Industrial surge protector grounded specially modified to reduce EMF
Heavy duty modified, grounded Belkin power strip eliminates EMF
Commercial quality 10 outlet power strip, modified to stop EMF
Specially modified Belkin 10 plug surge protector! EMF Free Never run out of plugs!

EXCLUSIVE No EMF Grounded Heavy Duty 10 outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

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Hurry! We only have a few of these left.  Specially modified to eliminate EMF.  Price Includes Shipping of this Heavy Duty Baby

We purchased many of these heavy duty surge protectors-but my husband and his advertising company fell in LOVE with them and are using them throughout the Agency.

We focus of EMF radiation here at Tech Wellness, but electric EMF can be harmful as well and power strips and electrical outlets are a common source.

  • Grounded
  • Surge Protector
  • Heavy Duty
  • Made By Belkin
  • Custom Shielded
Ordinary power strips emit harmful electric fields from the cord, the body of the power strip, and everything plugged into the power strip. This can be measured with an electric field meter (Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B, ME3840B, NFA1000, and numerous other models) and also with a body voltage meter kit. The International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology has recommendations and guidelines for exposure to electric fields.

We know that micro-surge electrical pollution (also called EMI or dirty electricity) - is very harmful. That's why we try to use clean technology and use Stetzerizer Filters. However, filters aren't perfect at removing everything, and even the 60 Hz (low frequency) signal on the line is biologically activate and potentially harmful. So our recommendation is to reduce/eliminate it all as effectively as possible, and that's exactly what this power strip does.

This item is custom modified by Shaun from Electra-health - you can't find it anywhere else. The surge suppressor used in the 10-outlet model is originally made by Belkin.  It's a high-quality, commercial grade protector like you would see on a big server farm.  Shaun has modified these by hand to be shielded and safe from EMFs. See why he created it below.