the WiFi itself is a safe distance from everyone in your house. That means not under your desk or next to your bed or the dog's bed or especially anywhere near the kids. We have a simple demonstration here that uses an EMF meter to show you just how much the EMF radiation increases the closer you get to the WiFi.  Yikes! It makes sense, but people honestly don't think about keeping away from it, because the energy is invisible. 
  • The other way to be safe is to make sure you turn it off whenever you can--most especially when you're sleeping! You'll be surprised how much better you'll sleep.  This ingenious little device is one of our best sellers because it makes everything so easy.  You simply plug the WiFi into the switch and then, when you want to turn off WiFi, you just click the switch from up to 100 feet away and BAM--you are instantly WiFi free.  No home should be without one. Or two or three!
  • WiFi Shield.  Again, there are lots of ways to live well without WiFi (we put ethernet throughout our house so we don’t need it), but after you plug in our exclusive Safer Tech WiFi Kill Switch, there are a couple of other things you can do to maximize EMF protection for you and your loved ones.  First, you can put your WiFi in it's own Faraday Cage. (Fun fact: English scientist Michael Faraday discovered way back in the mid 1800's that a metal cage works as an EMF blocker. It's not new news!)  Our Wifi Shield is a Faraday for your WiFi that significantly reduces your EMF exposure by keeping the WiFi locked down when it's not in use.  
  • A Whole other kind of WiFi.  And there's one other solution you can consider. Tech Wellness has partnered with a Norwegian electrical engineer who developed software for a high quality, state of the art WiFi that tells the Wifi to shut down completely when it isn't being used.  Brilliant, right??!! All WiFi's are designed to send out EMF radiation 24/7, in case you may want to use it in the middle of the night or whatever.  Our Low Radiation Wifi shuts down when there's no device using it.  When you send it a command, it instantly starts back up.  We have tested it and I amazed--you can't detect lag time at all!   It makes you wonder why all Wifi's are set up like this.  Check out the video demonstration right here. 

Now here's my step-by-step, easy set up guide to hard wired internet connection:

1) For our purposes, we’ll assume that you’re starting from where the internet comes into your house.  This might be a plug in or it might be a cable modem if your internet comes from your cable company.  It should look like this:

Ethernet wired internet

     2) Plug one end of your Shielded Ethernet Cable into the wall plate, and the other into the grounding electrical ethernet cord if you have one. (NOTE: If you have the cord, you’ll need TWO separate cables to get to the router)  If not, then go from the wall plate to the back of your internet router.  


    Grounded ethernet cord


    OR If your Only Access to Internet is a WiFi: Plug the Grounded Ethernet Cable Into The WiFi


    Grounding ethernet cord

       3) Next, take your ethernet cable and plug into the router (in this example, you plug it into the “1” opening.  This means you now have 4, count ‘em 4 new internet opportunities.  (which means, obviously another ethernet cable for each output): one for your laptop, one for your significant others and one for each of your smartphones.  (If you feel you need to keep that WiFi, one of the cables will need to go to it.)


        router or splitter with 5 shielded ports

      Internet router

        4) Next, depending on what you’re plugging into, you’ll need the ethernet dongle to convert the ethernet signal to your device.  The ones you’ll need, will depend on your device.  It could be USB or USB-C or Micro USB or Lighting. 

      Full Disclosure:  We’ve gone through 25 adapters. They don’t work forever and they are the weak link in the system.  Even the most expensive, $89 versions on Amazon, get spotty reviews.  The ones we’re suggesting is the one we’ve found to be the most consistent.

      Once you plug in your device: Disable WiFi!

      Oh this is super important! Please  disable WiFi, cell network and Bluetooth on your device so that they aren’t constantly searching and trying to connect because when they're on, they emit nasty electromagnetic radiation (ER) a type of EMF.

      You no longer need any wireless signal at all!

      In our video you'll see how we hooked it up and actually connected to the Internet with a Ethernet Adapter.

      best i phone adapter


       5) If you do have WiFi, don’t forget your WiFi shield.  Just put the whole WiFi into it.

       6) And of course the must-have for every WiFi, our WiFi Kill Switch.  You plug the switch in to the wall and your WiFi into the switch.  Then all you need to do is use the handy remote to click it off when it’s time to get some real unplug time! 


       Everything packaged for you in one Wire Up Your WiFi Kit.

      Here's What You'll Get

      • 1 Netgear Router With 5 Shielded Ports

      • 1 25-foot Shielded Ethernet Cable

      • 2 10-foot Shielded Ethernet Cables

      • 1 Adapter of Your Choice

      • The WiFi Kill Switch

      Click HERE To Get Your Wire Up Your WiFi Kit! Boxed and ready to ship FREE anywhere in the US!

      Customize Your Kit For Your Home Environment:



      can i connect my phone without wifi
      hard wire for internet

      Even though it’s taken me years to get this all figured out, this whole process, including the WiFi elements, should take you, my friends, less than one hour.  It's all been worth it, because I love you.


      Xox Be Well! 

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      • Wonderful article as always! How much EMF does the computer put off itself? Like not the connection part but just the computer? Like when it’s grounded into the ethernet, do you know how much EMF it’s still putting off?


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