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The International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (baubiologie) sets standards for exposure to electric fields at .3 volts per meter.  Using premium shielded extension cords, power cords, and properly-grounded shielded ethernet cables greatly reduces the electric field readings.  It's always the cords that are closest to us or plugged-in in the same room that cause the highest readings.  EHS-Shield shielded cords can reduce these readings greater than 90% in many circumstances.

It is recommended to replace all extension cords with shielded cords.  Shielded extension cords are also commonly used to replace built-in cords in devices.  This type of work should be performed by a qualified professional.  The old unshielded cord can be removed from a device and the shielded cord installed and put in its place.

Which to choose - heavy duty or general purpose?  General purpose 16-gauge (smaller wire) extension cords are typically what you would buy in a store.  They can power electronics and typical devices just fine.  Our heavy duty 14-gauge (the smaller the number of gauge the larger the wire) is capable of carrying more electrical current without heating up.  The heavy duty cord is better suited for large power-drawing devices like power tools, devices that produce heat, devices with large powerful motors, etc.

Eliminates Electric Fields from electrical appliances and electronic devices

  • Made for North American - 120 VAC / 10 Amp
  • NEMA 5-15P to IEC C13 connectors
  • Colour: Black
  • Contains 4 wires - Hot, Neutral, Ground and a bare Shielded Ground
  • Wires encased in a grounded foil wrap for electric field shielding
  • Comes with standard computer end
  • Computer end can be removed and be used for lamps and other electric devices that emit electric fields

CAUTION:  All modifications to the power cord or appliances should be completed by a certified electrician and comply with local electrical codes.


Detect, Protect and Verify: Three Steps to Achieving Peace of Mind


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Product Details

Supplied With:
(12 Foot / 3.7 meters) or (6 Foot / 1.82 Meters) Shielded AC Power Cord: Qty=1


Technical Data

Operating Voltage:

120 Volts AC

Current Rating:

18 Gauge Wire – approximately 10 AMPS

4 Wire:

Black – Hot

White – White

Green – Ground

Bare – Shielded Ground


CSA approved and UL Approval


18AWGX3C COXOC Shielded

(UL) SVT E148006 VW-1 75 degrees Celsius

CSA SVT 60 degrees Celsius LL77450